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  1. Pretty much my views on anything requiring conscious effort to understand, only to reach the conclusion that the 'anything' discussed is pointless.
  2. At first I'm like holy shet thats a creepy ass picture. Then I realized its not real, and it got awesome. This is very interesting, indeed. This really helps with visualization because it gives the host something to start with.
  3. I'm going to try again with Miku. Tonight I didn't get more than a few minutes in, but I'm very tired and can't concentrate much. I was actually going to play Black Ops and then go to sleep and skip tonight because I was so tired but as soon as I turned on my Xbox and put the game in I was like "No...this isn't right. I should force, I owe her." So I did. I changed to a new wonderland to help solidify the fact that I'm starting over again for reals. Miku is the usual unresponsive type, but I expect that. She's been neglected for months. I know the first time it took her a few weeks to sh
  4. I prefer audacity, but I'll take a look. What frequencies do you want? I got lost on the webpage of frequencies.
  5. The only reason I believe in this is because we had a legit member who claimed it. Don't know if Tess is around anymore, at least on the forums anymore. Other than her/it, I don't think its as easy as RPers make it out to be.
  6. No, what I am seeing is just mental visualization. I just try to see it on the back of my eyelids so that I have a focal point to keep concentration. For imposition of Kat, I had her stand in the middle of my room and I just walked around her and tried to 'soak up' as many details as possible. She's still the same as if I just imagined something there, but she is detailed. It took about a week to get used to seeing Kat. Did I answer your question somewhere in there?
  7. Its worth a shot. I don't think they work, but I've been told that's why they aren't working for me. I could make them, just tell me what frequencies you want.
  8. He got assassinated by the Illuminati Templars New World Order President Queen of England power rangers. But seriously, he didn't say he was going maybe its temporary. If its not, then farewell, Pleeb.
  9. Indeed. Did some wonderland work last couple days and have reached the conclusion that visualization is certainly a skill that requires practice, because I'm not as good as I used to be . There's two different types of visualization I noticed myself partaking in: active and passive. Active is where I use 90-100% of my attention and focus to see shit either on the back of my eyelids or through my eyelids. Passive is where I think of the visualization, but don't necessarily 'see' it as a sense. I imagine it. Active, I figure, is the most reliable because of the absence of random thoug
  10. Interesting. You definitely can fire up motivation in me, if not others. I haven't felt this level of motivation since I started with tulpas a year ago. Its fascinating what a change of perspective can bring, what a simple idea can bring to a young yet weathered mind. In a nutshell, what I got out of the basis of one of those paragraphs was that you have to train yourself to expect shit, most notably the shit you actually want. Its hard to put in words, and I 'expected' that heh. I can say from experience that expecting a certain result will most certainly give you that result, as Kat was e
  11. You've been on the radio? Lucky bastard, glitch. I for one thought the Pleeb patented breathing technique was interesting and attention-grabbing.
  12. Yeah well I'm back on the forums a little, though nearly not as much as before. Fucking still working on tulpas, I think I have the early onset of a Jimmy Complex. http://articles.tulpa.info/amadeus-exodus-a-tale-of-tulpa/ my god, look at the insightful read I found.
  13. I think I'll be leaving the forums for a while, possibly months, while I focus more on life and shit. Will still work on tulpas, but figuring out what I'm going to do in life soon renders me very busy - especially considering joining the military at 18 to pay for school and other reasons. So, goodbye for some time. Oh, and the forums have gone to hell blah blah the community isn't the same as it used to be blah blah blah blah EDIT: 69 posts in this thread fucking hell
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