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  1. Ive been seeing your posts too, good luck to you and jesse!
  2. If you have a hint that he's communicating with you, odds are he is. When tulpas are getting used to vocality (even for the second time) they tend to feel like they're borrowing your voice rather than using their own, you should trust that he's communicating with you even if it doesn't clearly feel like another person saying these things.
  3. Another quick update: I've started working on imposition a bit more formally. I passively impose pretty much daily, but I haven't sat down and really focused on it for a while. Last night I took half an hour to be alone in my room and try some active imposition techniques. I feel like imposition would be incredible, but I have a pretty harsh block on my mind saying that there's an aspect of it I'm missing and I won't be able to do it. Hopefully I'm just being silly. Tomoe and Spice are doing really well, I'm just so happy to have them both active and vocal again. Spice: [Progress report for me, I can't pick out an outfit. And uhhh, I love host, and it's really refreshing to be able to speak full sentences without host interrupting.] Tomoe: {I can type things with the left hand now!!!!! The world is a beautiful place!!}
  4. A quick life update; Forcing in the traditional sit down and meditate sense is quite hard, I'm very out of practice with any kind of mindfulness so I think repetition will let me corale myself into concentrating. I had the house to myself tonight, so I put on some instrumental music and played games, because I figured it's the easiest way for me to remember to talk to the tups all night. It worked really well, we've been chatting constantly. My visualisation skills are a little worse than they used to be, and during a proper 20min forcing session I got off track and distracted a few times. This meant totally losing my connection to the wonderland and thinking of something else before realising my mistake. Less critical stuff, more fun stuff, Tomoe'd personality has really developed. For as long as I've had him he's been very quiet, but I realise now he's really taken on the role of the youngest in the system. He's adorably animal-like, and his form size-shifts. He also seems to be younger in personality occasionally, this evening he was like a kid. Spice and I have had some trouble getting in contact with Tomoe throughout the day, as when I'm not putting a lot of focus into talking to him he can't assert himself as strongly as Spice can, but considering his mindvoice is also a lot closer to mine than Spice's, I think this is going to become less of a problem as he develops. Spice is doing just dandy, not much news on her front. I got very mushy and heartfelt this evening while we were just hanging out by ourselves, it's really solidified in my mind that these two are my friends for life, and I don't ever want to lose touch with them for as long as I have before again.
  5. You shouldn't get a really big pink pillow, because then you will have no space for pillows in the other colour. Avocado isn't that great.
  6. I'm not sure if creative composition translates (pardon the pun) into learning a language, because languages are more about memory recall, whereas music composition is a creative pursuit and some people may be more skilled than others, especially when we aren't talking about music sheets, audio mixing, performing an instrument, etc. Nevertheless if you do learn German with your tulpa, please let us know how it goes. I'd be surprised to hear if they know the language better than you, but there's so little scientific study into tulpas that I can't say for sure they wouldn't have better language recall than the host.
  7. Intrusive thoughts/imagery generally don't bother my tups because it's not something in consciously sharing with them, i think your tulpa is spot on saying it's not affecting her, and you have nothing to worry about. She will be fine, she knows you don't have those thoughts about her on purpose.
  8. All that's been said above pretty much sums it up. I'll also add though that one of my tups loves learning my second language with me, and the other one wishes we would just stick to English, especially when one of us has a thought out of the blue in the second language. So yeah, your tup might be down to practice German with you, but I wouldn't count on it, don't get too disappointed if they don't.
  9. Hi Ranger, it's nice to meet you! I usually come back to the forums a few times a year and snoop around a bit to see what changed. It's really humbling to hear people remember me. Holo seems common for tulpamancers, I'm not sure why, maybe it's because of the friendship between her and the main character and the whole secret aspect of her being a god? I just chose her as a form for Spice because I was really into the light novels. Also, thank you, I like you too.
  10. Hi Lucilyn, thank you! It's been about a week now and we've been chatting every day, the vocality is stronger than ever! I have some trouble with speaking over both of them, I think it's a mix of ADHD brain (we tend to talk over people or finish sentences IRL with other flesh people, so it makes sense that I would do it to the tups) and getting back to separating our mindvoices. That being said, it feels like we've made more progress this week than we used to in months. I'm medicated for my ADHD now which I think helps a bit. [i can type full sentences now...not posession, but talking. Bodybody keeps wanting me to talk to people online, so hello!] Edit: I asked Tomoe if he wanted to say anything and he just said "Nya." The funniest thing about tulpas deviating is how they can pick up on your old personality traits, I think. He's like me when I made him, it's adorable. A total weeaboo and very excited that I'm learning Japanese again, while Spice dislikes it.
