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  1. A record? Like a transcript? Or archived shows? I don't know of a transcript, but I think most, if not all, their shows are archived on this website: <= That's the source website but it's a little hard to navigate. I believe an easier method of access is here too: Also the particular episodes I mentioned are linked up in the last post I made. Is that what you mean?
  2. Weird - thought I responded here already. Anyway, I listen ALL the time to Paranormal radio shows because I find them extremely fascinating--and I was listening to one in particular called Darkness Radio (very well known in the 'paranormal community') and it was on there that they were talking about Thoughtforms and Tulpas (Dave Schrader, the host, seems to be very interested in the topic--as am I, because there are a lot of strange tie-ins and credibility to it--and he mentions it a lot). There were two shows in particular that touched on this concept: one about the movie "Apparition," in which they had I believe the director (Joshua P. Warren) come on and talk about the genesis of the movie and an extremely interesting experiment that took place while doing research for the movie: "How to Make a Ghost" Later, this show with Rosemary Ellen Guiley as the guest "All in our minds?" (they spell 'tulpa' wrong in the description but the host pronounces it right because I searched for the correct spelling of it simply by hearing him say it). So, I searched for it because I found the concept extremely fascinating, and realized I may actually have a tulpa already (turned out I did). This site came up first and here I am. Until I came here I had no idea whatsoever that tulpas had anything to do with ponies (or 4chan).
  3. An awesome concept! Putting a consciousness into a setting definitely seems do-able. I'm sure many of you can relate, even certain "real life" settings can seem to have a life of their own. Of course, the settings we are in don't spontaneously shift form but there's no reason why not in a wonderland setting. Having wonderland generate "npc's" as well is also extremely interesting. Perhaps one way to go about this would be to set up a sels-sustaining ecosystem in a wonderland--create flora and fauna who exist and evolve autonomously in conjunction with each other.
  4. Domnopalus is 18hh, which means about 6'4" at the shoulder/withers. However he appears slightly smaller, at times, on his own (or when it is convenient for fitting in places where I am such as rooms, subway cars, etc.).
  5. Domnopalus

  6. Domnopalus is a fake latin compound Domno = 'master' Palus = 'swamp' Swamp master, master of the swamp, lord of the swamp whatever. I might add though that when the two are together "Domnopalus," the name is pronounced with a short 'o,' like in the word "Acropolis" or "mop." Most people pronounce it like this at first anyway, which I'm happy about, that it reads that way.
  7. Wow, lol, so ever since my last post it's been pretty negative, side-effects wise. Now I'm not so sure I want to try imposing anymore. I freak myself out really easily and I don't think these little unwanted hallucinations would bode well for me, that being the case.
  8. Thanks so much for all your responses, everybody---this is extremely helpful and reassuring. Guess I better get to work! And with a clear mind now too. Thanks.
  9. Hi there, welcome to the forums :) What everyone said here is really good advice/interpretation of what's going on I think. As mentioned earlier it sounds to me like you may also benefit from more sleep. However, I can tell you that what you're experiencing is nothing to worry about and is completely normal--probably not even tulpa-related. And if you want, there are definitely ways to work around it but it's all under your control. It could just be a matter of an extra cup of coffee or two as well. Or perhaps--more importantly, working on something in school that you're actually interested in (this can be not really in your control, lol) I'm 23 so I've been through gradeschool and college already, and let me tell you, particularly in gradeschool (it was a bit of a rough time for me), I used to self-induce the kind of feeling you're getting of being out of touch just to get away from the humdrum of the day. I found that this most often happened if I completely got absorbed emotionally and mentally in something wildly imaginative; such as a really immersive fantasy novel/movie, my own world, etc. It would end up being in a completely altered state. It would pass of course in a day or so, but I could always activate it up again if I wanted to by re-immersing myself in the 'source material'. This was all before I knew what I was doing with tulpae. Even now I get myself into these kind of states every so often--had one a couple days ago. I've found that it's really the same as before, but having and working with my tulpa can bring on these altered states more readily. Anyway, not to worry, as long as it's not affecting your grades you're fine. Have some fun with it and try to get a bit more sleep if you can.
