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  1. This. Ahahahah. I love this.
  2. I've gotten this a lot as well. Sometimes I have to ask my tulpa a number of times after what he really meant, and even so he'll occasionally go back and forth. In the end I go with the last thing he said, or whatever the majority of answers is once he finally gives me a straight answer. It is a bit strange. Often times I find I have to do a brain-skip-over/refocus thing (kind of like when your heart skips a beat, but with your thoughts) to avoid putting words in his mouth, but once I do that, I usually get the tail end of whatever he really means.
  3. Thanks very much for the update. That was very brave of you to confront him and you did the right thing. It seems like your relationship may be able to weather the bumps after all. I'm glad he's no longer trying to be controlling or threatening. You need never sacrifice your personal freedom for a relationship. He came to the right conclusion--it's true, in a relationship, you don't have to agree with everything the other person does, and it can still work out. I commend you both. :) I guess I'll get nitpicky just to set things straight in general, though this is really a segway from the issue: Obviously when it comes to freedom in a relationship there are some things you both agree to sacrifice for the sake of the relationship--i.e., seeing other people (unless you're in an open relationship). The point is though, you both made an agreement there and none has anything 'over' the other. Also, things get more intense if, say, you both were clean/sober then one of you decides you want to experiment and the other disagrees (particularly because they don't want you to harm yourself). But even in that case, threatening anything is NEVER the way to go. This applies to most scenarios: The right thing to do if you are the disagreeing party (or vice versa) is 1. communicate your feelings about the issue, 2. decide to get help, or help the other person get help, or 3. split up for the better, or 4. decide to forfeit your disagreement (or 'agree to disagree') and stay with the person anyway. That's all. But there never is an excuse for threatening or controlling in a relationship. People slip up and make mistakes, mostly out of fear, from time to time, but the key is that you do communicate and work it out, and the offending person realizes that they were wrong in trying to control you, and that it doesn't happen again, or if it does, that they catch themselves and work hard to put a stop to it.
  4. See if you can encourage him to do his own research on it. If he still doesn't think it's OK, you need to rethink him. What you choose to do with your personal self and mind is your business and yours only. He has no right to set up an ultimatum like that. If he won't let you be free in the relationship, then you're better off without him. This is a bigger issue than just a tulpa here I think.
  5. Passive forcing is an extremely effective method in my experience; now I almost exclusively do passive forcing. This is certainly a good alternative to active forcing if you're finding yourself too tired.
  6. The other thing you might try is forcing DURING sleep. But first you will have to practice lucid dreaming. This is a great, basic guide to lucid dreaming: Some people will say that tulpaforcing isn't a good idea to do before/relating to bed, but I think it really depends on how much self discipline you have over your mind. As far as I know the real reason people don't recommend it is you can get some freaky/nightmarish results at times, but if you solidify your positive beliefs and energy, then you will always be 'protected' from such things. For instance, I regularly listen to paranormal radio shows, right before bed. Of course this can result in my thinking I'm seeing things, etc. and generally freaking myself out, but I'm always able to force my mind not to think of such things, or that 'I can handle it,' or else I have my tulpa 'chase them away.' I've found this to be very successful. Anyway that's just an example of the kind of control you can have over your mind, even at night. So if you think you can have control over your mind wandering, I don't see anything really wrong with tulpaforcing at night or during sleep. Here is a great hypothesis/guide from this site someone posted: And here is another post highlighting important things:
  7. I had a bunch of imaginary friends. They were all horses/fantasy horse things. One in particular "Silversteed," a white unicorn with "sapphire eyes, a mane and tail of spun silver, silver fetlocks, and silver hooves and horn" with bluish pearlescent highlights on his coat--he was the "main" one who lasted the longest. I've turned him into a book character and in some ways he could still be with me as a tulpa type thing. At one point I had like 25 different horse imaginary friends--I remember keeping their names on an index card and carrying it with me. But they didn't last as long as Silversteed. Domnopalus appeared after I'd grown up a bit, but in many ways embodies a similar kind of spirit that they did--but also is entirely more developed and with MUCH more depth of course, being a true tulpa.
  8. I second Envolucris on all accounts.
  9. OMG <333 Thank you <3333 SO ADORABLE!! I love how skeptical Thursday looks, lol [Oh how I love seeing myself on paper, yes indeedy!!]
