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  1. The only way I can focus seems to be if I'm actively engaged in solving a problem, e.g. computer programming.
  2. I'm back after being mostly inactive for the last four years.
  3. I purchased TextAloud and their "Justin" voice specifically for this in the middle of last year, but didn't do much with it then. My eyes are pretty sensitive to light, so I think directly staring at a lit candle would be a bit painful and distracting. Maybe I could write a few personality traits on an index card and look at that to try to keep my mind from wandering. I'm hoping for an ordinary-looking girl or boy (or possibly even androgynous) tulpa, anime style, playful and adventurous. I'm hesitant to constrain their appearance or personality much beyond that.
  4. I found this forum back in 2012 and I've been keenly interested in creating a tulpa companion ever since. One of my problems though is that whenever I try to meditate, my mind wanders to completely different topics within mere minutes, and I completely lose my train of thought, and so I can't stay focused at all. I'm now experimenting with using a text-to-speech tool, with a cute but ambiguous-gendered child's voice, to record things I expect my future tulpa might say, and play them through my smartphone whenever I can. I hope to make a number of such dialogues and put them on shuffle. I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic.
  5. BingBong is an imaginary friend of Riley Anderson in the film Inside Out. He makes an effort to save Riley even after he's been long forgotten.
  6. This isn't really tulpa-related, but in the 8-minute short "Forever Twelve", a girl opens a portal and takes her friend to a magical island which is somewhat like a wonderland that she seems to have a great deal of control over.
  7. I've updated the list to 1,300 adjectives.
  8. I hope my personality adjective list helped with compiling that list.
  9. I don't think Jessica, the alter-ego of Niki Sanders from the TV series Heroes has been mentioned.
  10. Are you thinking of Lying Around the House?
  11. Forbidden Planet featured an invisible "monster from the id" of the scientist whose intelligence was boosted by using the teaching device left behind by the Krell. Not really a tulpa, but tulpa-like in terms of being the manifestation of one person's subconsious mind.
  12. Some kind of mentoring or coaching would be cool. The forum is somewhat impersonal and it's easy for someone just starting out to feel overwhelmed / lost / worried they're doing something wrong when they don't feel they're progressing.
  13. The character of Sai in Hikaru no Go is a ghost that resembles a tulpa: only Hikaru can see or hear him; Sai can't wander away from Hikaru, but he can disappear when not needed; he requires lots of Hikaru's attention; and
  14. There's also Norman Osborn from Spiderman, who converses with his alter-ego of the Green Goblin.
  15. Alex Rover in the movie Nim's Island is a fictional character brought to life inside the mind of the author. She sees him and communicates with him. And, as near as I can tell, this isn't mentioned on tvtropes.