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    Luchibiome といいます。でも、Alannah と読んでください^ー^
    彼はGACKTに似ている, でもセンシ君は翼があります〜
    私にはなしいね〜 あたしは親切な人だ!

    Hello everyone!
    I am called Luchibiome, but you can call me Alannah ok~
    My tulpa is named Senchi. He is a clone of Gackt, but with wings!
    Go ahead and send me a message ok. I am a very kind person I think.
  1. Oh~ These are so cute! I made Senchi ^^ but he doesn't like it- Ah, I'm so cute.. change it :( I'm supposed to be handsome. ~Senchi
  2. Since there is a break now from everyone's drawings I will make announcement. I've got a job ^-^ so this thread is now ending. I had lots of fun. All of you, I thank. Wish me luck! Hope everyone has a great year.
  3. Cruse Thank you for the kind words ^^ it was ok though. They made me go to sleep for it. I can't wait to eat whole food again >< DashieFactory Here you go~ link Sorry for the wait ^-^' RiserEmilioX Happy Birthday!!! \(ヘ。ヘ)丿 link
  4. A little update for DashieFactory: I have to get wisdom teeth removal this day. So I'm not sure if I will have your drawing here.. I will try, but most likely I will end up uploading it in the morning.
  5. Renfer112 Here you go ^^ >3< Coughul RiserEmilioX I'm glad you guys liked them
  6. Sorry for the wait ^-^' Couguhl Here you go- RiserEmilioX I edited your drawing of Mika~ Here it is.
  7. DashieFactory Hi! Ok, I will have Twilight's drawing here on Saturday the 8th
  8. RiserEmilioX Oh no ^-^' now that won't do. I'll patch it up if I get the time. Can't be today though, I'm all drawn out..
  9. RiserEmilioX Here is your drawing of Mika ^-^ Hope you like! link
  10. RiserEmilioX Sure, No problem! It will be done on the 7th, but if you want I could wait to upload it until your birth day? :D
  11. CyberD Thank you ^^ I'm not sure what techniques I use O.o I just draw but other people have asked me about this so I might make a speed paint tutorial.. I might learn things ^^' Renfer112 You've been added to the waiting list (OuO) Should be done next Tuesday~
  12. CyberD Ok, here is take two! Hope you like Allisons I'm so glad you like it! ^-^
  13. Allison the Tulpa Well, its done now ^^ I had a little extra time today so I finished it early. Here you go- link File sizes here a little small, so I'll be uploading everything to DA from now on. RiserEmilioX Good to here from you again ^-^ Sure, you've been added. Friday the 28th is when it will be uploaded Couguhi Thank you~ I will have it here on Sunday March 3rd if not earlier.
  14. CyberD Thank you for the advice. No worries, you don't sound like a jerk at all. It's just the truth~ ^^' the over exposure you were right. I would love to try this again. You've been added to this list again, should be here on Monday. Sorry for the misunderstand
  15. CyberD I've finished! This was a tough one.. Hope you like~ Cruse どういたしまして ^^ Allison the Tulpa I am not sure what a personal request is? But any request is welcome ^^ P.M. me if you want