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  1. This. :D And nope, I've never been caught talking out loud to Karen.
  2. I choose Karen. I think it is one of the best female names ever, really pretty (along with Melissa; that'll be my daughter's name, if I have one).
  3. I'd never tell my parents and I don't have any friends (except one - but I'm still analyzing the possiblity) open-minded enough to tell them about Tulpas. My mom is a extremist christian, and my dad... he just wouldn't understand it.
  4. I watched a 5 episodes anime called Afro Samurai. The protagonist has a Tulpa that popped out of his despair/trauma (you'll understand if you watch) and follows him everywhere. However, the series did not mention it was a Tulpa. In fact, in the beginning you think it is another normal person, but the anime hints he is strange because no one else seems to care about him (maybe because they can't see him ?! :D ). I found the term Tulpa on the Afro Samurai Wiki. Aaaand, I greatly recommend this anime! Blood and sex everywhere!
  5. Wow, she's already vocal?! Sweet :D You just narrated a lot, right? EDIT I've found what we were looking for! http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Tips-for-those-who-are-getting-parrotnoid But I think it isn't as useful as before, now that your tulpa is already perfectly vocalized. >.>
  6. no way! Next person will say in caps, though.
  7. Heh, you remind me of myself. I also did just this: narrated to Karen just a few traits because I want her to have her own personality. I want to know this too x\ Do you ever got a non-vocal response from you Tulpa? I mean something like this: At Day 1 (or it was Day 2? I don't remember well...) I imagined that I was at my childhood school (how do you americans call it? Elementary school?), then I showed her all the building (in 1st person view, pulling her by the hand). In the middle of the visualization I got something in my head. It wasn't headache, but something like a massive wave of energy that completely disrupted my visualization. Every time I try to think about that, for some reason it reminds me of rainbows. I was so fuckin' surprised, I finished the "session" and went to bed :@
  8. Interesting, I was just doing that. I mean, my tulpa (Karen) is a few days old, but I decided that she would be a asiatic girl with black hair with a fringe. So I decided to search the internet for asiatic girls. I'll NOT copy any pretty face I see, they'll be used as a model for Karen's face. Another question: If you visualize A LOT, does your visualization skills get better through this alone? Or you need to do specific things to advance it?
  9. I'm at the 3rd stage ("can see fuzzy blocks of color"). Is there any other way to help me go past this stage, besides playing Tetris? Also, I'm very bad at visualizing faces.