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  1. Well, that is definitely true--it is definitely healthy to be skeptical. However I don't think it's really the best to be skeptical to the point of not letting new ideas in at all. On the other hand it is definitely not a good idea to be 'so open minded that your brains fall out' as they say. It's definitely about finding a balance, which is certainly not the easiest thing to do
  2. I don't know why people on this forum seem to be so closed-minded about tulpas. They're all like "A TULPA CAN ONLY BE THIS THIS AND THIS AND NEVER THIS." First of all, that's stupid to put it in such a box like this. Tulpa'mancing' is not an exact science by a long shot. NO ONE knows fully how the mind works so it's ridiculous for people to say THERES NO WAY A TULPA CAN BE THIS AND YOUR MIND JUST CANT DO THAT. Tulpas are based mostly on belief one way or another and we have the power to change our beliefs. The only truth is that we will never know the full power of our minds! So I encourage everyone to experiment and think OUTSIDE of the box. That is how progress is made. If you want your tulpa to fit in a little box, be my guest, but nobody has the right to tell others that their mind CAN'T do something. In all likelihood we just don't know HOW to do whatever it is--and we may DIE before we ever find out. Strange things regarding mind have been recorded throughout history. One thing IS for sure though--if we box ourselves up we will NEVER learn more about how our mind works.
  3. True or not, it's an extremely charming story and I love it!! Also it may touch on this idea: that we can be strengthened by our beliefs. I know I use my somewhat-scary-looking tulpa to 'protect me' from all manner of things as I walk places, etc. Even if he couldn't physically attack an assailant, the thought of him/confidence of him being around me I'm sure would give me 1.) a more confident exterior/impression which might deter a potential attacker to choose a different victim; and 2.) extra emotional strength to perhaps fight harder or run away faster if I ever were to be attacked. Even if it's a minimal improvement, it certainly does make a difference. :) Also, being fearful seems to sometimes attract that which you are afraid of to you. Having a mind-entity there to block your fear in that way I believe can really make a serious difference!
  4. Flex - He doesn't scare me at all; in fact, he's quite a gentleman! :)
  5. Possession without consent? How often does this happen? This is the first time I've heard of such a thing other than the creepypasta crap Oh by the way, another way to potentially get rid of a formidable tulpa, I would imagine, would be to create a new one with extremely positive intent, and use it to combat (or in this case, negate) the negative aspects of the old one.
  6. This one likes nooooothhhhhiiiinnnngggg!!!! Because it's fake, lol. Sorry to disappoint.
  7. Yes, my dear Sands, thank you for taking an interest in my plant there--I am particularly proud of this specimen. It is the uncommon breed, Bambuseae plasticus. And as you can see, it happens to exhibit the highly sought-after trait in this breed of bamboo, abundant amounts of flange: Also, these plants are remarkably easy to care for and last a VERY long time. In fact, parts of these plants are said to be able to survive nuclear radiation! ;)
  8. (I see him as being more realistic looking than this, but I only had time to make a drawing at this level of detail unfortunately.)
  9. What a fun concept for a thread!!!! I hope more people make/post their mock-ups. I'll make one very soon too. :)
  10. If everyone had Spock tulpas, this place might be more sane. Or logical. /dumbinterjection
  11. The last 30,000 hits are mine
  12. Yes very interesting Sands, and I also respect your thoughts about "humans thinking we actually have some sort of meaning because we're so full of ourselves and can't handle being meaningless," a lot! I wanted to mention though about that; I wasn't coming from an egotistical standpoint when I mentioned that though--in fact somewhat the opposite. Even if we are meaningless, which I'm OK with, I do think that for our time here we can at least be better people than we might be at the moment, and the 'higher self' I'm talking about is that--I guess a better term for what I was talking about would be 'inner conscience'? I don't know. Anyway, not important. Let me know if you ever try the possession thing, too. I'm a little wary of the idea because I think it could yield some very strange results, particularly with Dom because he speaks in a different 'style' than I do that I guess is ... dated? these days. I might even go so far as to say he's a little bit of a creep. However if I could proxy him rather than do full possession maybe I could 'channel' some of his level-headedness into my rollercoaster brain, when dealing with others. Also any onlookers who know me might become concerned upon noticing the strong personality change and wonder about my mental health (even though I know very well what I'm doing, and that it is not a mental health issue). Very interesting also about Roswell's reaction when you were hurt--I'd definitely favor being more cool-headed in such a situation (which is one thing Domnopalus is for and does for me) because I'm like Roswell in the sense that I easily freak out about things like that.