  10. Hi guys, So, my tulpa is a fully sentient mindcreature, and I really would love to start imposing. I can impose in my mind's eye of course and I know exactly how he looks, but from some threads I've been reading, imposition can be MUCH more real than just this. I also can 'impose' beyond my field of vision, i.e. behind me or in the corner of my eye, etc. I've been a bit hesitant to go 'full out' though with imposing because of a few worries: Once I start imposing and fully convincing myself that there is a being there in front of me, does that 'open you up' to all kinds of other things, such as unwanted hallucinations, seeing shadows, etc., or other madness? And does it happen involuntarily after a while? I'm also concerned about how other people would react if for instance, my tulpa is with me and I have psyched myself out enough to believe he is an actual being---or do you always maintain the idea that this is a product of your mind, even when you can see, feel, and smell it? I'm sure these concerns are shared by others. Sorry if there has already been a topic on this--I haven't found it. Any advice would be appreciated :) Thanks!
  11. I can definitely see how having a tulpa could change one's perception enough to not want to deal with the 90% crappy love-candidates. However I was lucky enough to find the perfect man for me. He knows about Dom and everything (seen my artwork/sculpture of him etc.) and actually really likes him. I gotta say though, in a strange way, I think Domnopalus is partially responsible for me picking up such an amazing man. Just being there, and being a perfect model of a personality, Dom helped me keep my standards way up and not let myself out up with the crap out there. In a very strange way, Dom has a lot of very similar aspects (particularly personality and body-build-energy) that are remarkably similar to my fiancé, even though Dom came first (and is a reptile horse thingy lol). I think Dom helped me realize what I was really looking for in a man and I got lucky enough to find someone who matched! I think tulpae can be fantastically beneficial in regards to this. They stand-in while you are single and make up fr what's missing, and they help you realize what you need and are looking for. And as far as I know, they don't get jealous once you've found who you're looking for (at least Dom isn't). Good stuff! And interesting point to bring up.
  12. Hahaha that certainly is true!! It feels so strange - almost like looking at your own hand and not realizing it's your own hand. === Feb. 1, '13 Not much to update in terms of progress, but I wanted to check in. Dom and I are definitely still here. Just been stupid busy with stupid things. It is worthy to note however that even though my mind has been elsewhere, Dom has been a near constant presence, offering me moral support and the like. A few days ago I finally let Dom speak on chat and we had a fantastically interesting conversation, including talking to Slenderman and the always-helpful Kerin and company. Strange, stagnant week life-wise. It was very relieving to have Dom as an active presence. Hopefully next week we will all get much more stuff done! Also interesting note; Dom and I took Freud's personality type quiz, and I'm an INFP and he is an INTJ
  13. This is incredibly interesting. I always thought of Domnopalus to be the superior version of my personality. Turns out he's not ALL that different from my personality type except he values reason over emotion it seems. This is me: INFP Introvert(33%) iNtuitive(38%) iNtuitive Feeling(75%) Perceiving(11)% You have moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion (33%) You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (38%) You have distinctive preference of Feeling over Thinking (75%) You have slight preference of Perceiving over Judging (11%) This is Domnopalus: INTJ Introvert(56%) iNtuitive(50%) iNtuitive Thinking(12%) Judging(22%) You have moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion (56%) You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%) You have slight preference of Thinking over Feeling (12%) You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (22%)
  14. Jimmy makes some very good points there, definitely, and good things to pay attention to. You do seem like you have a firm grasp on what a tulpa is/can be (though remember, you have to find what works for you personally; there's no one 'right' way to make a tulpa--these are guidelines/jumping off points). Like Jimmy said, paying attention to personality and noting it is very important. Forcing it along though may not always work. If it is something you've been neglecting though, it might be a good idea to give it a little push. You seem to be letting him find his own forms, etc., which is really great for developing sentience and such. To a large degree, like 'good characters,' tulpae can 'write themselves,' but don't be disappointed if this process seems to stop. Part of the art of tulpamancing has to do with being aware enough to know when your tulpa needs to develop on its own and when you need to help it along. It's a very delicate balance, especially at the beginning. Do you know how to lucid dream? That might help you along, since you mentioned a good portion of him came to you in a dream (it's amazing and wonderful when this happens, and tends to be pretty uncommon from what I understand). I often find, to my disappointment, that if I try to dream about something specific and focus on it before bed, most often I decidedly don't dream about it. I think it's possible to choose what you want to dream though through practice--I just haven't studied it/practiced that aspect of it. I am able to lucid dream at will though, once I'm in a dream already. Anyway, it might be something fun to look into during the creation process. About the boy/girl thing; I totally understand. I'm a girl and my tulpa is male, and there is something definitely refreshing about that to me; not sure why. I have experienced girls IRL to be capable of being awesome friends, or terrible catty manipulative people. I've also discovered guys to be the same way. It really depends on who you meet of course, but I'll tell you one thing--you are CERTAINLY at an age where girls are HORRENDOUS to each other. I've experienced it first hand. Rest assured that will change as you get older. I have about 8 years of experience over you along those lines. Not a lot, but enough to tell you that you'll probably make some great female friends once they get over themselves. And some NEVER get over themselves. But as I said, same with guys. Anyway, most importantly YOU must choose a tulpa you are most comfortable with, and having the yin/yang thing is a common trend among tulpamancers and I think is very beneficial in many ways emotionally.
