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  1. After a day of narration, i realize that i am even worse at basic conversation than i thought, i know you can talk of anything as long as you speak to your forming tulpa, but still, does anybody have some narration routine i could use ?
  2. I took this in consideration ( before tulpas, i had an interest in hypnosis and there is a lot of cases like this ), the entire story of my tulpa is made of feelings, and things i spoke of with her, i never gave her an actual story with friends or family, she only has a home, which i will recreate in my wonderland, and personality traits. Thank for the advice though, because i was thinking about creating a background story in the future, that is off my list now
  3. Hello everyone, it's been 2 months since i discovered tulpas, and now that i feel like i learned enough from you tulpamancers to make my own. The fun thing is, for almost 4 years now, i had a "pseudo-tulpa", a friend of mine in great need of affection invented a fairy to live with, and when he moved out of my city, i had already started to think of one myself. Since that day, i always referred to this "fairy" as my subconscious, she has her story now, and when i discovered tulpas, it was a dream coming true, and i hope that these years that i spent creating a story for her will be useful. I will start narration the very evening i post this, using the "greeting stage" by Phi, and post a short notice in the OP every day, more precise news will be posted normally at the end of the thread Again, big thanks to all of you, and i hope you won't mind the eventual grammar derp in my posts, 'cause i'm french and not used to typing ^^ Day 1&2 : Greeting stage, as described by Phi, it went smoothly, but i had real concentration issues, and i used a few of Fede tones to focus, worked well. starting narration tomorrow. Day 3 to 7 : narration, maybe 40 minutes per day, which is way not enough, i will change this, and 20-30 minutes of personality forcing before going to bed, using the simple traits method, but i think i'll switch to this one :
  4. i think i'll keep checking this thread, it's always instructive to discuss things with experimented tulpamancers ^^ as for the negative effects you're discussing, it's what i'm the least worried about.
  5. Well, i guess i should get going, see you guys in the progress report, thanks for the answers :)
  6. Hello everybody, happy to meet you, it's my first topic on this forum, even though discovered tulpas 2 months ago. I'm a 20 years old french student, and i discovered tulpas on pony thread simulators ( i'm a brony, but i'm definitely not doing a pony tulpa ) After reading almost all of the guides listed on this page: and this one in particular : i feel confident for the theoretical aspect of the creation of my tulpa, but i still have some questions : - do you have some sort of time table for the different steps of tulpamancing ? from what i understood, it goes like this : introduction -> narration -> visualization -> imposition... - when am i supposed to do the personality creation ? is it dangerous to do it as a part independent from narration ? - i couldn't comprehend completely what "tulpaforcing" is, is it simply a general word to include visualization and imposition ? i know you can tulpaforce stuff like clothes and equipment, but is there a specific procedure ? or just some imposition ? And my most important question : is there any guide to create a wonderland ? i will definitely use it, and from what i read, it seems that it will grow along with the tulpa. That's it, i hope you will forgive my crude english, and i hope everything i wrote is understandable. I'll keep an eye on the thread and provide information when needed, have a nice day or night, depending on your timezone :)