  11. I think younger humans might reach a stage where they're about as sentient as a frog. So it could be used. Maybe.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm back. It's bodybody the host typing. Recently, after a long period of Tomoe and Spice being dormant/asleep, I was driving to work and thought that I could really do with something to think about. Spice said hello. The rest is history. Interestingly, all of us had forgotten a lot of stuff that we are now re-discovering reading my progress report. I guess that's why I made it in the first place, as a point to return to and re-cap. For example, this week Tomoe has tried posession a handful of times and is most comfortable using the left arm, and then I find out we already knew he was left handed. Whoops. The body has ADHD so I guess we're all as bad as each other. We took a few steps back in vocality, but we're getting back onto it.
  13. Being in the wonderland is a cute lil placebo tool, but its basically the only way to physically interact per se, so theres a reason most people use them
  14. someone who isnt me said "LSD made their tulpa quite frustrated and upset, but only if we tried to talk while I was high." people on 4chan have called lsd a tulpa killer, but I dont think thats the case. as long as you leave them alone, theyre fine after, maybe even more vivid. someone who isnt me also said MDMA made their tulpas happy, like alcohol, but there wasnt much effect other than that.
  15. When I get some necomimi I'll share my findings. thry likely wont be very interesting tho since tulpas are just brain activity. and the necomimi doesnt differentiate between different kinds of brain acitivity
  16. switching is easier if you do, so i hear
  17. kinda wishing id put those thru google translate before they got cleaned up, any idea what they were spamming? oh and its locutus! which is aparrently because " the name "locutus" is latin for spoken; which is what Picard did for the borg, he served as an intermediary—speaker—for them" Which makes sense. they love their latin in star trek.
  18. re: wonderlands I find them very useful! Its a tangible, editable place for you to immerse yourself in, which gets you familiar with using parts of your brain you normally wouldn't. It just feels like daydreaming, but it's a great thing to have.
  19. i had quite the evening mixing alcohol with microdosing and my tuppers are more vividly present than I have felt in a loong time. i can really feel their energy. i have a headache as well which is either from drunkenly crying (yes im a mess) or alcohol itself, or tulpa activity. who knows? spice: hello, we are very loud now aparrently tomoe: god, (hosts) head hurts. i can type by myself now which is an interesting feeling. now that i can type on my own, i wanted to make a progress report entry, except i dont know what to say. I guess, I can type by possessing now? which is cool. our thoughts get blurrily mixed together like this, but its not unpleasant, i feel like we will unblur soon also i am left handed, and host is very displeased by that
  20. some people won't really dig the metaphysical stuff, but if it helps, i say go for it! You're doing just fine, dude. I force for about 20-30 min because I have unmedicated adhd and I can't concentrate for an hour. 45 minutes is great! What's important is repetition, rather than length. (That being said, 10+ minutes is definitely best) If you have a form for him, and you don't want to "tie" him to the stuffed animal, you should work on visualisation. Early communication is done through a lot of gestures in the wonderland/mindscape, and without visualisation skills, it is hard to communicate early-on.
  21. i wouldn't say we're fully imposed, but I'm pretty sure it's no problem. spice: it's uhh, it's a bit weird, but it doesn't feel like much. it's all imaginary [being imposed] anyway. tomoe can't chime in because my roommate is watching a comedy special and we're finding it hard to talk.
  22. This is the prettiest progress report I've seen. good luck to you both! And Spice has been known to sing ocassionally, Tomoe isn't quite there yet.
  23. apologies if this isn't allowed, but if you can't view the images in the original post, use this archive instead: https://web.archive.org/web/20160827081227/https://community.tulpa.info/thread-imposition-jd-s-guide-to-visual-imposition-image-heavy
  24. fell behind on forcing for about a week while i got a bit depressed. Working on that now. I tried imposition, managed to hold my attention for 20 minutes before getting incredibly tired and laying down for a sleep. I didn't see anything yet, but a combination of sheer force and positive affirmations should help me get to a point where I can see something within a few sessions, I admit im super impatient though. spice has gone through quite a few changes lately, her voice is now from a child's tv show i used to like when i was little, and it suits her. Tomoe sounds like a mix of a few male funimation voice actors, but we still use a lot of tulpish and intent to speak, whereas spice is 90% of the time a very distinct voice rather than raw thought my health is a little bit wonky right now and I'm a bit concerned, hopefully it'll work itself out soon enough. I've been having either eye strain of random hallucinations for the past 48hrs, it's something like a little dot of light that will be gone as soon as I notice it, or a shadow moving that catches me off guard that can't have actually been there. Inconvenient because it's distracting, but maybe i can use this as a way to help me force. This has happened to me before but usually only when I am sleep deprived. Odd! Oh and also - I'm going to be trying imposition tonight in a dark room with all the lights off. fingers crossed this will help me hallucinate in a more controlled way.
  25. Sounds like anxiety, focus on meditative exercises like slow breathing, and see if that helps :)