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    Hello to the ones who read this. My name is Inrei (nickname and now my pen name given to me by my classmates.) My goal in life is the be a novelist (currently a fanfic writer) and I'm a bit of a gamer and former artist. If there is anything else you would like to know about me, just ask.
  1. Days 12 & 13 These days were rather normal during our sessions with no major improvement. Kanuu still hasn't learned to talk ("Da" still being the only thing she has managed to say and that being a few days ago.) I did get to show Kanuu snow and she was a bit excited to see it. Day 14 As Kanuu slept the previous day, I realized that in our wonderland, there is no house. All our wonderland is just either a large open field with one tree, a forest, and a shoreline, each with a doorway acting as a portal to each other. So during our session tonight, Kanuu and I created a house. It's not complete, but we are getting there. This house is a pretty standard one, two levels with a back porch, nothing to fancy. Kanuu was really excited to do this with me.
  2. Days 9 - 11 I'm combining these three days into one part due to there not being much major change during our sessions. For these three days, Kanuu and I have spent it with me narrating to her and continuing to teach her to walk and feel. From these few days, Kanuu is still steadily developing; it's easier for her to walk and move when I open eye force, she still hasn't managed to speak on her own, and now along with the head pressures, Kanuu will also send me emotional responds. On a side note, I learned that Kanuu might not be able to take horror games that well since a scene from Dead Space 2 made her jump and she hid while a friend and I played the Dead Space 3 demo. Also here is the link to the Lavender Town experiment I mentioned in the previous post.
  3. I know it is possible for a tulpa to watch or interact with their creator's dreams, but is it possible for the creator to witness their tulpa's dreams?
  4. Day 7 This day was a rather quiet one for the two of us. As usual now, I play a tone while the two of us force during the session. What Kanuu and I covered for this day was again movement and trying to teach her on how to speak, even if the words are unintelligible for now. After 50 minutes of narration and walking around with her, I decided to go over touch with Kanuu again. And again just like day six, Kanuu tried to posses my arm, but was less successful. I'm noticing that this act is taking its toll on her and I'm wondering if it does the same to other tulpae. (If we do decided to practice possession, it'll be the final thing to learn. I want to have Kanuu fully developed before we try this.) As I had Kanuu rest and she eventually fell asleep, it has now had me question something else. I know it's possible for a tulpa to see into their creator's dreams, but is it possible for the creator to watch their tulpa's dreams? Day 8 Welp, it's happened again. Kanuu has changed her appearance during our forcing session. With the tones helping with the visualizations by stimulating my brain, I decided to download this one new tone to help out. As I played this tone, I felt an immediate emotional response from Kanuu. The sensation that hit me was that of distress, with the upset feeling causing me to tear up. As the noise continued, Kanuu eventually left our session and disappeared somewhere into our wonderland. Eventually I found a human looking girl around my age, who turned out to be Kanuu. She hugged me and from the feeling she emitted to me, she doesn't want me using this tone ever again. I remember seeing a thread talking about testing the Lavender Town theme to see if the tone would effect tuppers in anyway. Some of the users here had posted that the tone either had no effect or some effect. If I can find the thread, I'll link it since now I know that certain tones can have some kind of effect on a tulpa.
  5. I had originally planned to get in a few more days before adding on Kanuu's progress, but because of what happened, I had to update since it's a big breakthrough in her development. Day 6 While playing a theta tone to help with visualization for today's session, I decided to try and teach Kanuu on how to move and talk. I started off by a lot of narrating and puppeting some movement for Kanuu so that way she could gain at least some feel of actually moving. Next I envisioned a tree in our wonderland to represent distance as I held her hand and walked her to it. During this, I noticed that the majority of her walking motion was still me puppeting her. Seeing this, I decided to go with the prism test again this session. The moment I created the feather for the test, Kanuu reached up and suddenly grabbed the feather before I could even begin the test. Upon witnessing this, I was immediately surprised and literally speechless, because I know she's becoming sentient, but I'm not sure how far she is to it. Not sure what to do, I decided to try and make another feather, but the moment I did, Kanuu also took that one. After a few seconds of thinking I decided that since she can move her arms freely now, how about I see if she can feel me since I know I can feel her. I sat down with Kanuu and told her to use her hands to touch my chest. Instead, Kanuu used her right hand and caressed my cheek. She then moved her hand directly over my face and began feeling it (I know I did, my head even began to move physically downwards because of the pressure she used.) After touching my face, Kanuu then decided to touch my chest, but as she did that, I noticed her hands phase straight into my body. After what I'm guessing to be somewhere between five to ten minutes, my right arm felt different; almost like it wasn't there, but I could still feel it. Once the sensation had a complete hold on my limb, it slowly and gradually lifted up and started moving towards my head. As this continued, I had noticed two other things as I switched around my attention. The first one was the head pressure that Kanuu usually gives me had increased by a huge portion, and Kanuu had an expression of fatigue. Unfortunately, whatever she had planned, Kanuu wasn't able to accomplish since she gave out and my hand collapsed on my face. Seeing and feeling this act, I smiled at Kanuu as I gave her a moment to rest. Once she regained her energy, Kanuu again placed her right hand on my cheek and caressed it. I told her she was doing good and I ended up rubbing her hand that was on my face, but a few seconds after that, Kanuu hugged my head and kissed me right on the lips. My head is now swimming in amazement for what she has done to me. Today's progress - Lots of narration, furthered touch, movement, unintentional possession (since I didn't plan on it), further sentience.
