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  1. Mmm, it's just, you'd think it would make it easier to force but it hadn't really. I can talk to people that aren't there at an impulse but I can't force deliberately? C'mon, you know? lol.
  2. I haven't really posted here in a long time. It's been 4 years since I discovered this community. Anyway, I already realized that it would be great if what I do could be done on command and in a consistent way, which would amount to awesome forcing. But after stumbling across a term for what it is I do - I'll go with compulsive fantasy here - and people who also do it, and even seem to be able to plot times for it or try to do it at convenient times, I thought to myself, "wow, I am definitely so fail for having this curse (gift?) and still not being able to force a tulpa." I sort of wonder if what it is I do could lead to one, or if doing what I already do which has not resulted in a tulpa, but in a way more consistent way, still won't result in a tulpa? Because I've had recurring people imagined in what it is I do, and still have yet to have a tulpa. I wasn't thinking of them as tulpas though, and didn't actually try to tulpa force - I was just doing what I do. So maybe I really could, if I can get myself to settle on down into a scenario and do what it is I do on command. And yeah, this is going to be a very confusing read if you don't Google the term I used first. I refuse to explain what it is I do here. I'm shy about that. :O
  3. I have to imagine them doing something or being there even if I'm not parroting. This was basically a yes if you take out the assumption that I'd reject their responses or not look out for any. See? Confusing. @i break games Yes, this makes sense.. Sorry about the pm. I'm on a phone and somehow did that by accident. How long were you narrating to your Tulpa before you got unexpected responses? A few months?
  4. Hello! A really quick question. If you consider yourself having not puppeted or parroted, and your tulpa is showing signs of sentience or communicating with you at this point, what did you do doing narration? Did you simply imagine them sitting or standing there? This may seem like a dumb or simple question, but a few or more answers of "Yes, I did imagine my tulpa simply listening to me before they began giving answers or signs" or, "No, I imagined nothing standing/sitting/being there" would really help me. I've told myself, "Just do it, just narrate while imagine her simply being there" but.... yeah I'm stuck. Please, only answers to the question. I don't want to wade through a bunch of "Yes Yori do that/encouragement" or "No Yori you should ____" text. This is the question I've needed answered.
  5. Tulpa-Host romance is not only normal, it's talked about on the forum and on the IRC. I'm not sure how you missed this. I'd say that's more common than talking about your tulpa sex doll.
  6. I agree with 1, but I think 2 is dumb. This entire board isn't just for discussing tulpas. You also talk about off topic things here, as well as your tulpa drama or goingson in life. That doesn't make it a personal blog, nor does it make it a big off topic lounge. All we have to do is make sure everything is in the appropriate section. If you have an issue with this, you're just at the wrong forum. Not many forums are NOT like this, actually. as for #3, if people aren't coming out saying they're Roleplaying, all it does is leads to accusations of everyone's tulpa being fake, which is the actual shitty drama we don't need, not personal blog stuff. And if they are saying they're roleplaying, who gives a shit tbh, unless they're contributing to the forum as if they actually have a tulpa. If someone needs tulpas answers on something, for instance, it's not cool for someone with no tulpa to answer pretending like their tulpa said so. People need authentic feedback and answers. But if someone wants to roleplay to make their tulpa sentient as a sort of parroting, or if they just feel like it, it's cool as long as theyre not giving people information about "their tulpa" when they need actual knowledge.
  7. Hey, it says you've imposed Edwin for some time. What techniques did you use to finally be able to see him physically? Ahhh, you've only imposed his touch. I see. Well, still. And yea, forcing a tulpa child sounds like a good idea. Tulpa pregnancies are probably just servitors at first since all you did was force a fetus rather than work on their sentience.
  8. Hey, Edwin. What about before you did this? Did she visualize you as you gained sentience, and when it wasn't your will to say, stand there as she made her toast, did it bother you?
