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  1. There is a phenomenon very similar to tulpas that isn't even considered a mental disorder. Imaginary friends.
  2. As Luna said, they can differ if host doesn't care enough. If host doesn't care about religion, tulpa might choose one. I doubt tulpa could choose different religion though, for example I think tulpa with christian host could not just become muslim. Also, if host is hostile to religion itself, I doubt tulpa could be religious.
  3. Luna/ I think political and religious views of tulpas are bound to be the same as host's views unless they don't care a lot or are hesitant. My host is militant atheist, so am I. We couldn't imagine tulpa in our mind being religious. Tulpa could care less or be more tolerant though, I guess.
  4. Well, I personally think that tulpas are just advanced imaginary friends. There is nothing wrong with having imaginary friend though. Actually, it seems that they affect children in a good way, imo there is no reason to think that his presence indicates a problem.
  5. In Polish community we had similiar problem. Semi-official channel (excluded from links for newbies) just for RP helped.
  6. Yes, it means that people are vulnerable to suggestion as well. I have seen some tulpas trying astral travels and I doubt they lied when they were saying about it. They even tried to travel to us and after the return they told us complete crap regarding us... I really have to translate my description of our adventures with these guys from Polish and post it here as well. I have more personal experience, my tulpas were telling me that we had Wonderland and I couldn't see it. Later it came out that they didn't have Wonderland as well but they were telling crap to me because I could have doubted in them otherwise. Imo, tulpas are far more fragile beings than most of involved people claim. I find creating blank canvases impossible. Tulpa is not semi-separate consciousness from the beginning. We need to stimulate tulpas to make them develop consciousness. Determining things like a form helps a lot as well. I didn't see anyone with tulpa being tabula rasa with whom he could talk fluently. It's only my experience though. For me meta is just term which includes: astral travels, OOBE, tulpas as spirits, religion, chakras, homeopathy, etc.
  7. I really wish tulpas had another name. That's true that the name comes from meta crap, but it doesn't mean that this crap should be taken seriously. Tulpas are vulnerable to suggestion though and they can take seriously many things, I strongly advise you to avoid meta, especially when your tulpa is young. Tulpas aren't any spirits but they can think they are if we suggest them crap. They can doesn't mean they surely will, but it's better to be careful.
  8. Luna\ This "tribal tulpa" seem to be just several tulpas created on basis of the previous one. What do you mean they have limited possession and speech capabilities? They are inactive most of time and hardly speak? Or they behave like a real crab and turtle? In the second case I'm not surprised that they can be shared and seem unchanged. Well, if they hardly speak and do nothing whole days there are not many differences that could be seen between "instances" of them as well. And if it comes to main topic: we don't know what exactly tulpa is and how exactly they are represented physically, but the fact is that they exist only in our brain and I really doubt they can be extracted. And only magic that is true is the magic of friendship. But there is a way to "show" tulpa to other people. By possession or switching ;) Of course it won't show tulpa's imagined form but they can interact with others with body they share with host, just like normal persons. Maybe it's not something sufficient for all people but it works and I find form not as important as person itself.
  9. yes, I created Luna without active forcing
  10. Metaphysics and Parapsychology - I think it should be in that part of forum.
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