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  1. This issue is as clear as philosophical mud. It's a discussion worth having but it's not something you're going to get any consensus on. Here are some questions that will need answering first. 1) Does a tulpa have the same sentience as what is given to another human being? 2) Does a tulpa have a 'right to live' like another human does? 3) Does a tulpa have the same status as the host? Is the host always considered more important than tulpae? 4) Is a tulpa considered a child, an adult or is it dependant on the tulpa? Fundamentally, it's whether we would classify a tulpa as another human adult or not. If we do then the same rights should be extended to tulpae as they are no different (or indistinguishable) from the host.
  2. If your basing your tulpa off a pre-existing character then consider using your desktop background as a place to show your tulpa from multiple angles. You can set desktop background timer to change every half an hour and each background will show a different image of your tulpa. This will help in getting you familiar with how your tulpa looks.
  3. Well that's quite a predicament you're in there. Anyway I don't think that some of the descriptions, that people have given of what a tulpa is, are very helpful. Words like thought-form mean little to the general populous and are likely to trigger a reaction against what they would believe to be supernatural bullshit. The best approach is the comparison to an imaginary friend that thinks and acts on it's own but doesn't have any control over the host unless the host allows such an action.
  4. There is no need for petty rivalries between communities. Having a presence on Reddit is a good thing as it acts as a bridge for users to come to here and vice versa. Remember that Reddit is a large place and there are a lot of intelligent individuals there that would be worth having in the community. As a result, it's in our interests to be helping /r/Tulpas because that subreddit has potential for a lot more traffic growth than ever will. So don't start any Reddit vs 4chan wars and help the people there as much as you would on