  15. I love everyone's reasons here! I guess there are lots of strange reasons Dom came into my life: 1. Part of it was loneliness at the time (now I have someone so I'm not lonely anymore, but I feel no less need for my tulpa) 2. to feel like I have some sort of control over my world--not to 'control' my tulpa, but to know that this creature would not exist if I hadn't nurtured it 3. to use him as a stand-in for all the things I felt was/are missing in my life (which changes all the time, but he is very efficient) 4. to exercise my creative muscle, and to have something that exists in my consciousness that I could use as a sort of mascot or representation of me 5. to see if I could actually make a thoughtform so strong that it could truly 'exist' in some way (I was thinking about this particular thing before I even know there were 'such things' as tulpae) 6. at the time Dom was created, I was sort of transitioning from being a kid to being an adult, and Domnopalus was a way to reconcile the two (I'd always had 'imaginary friends' and tulpae are obviously far more advance forms of a similar concept) 7. mental fortification + confidence + a fear destroyer. I'm not sure how to explain this one, except in the most base, simple way, imagining Dom doing away with all the things that made me angry in 'real life' feels awesome. It's more complex than just that though. Having shyness and confidence problems, I needed to separate my consciousness into two parts--me myself, and what I 'should be' or 'want to be' emotionally. Also I have a strong belief that you are as strong as you believe you are in many circumstances, and having something that is designed the way Dom is--extremely strong in many ways--may help me do anything from see things through (willpower) to be able to hold my own in a street fight to some degree. 8. I have always had an affinity for horses as far back as I can remember, but was never able to make good on my deep desire to be with/ride horses (I'm working on it still though, but I wasn't born into a horse family and I have no money so it is extremely difficult), so Dom somehow helps a little bit with that (even though he is not -really- a horse). For me horses have an extremely strong archetypal symbol of ultimate freedom to me (it's like, hard wired into my brain or something). Some people's symbols of ultimate freedom are flying, mine is horses. Don't know why, but I know I can't change it (I've tried). 9. as a moral guide, etc. Dom's personality is hard wired to be superior to mine--unlike me, his feelings don't get hurt easily, he is able to let things roll 'like water off a duck's back' or whatever, and is impervious to just about anything (I know, god mode, lol, but whatever, he's my mindperson and isn't bothering anyone). He helps me overcome ALL kinds of oversensitive things that I take too seriously. He helps me be MUCH more level-headed and not get wrapped up in passions (negative) or whatever. He has a lot of opposite features to me and when they mix, my mind has a huge amount of balance. 10. to make life more interesting, because the same old 'rules' of how life/society works gets pretty damn tiring 11. to say 'fuck you!' to society! hahaha 12. to remind me to wonder about life and what strange, interesting, different things are actually possible, and do happen Yeah, I'm not crazy or anything XD Pshhh.. (As far as I know I don't have any clinical mental conditions)
  16. Yeah dude, please do--drop it to me in PM. I need new stuff to listen to! Let me know if your tulpas develop any preferences at any point; I'm quite curious about that. I've asked Dom what kind of music he wants to listen to at certain times, but it usually is the same or similar to what I have in mind at the time. Working on getting him to develop his own tastes.
  17. Hey Jimmy, you da man :) Apology most certainly accepted, thanks man. I'm glad we're buddies. Thanks for the compliment too; I'll do my best. I know you have a lot to offer too. And I'll get back to you in PM's--I just gotta sit down and give a good listen to all your track recommendations :) I've recently gotten into dubstep too and I love it (especially the really hardcore stuff), so I'm looking forward to this cuz I haven't heard most of those!
  18. Looks like you just blew your cover, Jimmy.
  19. Hello! Welcome to the forums! I loved your story. This kind of thing fascinates me SO much, and to hear yet another person with a fantastic life story regarding these things only builds up my fascination even more. I hope you make yourself at home here, and I can't wait to hear more about Cheeteach and your other tulpas. Can't wait for Domnopalus to meet them, too! I looked at your DA gallery and I love the atmosphere of your work---so bold, dark and serene.