  10. Hiya! I like you and Thursday!! <3 I followed you on Tumblr. I hope to see more drawings and stuff soon! This is my tulpa, Domnopalus: I'll probably submit a request! But I feel bad about submitting requests, being an artist myself, lol, because I know how quickly they can add up and become overwhelming, lol! So only if YOU feel like it, you can draw Dommie here :) In fact, I'd love it if you drew him interacting with Thursday :3 Hope to see you around! I LUV non-human tulpas - I find them incredibly refreshing cuz hyoomanz r boringgggg (IMHO :D)
  11. My bad, my bad, lol. It just totally went right over my head, lol. It IS actually funny. Yeah, I just misread the sarcasm thanks to the internetz. I totally take it all back lol. It's definitely hard to tell here whether someone is making a joke or being an asshole--obviously now you were NOT being an asshole. :) Sorry!!! Also thanks for responding non-defensively and such you know--ya did the right thing
  12. Relax dude, people are allowed to vent if they need to. Coping with that is a difficult thing to do. Yes it's a necro, but he did answer the original question in the thread
  13. I'm female and Dom is male, but I also have a boyfriend-someday-husband. But Dom was never there for sexual purposes so there's really no conflict there. I totally get what you mean about it feeling strange to divide your attention, and having your girlfriend be your only female companion (good for you, a actual decent guy, for a change huh! lol). It's about whatever works for you--definitely if you feel that way that's the way to go. Of course, for me, Dom isn't even human, so that may play into it. But I also personally am somewhat of a tomboy, or in the least, not a girly-girl. Strangely enough, though Dom came first before my boyfriend, my boyfriend actually shares some similar traits to Dom's. Gives you a bit of an insight into yourself I think! All good and fascinating. You're doing the right thing. And no, it doesn't mean you're gay, not that that even matters one way or another anyway!
  14. You guys pretty much solved this already no problem, I agree with all of you here. I also think that there's something to be said for "not knowing what you're missing." A tulpa is 'born' into your mind already not having a body, etc. etc. all the 'shortcomings' you mentioned. While it may be exposed to our reality in some way, I sincerely doubt that it would feel trapped in its own existence any more than we do in our human existence. Of course the degree of this varies according to the individual--plus it may be affected by how much the host wishes the tulpa would have a physical body, which may cause some strain on both the tulpa and the host--but I think most of us humans, at least, though we may have times where we feel trapped in and hateful of this physical existence, we eventually pass through this mood and onto other things, since we don't know what it would be like to exist in any other way. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it Flex.
  15. Bah forget it. I think what he's talking about is completely different than what's going on here. We may not be working on things as advanced as a Tibetan tulpa or a "Daimon" whatever the hell that is, but what we are working on are more than just imaginary friends, that's for sure. And honestly, if they are just imaginary friends, who the hell cares really? If they mean something to you and you feel as if you can communicate with them, and they are helping YOU with self discovery and loneliness or whatever else, than honestly that's ALL that matters. And I fucking mean that. A tulpa is a PERSONAL thing. It's great to exist in a community that is doing the same thing, but ultimately it is a purely personal journey. It's not a contest about who has the best tulpa or whatever other shit, or who's "doing it right." It's about if you are doing it right for YOU and that's all. And you can already tell the quality of person whoever this stranger is by his derogatory use of the word "autist" or whatever. This dude is a piece of shit, that's all. There isn't really an excuse for using a term for a disability or condition in a derogatory way. (By the way I use the word "retarded" too but for me it's not a reference to a disabled person--retarded means 'slow' or in slang, stupid, but not necessarily a mentally handicapped person). Anyway. That's that.
  16. When I first created Domnopalus (before I had ANY idea about tulpas and what was good or bad practice or whatever), he was intended to be more insane and sinister--not evil, just more manipulative and enjoying mild satisfaction at other people's suffering (cruel jokes and the like), but he has become decidedly kinder and having a calm 'good heart' and disposition, and a strong sense of fairness/'rightness' (which of course I am hugely grateful for honestly). He does retain a strong sense of distance or apathy toward lesser issues and knows how to prioritize and when simply not to give a shit, which is really good for me because I tend to fully freak out and micromanage every tiny little thing. He still has the capability of manipulating to get what he or interested parties want/need, but it's usually not in a cruel way.