  9. I looked at this tip, but it stopped being reassuring for future me when OP suggested that parroting has to be deliberate. When people are parrotnoid, the main worry is that it wasn't their tulpa. You don't have to deliberately try to puppet or parrot to visualize your tulpa saying or doing something they didn't do. Remember "glitches", or unavoidable violent imagery? You didn't want that, but neither did your tulpa. Sometimes when I'm forcing a tulpa, I wait for them to say something I didn't premeditate it, but I know I'm not some insta-tulpa maker either. I just wanted to point out that you can't assume something was your tulpa just because you didn't do it deliberately. That could lead to issues like, "Why did my tulpa just stab me?" Or "why is my tulpa trying to look like a golem and scare me?" :P This isn't the answer to the paranoia. You don't want to be paranoid, but you want to Listen to your actual tulpa, and your tulpa wants to be heard.
  10. Oh wow I was about to say this is impossible. good job there. Dammit. If Bob and Susan didn't eat any chocolate, this makes total sense. This would happen if I had chocolate and two friends.... hahahaha.
  11. thanks for the replies... idk if I can help subconsciously wanting them to be attracted to me, but maybe I can stop them from wanting to be with me. What I'm concerned about in all is a tulpa being interested in someone either online or in my life, because I won't be able to let them be with that person as of now. I'm taken and he doesn't do polyamory, even if it's for a tulpa using my body.
  12. Guys, to make it clear, if you visualized your tulpa before they were sentient, you did what I'm calling puppeting. Thanks for some of your replies. Do any tulpas want to speak up to vouch for themselves that visualizing you standing or being there didn't bother you... a lot? Since it'd be pretty hard for me to make a tulpa without "puppeting" them by visualizing them standing there. there's a risk that when they become sentient Ill do that when they actually wanted to walk toward or away from me, for instance. Oh well.
  13. Sure, but I was trying to see and judge for myself how successful people are in planning that out as a personality trait just like any other trait. I haven't actually heard anecdotes where it did or didn't work out. Eh? Really? I figured a tulpas chances of being interested in people, other tulpas, etc were about the same as anyone else's if you left it alone. Tons of people seem to be dating their tulpas or have tulpas interested in them, for instance. That's just it. I don't want them stuck with a will to have something I can't give them. I can't give them my romantic attention, or anyone else's, for that matter.
  14. I still plan on doing that, because I feel it'll be really hard to put my attention to them if I don't, but I was wondering if people who say they didn't puppet literally didn't even have their tulpa stand there. Some tulpas don't seem to like puppeting, while others seem unaffected, but what did the hosts do to develop them in the cases that they don't puppet? I need to at least visualize my tulpa standing there or something. Tulpas were complaining that being puppeted made them feel like their form was taken under control, which I didn't know about. I didn't know that visualizing their movements could make them feel as if their form was doing it.. anyway,I figure in these cases, even having the tulpa stand still so you can narrate to him forces the actual tulpa to stand still. For people that, in their opinion, stayed away from puppeting, how did you talk to your tulpa? Did you visualize them standing/sitting/being there or did you not imagine their form while talking to them? And if you did visualize them, did they complain about being forced to be still when they wanted to move? I still plan on doing that, because I feel it'll be really hard to put my attention to them if I don't, but I was wondering if people who say they didn't puppet literally didn't even have their tulpa stand there.
  15. This question is for people who have attempted to make tulpas that don't have an orientation - no desire to be with men, women, or anything else, romantically. I would say asexual, but that might cause people to answer with their tulpas capable of romance, which I don't want either. I also don't care if a tulpa has a libido anyway. I wanted to ask this question because I want to try to form a tulpa that won't have any romantic attachments or physical attraction to people. I don't want a tulpa to go through wanting to be with people through my body, because with my current relationship it's not possible. I also don't want to have to worry about being judged by my looks but I don't know if that'll solve that. I don't "wake up like this" all the time. It's my damn eyebrows... Anyway... Yeah. If you were successful, can you detail the entire process below? ^^
  16. I -am- skeptical of that. The tulpa would have to have some real issues, on top of having more control than the host. I don't buy tulpas being naturally good or anything apart from you forcing their personality. I see tulpas as like human people - they vary and are capable of malicious desires if they deviate. I can understand your surprise and fear, OP. I would mostly be happy about it, but I think there would be worry in the back of my mind, too. IMO, if your tulpa hasn't tried to hurt you, embarrass you, or control you (apart from that possession. I just mean trying to force you to do stuff with their voice, maybe some ultimatums, etc) before, you shouldn't be too worried. You can always check how much control you have with her. It sounds like you still have more control.
