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  1. I like this guide. It corresponds best to my look on tulpae. Ok. So basically what i need to do, is to use some person to learn how to read this "core" from my subconcious mind, read my own core and then create and write core of tulpa, right?
  2. Nice idea is to look through some concept arts of characters on things like deviantart, and compose something made of bits of them. Also. Maybe create tulpa that is a new part of Your body, like growth, lump or something. When it comes to me, I wanted something pocket size and able to fly. So pocket pony was perfect.
  3. I shapeshifted few times while I was in my wonderland. Not to any certain creature, but into very complex shape, surrounding tulpa. I stopped when I noticed that she is scared by this. When I came back to reality, I was in really weird and uncomfortable position. I was considering possession, but only of my hands to let her work on pc. What I'm curious about is: Probably tulpa can't poses her host, because she dont have skill to control physical body. So I assume, when someone learns his tulpa possesion, she gains those skills. Host can overtake a body when he want's because his body control skills are significantly higher than tulpae. But what if tulpa would posses body so long, she learns to control body as well as host. Or what if host is tired or sleeping. Would it give tulpa posibility to overtake anytime? It would be like constant fight to be in control.
  4. I don't see a reason to break anything. I think giving tulpa second, fully imposed body to switch at will, would be proof enough.
  5. I think it depends. Mainly on how strongly host connects tulpa consciousness and her body. If host is stronglt convinced that object he impose is really his tulpa, then mortality of tulpa is more posible than in cases when host considers imposed object as only avatar or servitor controled by tulpa. In my opinion, it would be better if we explore how strong connection is, between body and mind of tulpa.
  6. Orq9000

    Tulpa theory

    So according to all this, birth is not a creation of another human, but just of a biomechanical doll. And human being is created by further social interactions. And also it makes tulpa more like a child. I like this idea, it makes sense.
  7. If this is a question. I'd say. To tulpa! It's the only way to get rid of skepticism. At least for now.
  8. I like general idea. I would like to share this idea with other people, but first I must know is this really possible. And since only way to do this, is to make tulpa by myself, I'm doing it. So generally, the reason is "for science!" Also. 2. Companion. 3. Second opinion on my creative work. 4. Ponis are cute!
  9. @Lane Trip I think, when it comes to tulpaforcing at work. You should refer to daydreaming topic. I haven't written down a single word about my tulpa personality, likes, traits or whatever. All is in my head and I think this is the best way for me.
  10. Funny thing. I misunderstood You same way as Tulpatalk. So it appears You making exactly what I wanted to do. But other way, from normal size to pocket. How advances is Your tulpa? Are you at imposing already?
  11. I would say: AT&T, Atheism, Halibut, Network Switches, Roof Repair, Vertical Jump. Yup. This is best way to describe Vinyl... But seriously. Aren't You overdoing Her a little bit?
  12. Oh my! Pardon my negligence! I do believe, 30cm is about 12''. I'm terrible sorry for this inconvenience kind Sir.
  13. 30cm without horn. First I thought I'll give her ability to change her size at will. But then I realized that it would confuse perspective and make difficult to impose.
  14. I don't see any threat in your little, cute obsession. Just don't allow form to overtake personality. Don't make puppet.