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  1. Stopped forcing a month ago. I think I may carry on forcing in the future, but right now, with exams and A-levels coming up; t'is not wise to start a 100+ hour project to make an imaginary friend. I want to study psychology. The main reason for starting a tulpa in the first place: I was lonely and needed ponies. I realised that I am a very silly man and need to go out and socialise. Therefore I did what was necessary, and I now have a lovely girlfriend to substitute my apparent "need" for a tulpa. So there goes about 12+ hours down the drain. But I received no signs of sentient activity. So I believe that not much was lost anyway. I will be lurking, and occasionally posting. But I will probably not begin creating a tulpa in the near future. Although, I must confess; seeing other people achieving sentient tulpa's makes me cringe with jealousy. This will be the last "progress log" of this thread. At least until I try again.
  2. let us do tha poniponi http://i.imgur.com/BpbiX.png Image set to link - TOG
  3. oh god not this thread again
  4. Thanks all for the guidance, I think I'll try forcing, but I'm only going to keep it at an hour per night, and thats counting on me staying awake.
  5. If its sentient, then it should be fine creating a form. But if you are worried about how long its going to take, then why are you making a tulpa?
  6. I already posted this on my tumblr, but I need help, so I'm posting it here: Recently I have had a lot on my plate, in terms of exams, homework, and project completion. I had to balance all these around my daily procrastination procedure. On a very serious note: I have come to a stop, After 12 odd hours of personality work, I still have had no emotional response. I became very anxious about my tulpa’s progress. So I carried about making a wonderland, and visualising the tulpa in question. I have a form in my head, and its easy to bring up in my mind. But its almost as if the personality I conjured previously is not inside the form. I try and visualise the jar flowing into the form, but since I cannot “sum up” the tulpa’s personality, I have to go through the various traits again, and traits just seem like words to me. tl;dr Wonderland - Going well, isn’t imposed on my vision yet. Form - Good Personality - Need experienced guidance and help. Also, I feel that making a tulpa isn’t as important as it used to be, I almost think of forcing as unnecessary; probably due to my life turning to a positive curve. Meeting girls, going out a lot more often. It seems that I am not lonely anymore, therefore I do not need a tulpa? Downside to this: If I stop forcing, then 20 odd hours of forcing goes down the drain, and the tulpa “dies”, right?
  7. Life has bad emotions and stimulants for good reasons. Doing this would put you in a candy land, where everything is good and perfect, and nothing is wrong or bad. Where have we heard this before? Essentially we are creating our own ponyville.
  8. Although technically, building a tulpa isn't considered "natural", in a sense, it is stretching your mind beyond "natural" performance. "Do what works for you." < is a simple way of putting it.
  9. Bah, I seem to have sparked an argument. My atheism is probably due to my parents forcing religion upon me.
  10. Very nice sources, I will eventually get round to practising them. Its rather ironic how the Christian article steers clear of the "God is only in your mind, he is not real" message portrayed by our communities findings. Not trying to be anti-religion here, but simply implying that Christians censor anything that doesn't correspond to their belief. Trust me, I have a Christian family.
  11. >I went into this forest until the first turn and chopped a tree down with my hand. Minecraft anyone?
  12. Question dump: Should I even be asking my tulpa questions halfway through the personality stage? Should I be getting any responses during the personality stage? (eg: sentience) Should I even be trying to narrate at this stage? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for that, and yes, sometimes I listen to them, but they only work on occasion. Sometimes they relax me, sometimes they put me on edge.