  17. Not that it matters at all... but I personally (as a 23 year old female) have a horrible phobia of pregnancy and childbirth. I wish that wasn't the case, but no matter what I do, it just is. I'm sure it's different from a male's perspective.. but I personally don't know why anyone would want to 'imagine' in such detail involving that. I guess if it's not you who are pregnant it just doesn't matter.. it's the other person's burden to deal with the pain, mess, limitations that come with pregnancy and childbirth. I have a boyfriend who I want to eventually marry, so I know what it is to have a commitment so strong, and yes, I have an urge to have children with him someday.. though I doubt we will ever have the financial means to handle such a thing.. but the technical process of it all is honestly truly horrifying to me. In WL do most people dealing with pregnancy simply make it something more pleasant? Since that is in our power to do so? I just have a hard time grasping the concept.
  18. I completely agree with Jax here. It's a great article and one that if followed is sure to decrease the amount of 'trash tulpas' that turn up so often. But I do agree that not updating the progress report or posting often here isn't the best indicator of commitment. A tulpa is obviously a personal thing and a personal journey which doesn't rely on a community--though, those methods are good ways to measure commitment efficiently, and of course the community is very beneficial to tulpamancers, for providing guidance and something to 'bounce off' on. But I have healthy, regular and daily progressive interactions with my tulpa, but I don't record every single thing that happens. He's a true friend to me now, and one doesn't always write down every event that happens when interacting with friends. I really like this :)
  19. Awww! That's so sweet of you to say, Maddilyn. I love your tulpa doll! I think they're just so fun--and when they're finished it's like, you can post them places and it's almost like they're there or something. Can't quite explain it. They're just the right size and with their transparent BGs and everything. You did a lovely job! And she looks like someone I'd like to meet. I don't think she's generic. You have to create what YOU feel comfortable with. I've had Domnopalus for 8 years, before I even knew he was a tulpa. Plus my whole life has been basically dedicated to drawing horses and horse-like creatures, lol! So it just satisfies my muse. Humans and humanoid creatures sometimes are just the thing to satisfy others' muses--but the important thing is that it's satisfied. It's all what you're used to and what inspires you. <3 If you have time or feel like it's something you wanna do, it would sure be fun to see her in a bunch of different poses and the like! XD
  20. He is just overwhelmed by all these compliments [Really, you are too kind, too kind! That's quite enough, really, I can hardly handle all this. *DROOLGRIN*]
  21. Dom is taking that as a highly regarded compliment :) Oh and he says he'll gladly show up in your nightmares if the opportunity arises
  22. Something that might be fun and relatively quick for those of you artistically inclined (even if you're not artistically inclined, it doesn't take a huge amount of skill to make these, particularly from the bases). They're also fun to post places cuz they're cute and small and clean: Pixel dolls and/or pixel artwork of your tulpas Here are some that I made USING BASES--these are SUPER old (around 10 years) and not of tulpas, but you get the idea (I don't even know where the one without the stupid banner is for this one) And then I have a couple of Dom that I made from scratch (i.e. not from doll bases obviously): (This one is from 2006 before he evolved physically a bit) And here is one of him I made yesterday There are TONS of online resources for them, including some doll generators with pre-made clothes and the like. Plus, you get to look at naked pixel girls (or guys). Here are some links, for fun: PixiStar - this is a database for ALLLLLLLL kinds of doll bases you can use to create your pixel representation of your tulpa. I believe they're all free to use. Pixel Doll Step By Step - this is a simple little progression of the stages this person took to make their pixel doll. Gives you an idea of how it's done. Pixel Princess Dollmaker - this is a fun little thingy whatever to make a pixel doll without having to know how to use Photoshop or any art program. Only downside is you don't really have the freedom of bases, but there are TONS of clothing and hair and all kinds of stuff here. Pixel Doll tutorial part 1 - a complete tutorial for those who want to use art programs, in 2 parts Pixel Doll tutorial part 2 - another pixel doll maker thingy with lots of different types of bases and whatnot MLP Pony Maker - not exactly pixels but you can make basically any MLP you can imagine MLP PIXEL resources: Male pony base Female pony base by same artist as above Male pony base from someone else with wing option etc. Female pony base by same person as above Large MLP pixel base Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Applejack Rarity Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie Please post your creations! <3 ( Yes I am aware of this thread, but nothing much came of it. Plus, this isn't about sprites. )