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  1. I'm so glad you wrote this! I contacted you on reddit saying how much you guys inspired me with my tulpa journey, and reading this feels so refreshing and amazing. I never thought I'd want to impose but spice is practically doing visual stuff by herself, trying to get me to see her most of the time when we talk, pushing up against my back, etc. With the more specific instructions in this guide, I think we're going to make some great progress. Thank you for writing and posting this! quick edit to clarify something after applying some of these techniques today. at what point do i go from seeing the tulpa like i would if my eyes were closed and i was looking at my wonderland, to seeing them as if they were really there? Making that leap, getting even a shadow of a vivid hallucination, seems unbelievably difficult (even though I know it isn't)
  2. Do you view tulpas as a psychological phenomenon, a metaphysical one, or both? I view tulpas as a mostly psychological/scientific phenomenon, but I have magical beliefs concerning the spirits of tulpas. I however do not believe walk-ins or system hopping exists, and I do not think that most insta-tulpas are ghosts/spirits. Were/was your tulpa(s) natural/pre-existing or were they intentionally created? I have 2 purposefully created tulpae and a median split of the host (me) which was unintentional. How long have you had your tulpa(s)? How long have you been active in the community (Tulpa.info, /r/tulpas, Tulpa.io, etc.) Ive been active since 2012 and made my first tulpa around 2013, I took a huge break but have been back since the start of 2018 How many tulpas do you have? 2 How long did it take you to accomplish things (e.g. vocality, possession, imposition)? Vocality was very hard for us, but we are awesome at it now. It took 2 months after i changed my mindset to be able to hold spontaneous and in depth conversations with my tulpas. We've been trying posession for a few weeks, and have just started imposition. Do you have any other information you'd like to share? If so, what? I prefer to communicate through PMs on tulpa.info, but im ocasionally in the irc. Besides that, please rate your own ability in each of the following skills from 0 to 10, 0 being incapable, and 10 meaning that you mastered the skill: Vocality 10 Parallel Processing 4 or 5 Visualization 9 Visual Imposition 1 Tactile Imposition 2 Auditory Imposition 0 Possession 6 Switching 0
  3. ask caelic if they know anything, most likely just heard a tv or something, or animal sounds. reach out in yoyr head and feel around, if you cant find anyone else id say youre fine
  4. good point! egocide refers to killing your consciousness and leaving your tulpa alone in the body. I still agree permaswitching is almost as bad.
  5. the forum isnt usually open to discussing egocide, as the majority of us find it to be irresponsible, dangerous, and the success rate is incredibly low. just read her some articles but please reconsider egocide. its literally never made a system/tulpa happy, and almost never even works.
  6. something you dont normally chew works best. ive been using peppermint for forcing and chewing bubblemint when im bored/hungry
  7. i dont know much about touhou, but the bunny ears are tewis, right?
  8. this is super common, at a month old not many tulpas can speak fluently. just keep listening to her, try vocality exercises, and look up the guides if you want more guidance. chances are you're doing everything right, and just need time.
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    Sam's PR

    hey, just letting you know i ocasionally pick a PR from the today's posts page and read about it, i like people's stories.
  10. reply to this post with your favorite thing about your tulpa/host but if you have multiple tulpas/hosts in the system, don't name who its about. something more interesting than bumping with the word post :P
  11. Jade and aury's life of a tulpa/draw my life video has a segment on what it felt like for aury to be abandoned by their host. You should go watch it, it'll probably give you some insight on what it was like for them, which might make it easier to apologise. uh, sorry, I just went looking for the link and can't find it. i'll edit my comment if i find a mirror somewhere.
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    Chat Thread

    what happened to the jackie chan tulpa meme? it was the best
  13. It took us 5 years to get fluent conversation! (although we had a huge break) what ultimately helped us was a massive change in mindset, I was mistakenly speaking over spice whenever she tried to speak, or doubting myself. though we got headpressures pretty quickly. dont focus on doubt or failure, love your tup unconditionally and it helps a lot. we also struggle because although tomoe sounds very different, spice and i sound almost the same in my head, so design their voice, find a model, and tell your tulpa youre going to parrot them. heckhounds method is really good! parroting sometimes makes you slip into actually talking with them before you know whats going on.
  14. havent posted much because not much has happened! tomoe speaks a lot now, its a mix of tulpish (specifically speaking with intent rather than words) and his voice, which is very distinct. spice doesnt like being spoken to when im high, so Im going to not try that again. the two have taken to kind of imposing on the world at random.times during the day. I cant see them yet, but its an open eye visualisation. Tomoe has very specific aesthetic tastes in bags/nick nacks and spice doesnt care for the laws of physics. S: "hes talking to us a lot more, and thats good. aaand we should watch stuff together." T: "Hi world, its nice to meet you." In my mindscape, the wonderland, my memories, and other brain functions are separated by bubbles. The members of the system can move between these bubbles as they like, though until recently i only ever used one to enter the wonderland. I created a space which i lazily called the communication space, a blank navy blue room with a floor that doesnt seem to end and walls that are hazy and not quite real. The idea was that it would echo my and my tups voices around over and over so we could hear each other, however we've started using it whenever the tups want to use body language in our conversations. its metaphorical, but it serves the purpose well. tomoe and spice are often doing things like reading or listenimg to music or laying on each other, and i can use my own thoughtform to hug them if i want.
  15. usually whatever they started as. a lot are ponies, or some tulpas that started as an orb of light use that as their default, then switch around.
  16. self hypnosis is very helpful. there are scripts by a user called linkzelda that helped me a lot with confidence and belief.
  17. Seeing a therapist for a case like this is essential, we cant provide the help and counseling you need.
  18. i havent read that guide but i can see it being a distraction for me, i wouldnt rely heavily on any task that makes you focus too heavily on a memory game like that, if its harder than the visualisation itself it seems pointless to do it. if you wanna work on visualisation, tell your tup youre gonna listen to an audiobook together, and focus on visualising that as you listen. :)
  19. perhaps im the odd one out, but i find simple badging (brackets or "") to be easier to read than "tulpa name: text" But since i didnt realise this was a rule, ill try to avoid badging in the future (though would an exception be made on progress reports?)
  20. i used to chew gum when i forced, similar concept. focusing om the flavour helped me get into the zone. i should try incense though.
  21. seems like a rly shitty thing to do, making a tulpa just to bail on your life. just read oguigui and koomer's tumblr, thats my advice.
  22. perhaps you should have drafted this, since new threads get tweeted (i think) anyway, looking forward to the update, i hope we can help you out
  23. some tulpas just have quiet days, i had a lot of trouble reaching my two yesterday night/today and a lot of hosts feel this for a few days at a time.
  24. spice did something today that wasnt quite imposition, but was open eye visualisation of her messing around in the kitchen, standing on benches, leaning on my shoulder. it was cool. she might like imposition.