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  1. hurr durr, this person is wrong xD let me post a link reiterating that because i cant be assed to find support
  2. There is no such thing as corruption. Only deviation that you don't like.
  3. I checked all the boxes because screw the system
  4. If you make your tulpa desire companionship, then it really only has one choice anyway, unless you have multiple tulpas. EDIT: Unless their hate of you is stronger than their desire for companionship, at least
  5. Morality is subjective so I can do whatever the hell I want
  6. Even if you didn't want to be, once you were, you wouldn't mind since you loved them. Too bad the landwhale doesn't know how to brainwash someone into loving them unconditionally. This situation has no relation to this argument unless said landwhale has some sort of reeducation facility or magic drug.
  7. What if someone is in a coma, or they have that one form of amnesia where they can't remember anything after a certain point?
  8. I should have probably made an "other" group, along with "Nonsex". "Nonsex" would be for things that legitimately have no sexually-defining characteristics, or people that don't identify with any particular sex, and "other" would be so I don't have to add every permutation of transgender/hermaphrodite to be politically correct. But this poll isn't really an ultra-serious thing, so w/e
  9. My unstated hypothesis that most pairings would be opposite gender seems to be correct. I expected the balance between male and female participants to be a tad more balanced though. Maybe this has to do with the demographic of the places we've advertised on? Otherwise males are more attracted to the idea of tulpas for some reason. I'd probably go with the first one, since I'd assume that 4chan's members are mostly male, and that we didn't advertise extensively on any of the boards that might be exceptions.
  10. I am going to conduct a survey to try and determine if there is a correlation between the sex of the person making a tulpa and the tulpa itself. I know that this is not something that arises on its own, but is rather a conscious choice by the maker. It is still "research" and related to tulpas though, so I will post it here. For sex, you should input whatever sex you identify with most, even if it isn't your physical sex.