  13. Has anyone here noticed specifically in any way your tulpa(e) being able to help you overcome any kind of personal struggles? I would love to hear stories. I think that tulpas have the ability to help us tap into our 'higher selves' (or perhaps they are our 'higher selves' sometimes). For example, I have always been shy, but it seems as though as I've come into my 20s, I have become more and more fearful and withdrawn about doing things, i.e., socially, that probably most people would consider normal. I have a very hard time talking on the phone, and I basically get anxiety attacks when I have to deal with talking to people--i.e., for a job--that will have an important influence on my current and future well-being (and 'blowing it,' will mean I will end up suffering in one way or another or unintentionally burning bridges). My tulpa's personality is of course, the exact opposite of mine in this way. He just doesn't care what others think and has such a strong sense of self that nothing anyone does can waver him in the slightest. He has helped me face situations before; especially little ones such as decision making, advice, and helping me listen to myself. I have never solicited him to help me with anything specific or big, though, that I remember. In the next day, possibly this evening, I have to network and speak/mingle with several potential commissioners/employers, and a large group of people that I've never met before. I am absolutely petrified because this could make or break me at this point. I really want to do it though because not only is it the right path, but this particular instance is tied in with a cause that I am really passionate about. So there's a lot at stake here. I will talk with Domnopalus and see if he can help me along these lines, and then report back to you if I have had any success. Another question though--has anyone ever proxied or had your tulpa possess you if you knew they could handle a situation better than you can? I'm also thinking about trying that, though that might result in some strangeness.
  14. I think everyone here wrote very useful responses. I don't know the details of what you're going through, but I see two possibilities here. Do you want to completely end the tulpa-relationship whatever (i.e., you don't want a tulpa anymore), or perhaps is there a way that you and her can arrange for her to transform into something that would be more acceptable for both of you regarding your circumstances? This could be a matter of changing forms, possibly certain personality aspects, etc., or it could be another thing altogether--such as you may be able to 'preserve' her/her consciousness as something other than a tulpa, if that's what the issue is. For instance, rather than 'killing' or dissipating her, perhaps you could channel her consciousness into something else--a literary character, for instance, or possibly an object? This is hard to explain; I hope you understand. The main thing that I'm trying to point out here is that this forum/we as humans have a need to establish rules to define what things are and are not (even if we try to avoid doing this), and put labels on things. Perhaps, if this is part of the problem you and she are going through, she doesn't have to be a 'tulpa' as defined by us here. For instance, I had my tulpa for 8 years before I 'discovered' that he would fit into a category/label that other people identified with. Though I find comfort in labeling my 'whatever he is' a 'tulpa,' I try to always remind myself that he doesn't necessarily have to be a 'tulpa' so to speak. Yet he can still be a perfectly formed consciousness. I hope that makes sense and helps. Again I don't know what your situation is and I think everyone else offered some great advice, especially for not knowing the details, but I wanted to add my two cents in here since clearly it's kind of a sad situation you are experiencing. And yes I'd love to be kept posted.
  15. Mar. 20, '13 More help with stress relief from Dom
  16. new doodle Keep em coming, guys, I love seeing everyone's drawings here. I think I stalk this thread the most.