  6. The first response was through head pressure, but the first word was "Da"
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Inrei and I'm basically a new guy at this with my first tulpa. This is the progress I've made with her so far. Day 0 (the time prior before deciding to go through with this) It all starts somewhere and to be exact, mine is closing in the two week mark. I first learned of a tulpa because of someone I'm subscribed to on youtube and /mlp. After learning about this subject, I decided to look into and was led here and to some of the guides posted. At first I didn't plan on creating a tulpa, but as a few days passed, I realized I was unintentionally forcing a lamia in my wonderland with the same process mentioned in Irish's Creation Guide. After realizing what I was doing, I took a moment to decide on what I should do and well, you can see the answer I chose. Day 1 (Which would be actually considered the fifth day) Since I want to be sure I can do this with progress, before I begin each session, I always reread the guides and look for new ones to help (if anyone has extra tips, I would appreciate them.) For the sessions I did on the first day, I continued the visualization steps I learned, added personality traits to my lamia, talked to her a bit (told her my name a little about me) and decided to call my tulpa by the name of Kanuu (it's a name that has been floating around in my head for a while and may change if she would prefer a different name.) Day 2 Continued visualization for a few hours while I accommodated Kanuu into my touch and smell senses, after that, I decided to begin narrating to her. After four hours of forcing (one hour during the day, three hours at night) I feel a link to her presence. Day 3 With Kanuu's development so far, I have begun feeling head pressure which I can connect all the way back to Kanuu trying to get my attention. During our morning forcing session, as I continued visualizing her, I was greeted with a brief flash of words that I know I didn't create. I was able to trace the sensation of this flash to Kanuu. The image shown to me stated: "You **** ** there *** ***" Visually I couldn't comprehend the message, but somehow I was able to fully understand it. The message stated: "You will be there for me?" I was surprised at this, but also couldn't help but feel proud for Kanuu and the progress she has made. I hugged her (or tried to) and told her I would always be there for her. Later on during our night forcing session, I learned of the prism test and decided to perform it with Kanuu since I'm trying to parrot and puppet as less as possible. I told her what I was doing and about an hour into our session, Kanuu vanished and I lost sense of her presence. This completely shocked me and had me worried for I believed I did something to make her upset. For close to half an hour, I tried searching my wonderland for her and apologizing for if I hurt her. When I became upset since I wasn't getting a response, an entity looking like an elf appeared before me. I didn't recognize the girl standing before, but something about her felt familiar. The moment I called out Kanuu's name there, I was immediately greeted with the connection I had developed with Kanuu. As it turned out, Kanuu had completely changed her form from the lamia into the elf that was standing before me. It made me feel so overwhelmed that I didn't want to let her go when I hugged her that night. Day 3.5 (just a tidbit that happened with Kanuu and I after the midnight session) With our current progress, I've accommodated most of my touch with Kanuu. As I passed out for the night, I remember having a nightmare. While the horror played out, I could feel fingers grasp my right shoulder in a comforting way. After seeing it was Kanuu who placed their hand on me, my nightmare stopped. I'm questioning (in a good way) about how far my tulpa's sentience is coming along and can't wait for her to be fully developed. Day 4 During the day, I found a guide that talked about the anatomy that should go along with a tulpa, and I realized after all the sessions I've done with Kanuu, I never explained her own body to her. So during the session that day, what I did was mostly narration as I touch certain parts of her and explained what they can do. After I finished explaining that inside her head is her brain, I had noticed Kanuu's eyes had shut on their own and her body went limp while standing. I wasn't sure what to do for this, so I decided to sit her body down on the grass of my wonderland. As I did that, I also noticed that the finger positions I had given her had also changed into a closed fist as she sat there. Still not sure what to do during this, I ended up just cheering for her the rest of the session. Day 5 When I began visualizing, I didn't expect to find her in the same position Kanuu was in during our last force session. I then gently placed one of my hands on her face and asked her to open her eyes. Once she finally did, I stuck out my left hand and told Kanuu to use it as a base to help herself stand back. After two attempts and some help from me, Kanuu finally got back onto her feet. Since she was standing now, I decided that I should try and see if she can walk. There were no results to this, then I remember seeing something about telling your tulpa to "surprise me." So I told Kanuu to "surprise me." I'm not sure how much time had passed, but nothing had happened. Now with each of my night time sessions with Kanuu, I have my MP3 player with me, playing calming music while set at low volume. While waiting for the surprise, I took some of my attention to my mp3, just to change the current song ( ) The moment I regained full attention at Kanuu, I instantly noticed she had turned her back to me and a few seconds after that, I heard Kanuu say the word "Da" Upon witnessing this, I smiled and hugged her to continue to let Kanuu know that I'm proud for the progress she is making.