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  1. arg, sorry for the late reply, i dont check the forums very often. Anyways, 1.) how will it feel? well thats a dumb question, it feels like you are falling asleep, but fighting it off 2.) you will be closed off, as far as sight, sound and smell. 3.) for me it takes less than 2 minutes, but i have been doing this a while, dont worry about the time, just do it. 4.) wtf? you will feel like your going to fall asleep, read a little more carefully, these are common sense questions. oh also, next time drop this on the actual post, save us all the time
  2. This is the best i could do for a full body draw of Caelex, done in 35 minutes, for the lols, (also because she basically begged me to.) anyways my tupper cae, holder her lucky pool cue.