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  1. Is Glitch still around? He was always entertaining.
  2. It's not the building that is the objective. The point is to create a more... physical version of the jar method, something to focus on outside of your head as your narrate personality. Literally a cube of various wool colors would do.
  3. Or, to remove the air of professionalism, Minecraft. I believe that an effective method of personality development for tulpae may be to use Minecraft as a version of TOG's jar method. Simply go into creative mode, define an area as your "jar" and simply fill it with a material or color of wool corresponding to a trait. This should be a large area, taking >30 minutes to fill manually, and all the while you should focus on the emotions and thoughts you have in relation to the trait. This is mainly for those who have trouble visualizing and would like an alternative. As to how to tie the mass to your tulpa is up to you, imagining the tulpa absorb it or perhaps encasing it in some sort of Minecraft analogue for your tulpa. I hope that some people at the personality stage might be willing to give this a shot. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for all the great advice. Hearing from the tulpae was especially helpful. I will most certainly be attempting this method.
  5. Hello all, long time, no see. To old acquaintances, How ya been? To the newfriends, welcome. I was on this site fairly early on, but have been out of the community for the past few months, due to extenuating personal circumstances. Suffice it to say, I do not have a tulpa yet. Now that I have found an environment with some semblance of stability, I recently caught up with the forums and began to attempt to force again. However, an old stumbling block has reared its head, in that I suck at visualization. My mind's eye has never been a strong one and it is hard to focus on an image marred by darkness and inspecificity. For these reasons I have been toying with the idea of an auditory, formless tulpa, or perhaps one with a simple form. I believe I or someone else asked something similar months back, when tulpae that were not to the standard set by the first tulpamanc-- tulpaforc-- creators of the movement were believed to be able to cause mental illness, specifically one manifested only as a voice in your head. I do not know if this is the current school of thought, as our view of tulpae has seemingly evolved past this. The process would be simple, depending on exactly how bad you are at visualization. If you could muster a jar or two and somesort of shape to represent the tulpa, TOG's method might work out. If not you could either follow the good old "define everything" techniques or just narrate/parrot to your heart's content. The only problem I truly see is from the perspective of the tulpa, being a shapeless being in the mind of someone unable to conjure an environment for their lives to exist within. One can only hope that once the tulpa has been created, it could provide unique insight and help its host to make a body and world for it. Sorry for the wall of text, but I've put a lot of thought into this and am excited to be back. It's nice to see the community growing. Thanks in advance. P.S. F Yeah, lives on! I created the official irc. WooHoo.
  6. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Discussion fosters the expansion of our techniques.
  7. I was really hoping he meant that he would check the weather and his mind would just remember it.
  8. Could someone explain to me the difference? I used to think it was pretty clear cut (sentient being or mindless imaginary doll), but Glitch's recent... happenings have led me to question that. Can a servitor be sentient? How does one create one? How does one build upon a previously made servitor? Can a servitor spontaneously become a tulpa? Is Glitch really as full of shit as he sounds (sorry)? No one seems to discuss them. Sorry if this should be in off-topic since its not strictly related to tulpae.
  9. Bitches don't know 'bout my forgotten hobby. #swag
  10. I think that you're making a rather large presumption there. If your tulpa is around long enough to become that complex, I don't see why it would require being reabsorbed. You obviously care about it to sustain it for that long, so why would you decide to kill it?
  11. Narrate the plot of an anime. Each and every episode. Even the filler.
  12. He's not a native english speaker. He means similarly to alda. I think.