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  1. TY very much everyone for posting, now I understand "how it works" and its truly fascinating I hope that someday I will be able to talk with my tulpa or something, atleast I will try.
  2. Hey Few days ago while I was browsing some "science" forum I came across thing called "Tulpa". I've already read some topics, guides and faqs but I'm still confused especially when I see posts written by someone's tulpa, or polls filled by host and his tulpa.(sigh!) How is this possible? If they are not physical and they can't effect on reality. Reading this forum makes me feel like I am reading a RPG game forum or something like that. I've read that they are not like real person, ghost or something like that but as far as I seen they act very similar. Dont get me wrong, I had been reading a lot about LD/OOBE etc. but this phenomenon just blow my mind and I'm very curious "how it works". Also sorry for mistakes but I am not using english every day and I may lack in vocabulary.