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  1. this is the longest survey that I'll take in my life so far. Octavia already finds the first question quite vague.
  2. Well it seems that Octavia can't really recall specific excerpt from a book or movie, but she can let me see and describe memories of the past. This isn't full access to the subconscious right?
  3. Wow, all this derail. Fuck you guys :\ I barely got anything out of this thread.
  4. Yeah my thigh trembles or my triceps shake while tulpaforcing sometimes. It happens to me other times when I'm just simply interacting with Octavia, but not actually tulpaforcing.
  5. I've fallen asleep quite a lot of times during tulpaforcing sessions actually. According to my tulpa Octavia, she haven't really experienced anything jarring. When I fall asleep while tulpaforcing, I disappear from the wonderland, and weird stuff happens to the wonderland, as if I've taken psychedelic drugs. For instance, the colour of the sky changes or everything seems distorted. But nothing is done on her body itself though. It was quite interesting that the impact of falling asleep while having a session is different from the majority of people here.
  6. Actually, I was talking about that little story that wohojanax posted, not this whole thread. There was an error in quoting I think.
  7. Yeah, that's what's happening right now. In the last session she's been showing me random memories and laughed at them.
  8. Ah. So far, she seems to remember things since when I was 4. This is really cool. I'm so damn happy that I decided to make a tulpa :3
  9. this is kinda depressing to me for some reason.
  10. Also, will she be able to quote any books or movies that I've read and watched no matter how long it was ago?
  11. I smell a delicious copypasta here, come get it guys!
  12. Hey wizards, So I've decided to give my tulpa access to my subconscious. What I did was I created a door in the middle of my wonderland, then when you open the door, it's a narrow passageway with two giant bookshelves on each side, with countless number of books. And these books contain every memories of me. In the last session, she kept showing me memories of my old self to me and laughed. Now what? Do I just let Octavia read through the books? I don't really know what to do from this point on.