  17. >What kinda work you does? freelance animal/creature sculpting (starting a personal business) >Got a tulpa yet? What stage yall be at? yup. he's "complete" as well--fully sentient, fully visualized, etc. etc., but no possession. also no hallucination. as you can see I'm a little hesitant to be completely out of control of myself/physical functions. I'll get over it someday >How'd you get here? How long you been into this shit kid? I've unknowingly had a tulpa for about 8 years or so; heard the word on a paranormal radio show and loved the idea of 'thoughtforms' or manifesting thoughts/ideas, so I searched for the word and here I am. >How old you is? 23 >R u a boy or a girl and dont be a smartass? girl >What other hobbies you be havin'? always loved horses, trying to get more involved with them but failing at the moment due to financial setbacks. also studied Kendo for 6 years, love martial arts, very involved with American Museum of Natural History and related things, i edit videos for my boyfriend/love of my life (he is a singer/dancer/performer). I'm super fascinated by the paranormal/metaphysical etc. i studied piano for 12 years (my parents are both violinists for a living) but switched over to art because I couldn't take the performance anxiety. I love making things and fixing things. Pretty good at fixing computers and such--and I cured an xbox 360 I found this month of Red Ring with a little kit i bought. I'm not super super smart with the stuff though--I can't program or anything. oh I make art and stuff--only animals though, no people. and I love cats. >Anythin' else you wanna add, nerd? I had a terrible migraine today and yesterday for 26 hours. And I think I have some kind of social anxiety disorder or something. I have a real hard time talking on the phone. maybe I'm just shy. I'm kind of a tomboy but I'm into men (and I already found the love of my life anyway). (of course I have no problem with people who are LGBTQ etc.). I hate how society expects certain 'kinds of' people (gender, race, etc.) to behave in certain ways and I openly and actively reject that every day. I make a concerted effort to be kind to every living thing I meet--it's hard-wired into me to be like that. I consider myself to be very open minded. I'm a people-pleaser but I frequently find myself fed up with how people act and treat each other and I want to leave the planet and go somewhere else. normally I type with proper capitalization but I didn't feel like it today after that migraine, yeesh. :D
  18. Mar. 18, '13 Been a little while here. Not much to update; been too busy to be really 'active' with Dom but his presence is always with me full strength. Did a little stress relief doodle of him today. He always helps me with stress and other negative feelings! Thanks Dom.
  19. Could you say the "daemons" in the book/movie The Golden Compass / His Dark Materials series were a kind of tulpa? "In The Golden Compass, daemons are more or less your soul worn on your sleeve. They appear as talking animal friends that accompany you wherever you go. As Philip Pullman once said, characters are "able to talk to their daemons, much like talking to yourself […] Like having a conversation with your conscience or your memory" (source)."
  20. I agree with what Weird0 said there, I don't think you have a lot to worry about here but it's certainly a valid point. I would think that it's a matter of habit-making and habit-breaking in this case (or perhaps, habit-expanding). If you were able to make one major trigger work to the point that you're using it as a crutch for tulpa activities, then you might simply just have to refocus on a new trigger or set of triggers until you get to the point that you have many many triggers/stimuli, and your attention becomes spread out between them, lessening their individual strength or dependency on any singular one (if that makes sense). I don't see anything wrong with using singular triggers either--it may help you maintain a certain amount of control. But even so, if your tulpa is strong-willed enough (force that into them when you can; their independence), then they may just appear on their own anyway, etc. Meanwhile having a trigger is nice in the sense that you can 'call upon them' like a dog whistle or horse horn, etc. and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to comply. Edit: I also agree with Onicron here! Particularly the fear aspect of it
  21. Domnopalus

    Tulpa and Drugs

    Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but it was either this or create a redundant thread. As far as alcohol goes, (or any drug I suppose), is it a given that if you drink it then your tulpa drinks it too? Or is it possible for someone to get drunk and have their tulpa remain sober--that being the case, are tulpae independent enough to keep you from doing stupid things (or persuade you to make smarter decisions, i.e. convince you not to drive, etc.) while you are drunk? Strange question, I know, but I'm just curious. I don't like the feeling of being drunk, but I do like to drink to the point that it takes the edge off--usually that's about two drinks a day or so. I think I suffer from anxiety/social phobia and I personally hate pharmaceuticals, and I find that a couple drinks a day is perfect in making me feel what I assume normal people feel all the time. I don't want it to turn into 'alcoholism' though or some kind of serious dependency, so, it would be reassuring to think that a tulpa may remain sensible even when you are not. Is that possible?