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  1. Aurora mimicked my friend's voice so well I answered, making the real person say "What the fuck, Lee?"
  2. Has your tulpa ever known and told you how you feel about a certain situation or person before you even knew? I few months ago I spoke to this guy in art class. We got along pretty well and I thought he was pretty cool. At that time I barely knew him and only thought of him as an acquaintance. After my first conversation with him, Aurora said "You love him." I thought she was kidding or teasing, but she insisted she was serious and that I loved him. She insisted it was romantic love. After I spoke to him more and more, I considered him a friend and couldn't imagine us being any more than friends. I almost forgot what Aurora had said about me loving him. After a month I wanted to be incredibly close friends with him, wanting us to be friends forever. Then I felt like he was a brother to me. A few weeks later, I had a crush on him. Now, over two months after we met, I feel like I'm in love with him and I can't imagine us ever arguing. This morning Aurora said "I told you so." Anything similar ever happen to anyone else?
  3. It was interesting, but I couldn't watch all of it. It made me remember how I used to see things that weren't there, and how I had a flying horse that lived in my wonderland when I was 7. The horse would visit our reality, and I remember thinking of our reality and my wonderland as seperate places that I could switch between. I would've watched the whole video, but once it reached the part with the videos of the girl as a baby, Aurora yelled at me to stop the video. She won't tell me why. I think the girl may have been talking to her tulpa when she said that she didn't want to talk. Or maybe her tulpa were telling her not to reveal too much about them and yelled at her when she said too much, telling her to tell Oprah that she didn't want to talk. Also, for some reason Oprah irritated the fuck out of me in this video.
  4. Neat freak Workaholic Honest Serious Kind Great sense of humour, but only when there's no work to be done Dependable
  5. I spend my sick days narrating, imposing, or in our wonderland. Imagining yourself healthy in the wonderland really takes your mind off the sickness.
  6. Your friend sounds like an asshole. Tulpa exist. If they didn't, it'd make us all dirty stinkin' liars. Also, I believe our tulpa will be reincarnated with us. I believe multiple personalities, tulpa, and any other sentient "imaginary" person are how Twin Flame souls (similar to soulmates) are created, and that our tulpa are tied to this body like we are until the body dies.
  7. Dude, I do that too. Been doing it since I can remember. All the time, even in public. I often just mumble it though. I'm pretty sure it's not a mental disorder or anything. What wrong could it possibly do, other than make people think you're bonkers?
  8. I talk to myself anyway (usually just mumbling) because it helps me think, so when people hear me narrate, they think nothing of it.
  9. Imagine the anime girl, but imagine EVERY single angle you may see her from. Imagine her standing in your mind, on a swirly platform thingy, and make her rotate, so you see her from every angle. Now tilt her so you see her from above, upside down, see her from below, while rotating her so you see EVERY POSSIBLE ANGLE. Imagine her in your real life too. Imagine her sitting on your school desk, sitting on the ground next you, in tge crowd when you play sports, like every other but in her anime style. Also, look up 3D anime girl on google images. In create-a-sim in Sims 3, you can mess with the voice and alter it completely. I used Sims 3 to create my tulpa and place her in a house. I moved the camera to see her every angle. Sims 3 might not work with an anime girl though... Also, what these guys are saying about sentience is completely true! I hope I helped.q
  10. Tuplett sounds so cute! Also, we call young humans babies, and young, nonvocal tulpa remind me of babies... So can we call them baby tulpa too? I dunno. Tuplett is adorable too. What would be classed as incomplete? Nonvocal, doesn't quite have "movement" perfected, what else? Nonvocal tulpa might just be mute tulpa.
  11. The first song Aurora ever heard was Party Poison by My Chemical Romance. It was the first song I listened to after I decided to create a tulpa. The next time I listened to it was 2 weeks later, when she was barely vocal, and had no access to my memories, and she said "Hey, I remember this!" and started singing along. I guess that it could be our song. Her favourite song is Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Also, I think this thread has been done before...
  12. I totally forgot about that! Awesome book.
  13. I don't even watch MLP, but I was lurking /mlp/ looking for pixel pony porn because my friend wanted to make sure he was the first one to make Minecraft pixel porn, and I saw a post that said "Should my tulpa have soft or hard hooves?" and I thought "Is tulpa a type of horse? I've never heard of it". I googled it, and the first few things I read was about metaphysical tulpa, which really interested me. Then I found this site. Also, later that day, my friend became the first to create Minecraft pixel pony porn.
  14. Nope. Obviously she's not a rape demon. They're always the abusers, and NEVER stop if you ask them to. Anyway... Um, wow. This whole situation is odd. Replacing memories might really fuck her up. I mean, not instantly, but if later she finds out she was abused and you messed with her memories, she might not understand why, and might get pissed at you if her new memories are sucky, or she might never trust you again because keeping her true past from her is kinda lying. Your relationship could get messier.