  20. Ever heard of 'alternatives'? Or, 'suggestion,' or, God forbid, 'just for fun?' See this: Also see what I wrote directly after quote you questioned here. I'm referring to outward behavior through proxying. Enhanced by having a visual in front of you that moves. I was saying that it was interesting that this could still occur in this kind of environment. Duh. Do you talk to people about being human? Good for you. Guess what? I guess when I said "this isn't for everyone," that applied to you too. So I don't even know why you bothered to post anything about this. Also, guess what? I'm poor too. My boyfriend pays child support for 2 kids and I don't have a full time job. But also guess what--this avatar cost me a total of $10. No more, no less. If you or anyone else doesn't want to try this, I really don't give a rat's ass. It was just a suggestion that I thought might be fun for some people who were interested. I'm done arguing with you, Jimmy. It is obvious to me that you are just dying to make any kind of trouble you can for attention, on EVERY thread I post in. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, and I respect that, but you certainly put a lot of effort into finding any way you can to be self-righteous. I'll speak to you again when you decide to say something that isn't intentionally antagonistic. Thanks for your input! Have a nice day! NOW, QB and TulpaCouple - TulpaCouple, Me too; I tend to use Dom's name rather habitually online. It's nice to do this, if even a bit uncomfortable at times, because as a whole it just broadens the experience and brings the tulpa more to the forefront of your mind I think, in general. If you have any ideas or recommendations about how to further implicate them, let me know! QB, Have you had any more success with any other online games? I'd be very interested to try, especially with any of my tulpa-mancing friends! We've tried a few things but have found them to be unfortunately more limiting than we would like. How about other game-type forums, like Gaia Online for instance?
  21. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has tried this--I've been doing it for some time, even before finding this forum. I know some people's tulpae come from video games, or have evolved out of video games to some degree, but I wonder, has anyone ever used SecondLife, for instance (there's a lot of freedom of form plus a lot of interaction) to make an avatar that can serve as a body for your tulpa? Then, whenever you sign in under their name, you are essentially proxying your tulpa into the avatar (or your tulpa is possessing you). I find this can be an amazing way to strengthen your tulpa. I've experienced everything from consistent sentience to deviations, etc. My tulpa even gives advice to others on his own that I'd never have the level-headedness that he does to pull off. I find it works best if the people your tulpa interacts with don't even realize that they are speaking to a tulpa--simply because it is a whole personality that stands alone. If people haven't done it yet, I recommend it as something cool to try. It helps with visualization, though of course you still have to realize that the avatar has significant differences in realism to your actual tulpa. But Dom finds this avatar/body to be very suitable in cyberspace (I modified an existing horse avatar for him--made a UV map/texture and modifies various parts like the head, etc.). Dom has gone through many SecondLife evolutions as well, as the graphics technology on there improves. We've always understood it to be a stand-in for his actual self, of course, but it has the capacity to bring the experience up one more interesting notch. I know this isn't for everyone, but if any of your tulpae do try this, be sure to add "Domnopalus Looming" as a friend!
  22. Thurs. Jan. 24, 2013 SO I think I figured out what might be adding to being so tired all the time. Spending most of my time staring at this awful fuzzy monitor seems to take more energy than I thought. I've slowly been getting more and more drained since I replaced my old MacBook Pro of 5-6 years with a broken logic board with this new hackintosh, MacMini with a crappy old LCD TV screen hooked up. Luckily, a new screen should be arriving today so I can proceed with life and work properly. Best yet, hopefully I'll be able to devote more energy to Dom from now on, since it won't be drained so much from me anymore. Tulpa-wise, the past couple days have proved me one thing: Domnopalus HATES it when I question his existence. He absolutely abhors it. He really wanted to proxy yesterday but I kind of inhibited him.....because I was shy. Poor dude, I'm causing him more harm than good. Realizing that what I was doing for 7 years prior to finding this site actually had a name, and that many other people were practicing it, seems to have given me a bit of culture shock....or awareness shock or whatever (there's a name for that I think). Dom even razzed me about something yesterday---was NOT expecting that. Forget what it was though. Anyway, coffee time. Depending on what Dom does today there may be another update---or maybe a sketch or two! I have decided that I am just no longer going to question Dom's existence, for better or for worse, because Dom's life is more important than any insecurities I may have.