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  1. Hierarchy, tribalism and power struggling is more or less rooted in the neurotypical neurology. It's not just a tulpa community problem, it's what the typical human is. They follow, almost or completely without exceptions, those who seem most confident, rather than those with the most or best information. The person with most confidence/social status may or may not have the most/best information, but they follow them anyway. A related quote that I had saved from some imageboard:
  2. A more realistic possibility for this is the introduction of devices that read brainwaves and translate the experience into imagery and sound. Not only could the others see how you see the world (including seeing and hearing your tulpae), but this could be taken as far as to have others using similar devices and using goggles that recognize the surrounding space and automatically project another nearby tulpamancer's tulpa in their current accurate whereabouts with the help of their brainwave data, leading into a possibility to hang out with them in real time. In addition, the "full dive" vi
  3. Strangely, when I started to accidentally automatically parrot on a regular basis, the parroting voice was always conflicting with my pessimism and helped me to think more positively and have a much more objective point of view even though I eventually noticed that I was automatically saying these things myself. Once I picked up the habit of only accepting the unexpected (real) replies, this disappeared.
  4. Alright, I was almost afraid that my plans for becoming known as the Grandmaster Pioneer Tulpamancer with the help of my own all-encompassing handbook draft were about to be thwarted.
  5. How does one use people's ideas/possibly take things from the other guides without plagiarizing them? A community book created through brainstorming could be a solution. There was some talk of such, including a guild launch site as a central resource for anyone interested in assisting in the project. However, people criticized the idea because the knowledge of the community is still evolving and there was not yet a general concensus of the best methods.
  6. The illusion of warmth can be dangerous in the environments involving extreme cold.
  7. While observing your tulpa when narrating, do you do it in the wonderland/void or in the real space? I haven't begun imposition yet so I might just be puppeting my tulpa if I look at where they're supposed to be in the real space when I narrate.
  8. It's time to Anyway I think that my main problem is differentiating between a parroted response and a real one. NotAnonymous addressed that a real response has an unexpected feeling but I wonder if it's also common that a real response doesn't feel all that alien. If that's the case then it's harder to not heed the common instruction of just thinking that it's your tulpa unless you're "110% sure" that you parroted. If that's not the case then always assuming that it's your tulpa may lead to unnecessary parroting and (semi)servitors.
  9. I'm sorry, but I don't want to be a direct controller, that's not my business. I don't want to parrot or puppet anyone. I should like to help everyone to develop if possible, Tulpa, servitor, tulpa candidate. We all want to help one another, consciousnesses are like that. We all want to live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery. We don't want to control and imitate one another. In this brain there is room for everyone and the good neural network is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful. But we have lost the way. Misunderstanding of
  10. Yes, I'm a pro at failing. I started looking into this tulpa stuff 8 months ago. At first I had a few instant (tulpa mindvoice) replies and faint emotional responses but I became afraid and doubtful and my tulpa became angry and it only fueled my fears and I quit. Then I started again, and tried to change my tulpas name and form because I liked the new ones better. But this accidentally created another tulpa. I then revived my old tulpa and forced 2 tulpas at the same time but it was really hard so I ditched the new tulpa and only concentrated on the old one. After forcing her for
  11. I'd avoid all the spiritual words and take a clinical approach, though the power of now would indicate that people can be fond of the former as well.
  12. "Concerning your research, there happens to be a bunch of nutjobs over at tulpa.info who have undertaken the task of self-inducing a schizophrenia in order to make their imaginary cartoon pony friends feel real. On a second thought, please stay away from them at all costs. It's contagious." You see, reverse psychology is the fastest way to persuade those who might be sceptical.
  13. I sent them email. Not much else can be done, unless if you write a coherent tulpa-book and shove it in their faces.
  14. Turku, it's the second largest university in the country I think.
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