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  2. After a rough hour of active/passing forcing today, I've gotten only a little sorted out, but it's progress. Wave is a 6 foot tall, black haired, muscular surfer guy. He wears a white semi-loose tank top and blue basketball/swim shorts. He walks around barefoot, 'cause he's chill like that. His hair is a bit of a bedhead, which is adorable. His muscles aren't super-defined, but they're fairly big. He has very kind eyes, though I haven't decided on a color yet. In contrast, Nimbus is a 5'9"(?), unnaturally red-haired, toned girl. She wears a yellow tank top with spaghetti straps, and it only comes down to a 1/3 way down her stomach. She wears yellow gym short shorts, and thigh-high yellow socks, with yellow-orange outlined stars all over them. No shoes. Her hair comes down to her jaw/neck, and is only a slight mess. Her eyes are a deep blue. Personalities are still being worked on, but I now know that creating Wave was a good idea. What I was trying to create at first was way too much for one person. As soon as I created Wave, I had a general idea of what he'd be like, and I immediately started seeing Nimbus more clearly as a living being (in terms of personality we've created) as well. I'll update later on, but thought I'd let you know I'm feeling better about this time. :) ttyl Theo, Nimbus, and Wave
  3. LOL It's just a mess over here, go somewhere else :P ---- I'm a little past six weeks in. I know I shouldn't be counting. I'm starting this progress report over. Looking at what I put on here didn't help any, and it certainly won't help anyone else. In a sense, I'm starting over my tulpa creation process, though I emphasize that I am NOT starting a new tulpa. I love Nimbus, and the thought of ditching her like another failed idea is so vile to me; the mere idea only crosses my mind when typing that sentence. I've made no progress in this time, other than a few brief seconds during one session, in which I felt a sort of presence within my brain. No feelings felt, no words heard, no form seen. It's discouraging. What has acted as a both a grim reminder of my own situation and fuel to keep going has been talking with people in chat about their tulpas. I honestly can't get enough, hearing about stories, adventures they've had, touching, bonding moments, that made it all worthwhile. I've heard the horror stories, but they just don't outweigh the positive ones. A big thanks again to the people who commented, your help has not been forgotten. :) 2-26-13: I've gotten Wave and Nimbus' basic forms down, as well as their basic differences in personality. I'll let them do the rest of their deviations on their own, when they're ready. At this point, I just want to talk with them, give them life. From now on will be dedicated to that. :) ttyl Theo, Nimbus and Wave
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