  17. Interesting. I have never had dreams that felt like reality. He may be sentient now, trying to communicate. What does he say in your dreams? Does he mention trying to talk to you? Whether he is or not, I think you can make him sentient if you start trying to talk to him with the desire of him being sentient rather than just a debatee who isn't really there or a deliberately imaginary friend.
  18. I don't think tulpas can be created instantly, which includes by birthing or splitting, but I believe that perhaps your tulpas have been sentient after a few days by the time of possession, OP. I've never successfully made a tulpa, though.
  19. and I noticed some people bashing tulpamancers. It's somehow immoral to make tulpas because many people with alters went through trauma. I just want to say, don't converse with them. It won't get any better. Go about your way. They can be close-minded if they want. They can't take your tulpa away from you, or affect the bond you share. Some things that are said are that the (non) existence of tulpas makes it harder for people with "real issues" to get help for DID, and even people who have other disorders. Telling them that tulpas!=DID doesn't help. They will keep accusing the person of glamorizing DID and being a general foe to people with mental illness. Telling them that some people with tulpas have illnesses themselves that include DID doesn't help either. There's a weird logic that purposely seeking out a sentient being who lives in your head is disrespectful to people who struggle with personalities they didn't choose to develop. Who have no control over when they switch. Even people who hear voices in their heads that torment them. Since they suffer, enjoying something similar, yet not painful is disrespectful to them. It's sort of like saying cutting yourself is disrespectful to victims of knife-wielding assailants, or that people who induce sleep paralysis voluntarily are being disrespectful to people who get it and are terrified of it. It's one of those things people say they aren't actually logical. Remember: What you do with yourself concerns you. If it makes you happy and doesn't cause trouble, do it. Besides, interacting with them only fulfills their whole "attention seekers showing off their trash" thing. If you're not interacting with them, you're not doing that. :)
  20. By impose, do you mean actually seeing the ball of light or visualizing it with your eyes open steadily and vividly?
  21. Yori

    I was forced to do this

    Tulpa just "said" in my imagination (I doubt he's sentient. It was probably me. I mean I didn't expect it but I could feel the words coming out. Parroting.) : "You wanna have good times like that?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "Then get forcing."
  22. He'd at least have to be acting completely out of the ordinary for MPD as an insanity plea to work. If it truly was 'someone else' in there I feel bad that his body was used to wreak havoc like that. I won't assume he's just a liar because it'd really suck if it was me and I was telling the truth. Good things tulpas are a way better option. Also: O.O
  23. "You are not parroting unless you do it on purpose!" Hmm.. sometimes when I am manufacturing a response I didn't deliberately orchestrate that exact response, but I know I am puppeting. This happens from the get-go. It's sort of similar to how you get annoying visual glitches. Sometimes these visuals are your tulpa saying certain things or doing certain things. Mine was on repeat an hour ago for a second there. It wasn't exactly me, but it wasn't my tulpa.
  24. December 11, 7 PM Right now, I'm actually going through other people's progress reports with him and giving my thoughts every now and then. Also decided on greyish skin and red eyes, with black pupils. And whites of course. ------------------------------------------------- Now I'm going to go through the Tips & Tricks section and maybe irritatingly ask him if each trick would help.
  25. I'm making this progress report during my first real attempt at forcing, December 10 2014 1 AM. For now my tulpa is just a robed and hooded figure, male. I can't really express how I perceive him. Right now I am going to read a couple non-fiction books, take notes, say hi to him and read/explain my notes to him as something to narrate.