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  1. Hey, names Hayaku / Adam, I'm 22 from Birmingham UK, started creating my tulpa, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Illya for short, about 2 weeks ago, i keep a log irl in a book, might transfer to a blog or something at some point, ive got about 10hours in personality as of typing this post, but now im just recapping and adding things as they come along. My goal is to get a Sentient tulpa just from working on personality and narrating, and from there, work together with Illya, to create whatever she would like as a body and things that i would normally do under the visualization process. Illya is also just a temporary name to make narration easier, and when sentient i'm more than happy to let her choose her own name. Following a reply from FAQ in the thread yesterday i think it was, i downloaded alot of manga and put them on to my tablet, and i have started narrating them to Illya. It's really got me pumped as not only am i being constructive towards creating Illya im also thinking about what the fuck i just read, which is giving me a whole new outlook to the story instead of just blasting threw till the end.