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  1. today we had a 2hr motorbike ride and we talked the whole time it was lit. we made a couple changes to tomoes personality, i can feel spices excitement when we work on him and its great. she also wants to try and get tomoe really set on the idea of possession so ill have someone to share my interest with, which is cute. I was worried i was imposing on her too much, but i think shes trying to be nice rather than get out of something she finds boring. ive also asked her to pay attention to how my hands work so we can get the hang of fingers. her form is kinda floaty and she doesnt have a skeletal system so its weird for her to adjust. also, we sang duets which has been good for developing her voice. we still throw tulpish at each other ocasionally when words wont express something as well as a picture or emotion would, and thats really cool. also, she really wants to meet a friend of mine who believes in tuppers but doesnt like people making them, eek! im not sure why, she hasnt shown interest in posting here much, nor on reddit or the irc but shes bugging me about introducing her to the one person who would understand her existence but judge the hell outta me for it. fuk edit she asked me to watch her source material (spice and wolf) with her and shes enjoying it. but ive learned she can still give me headaches, which she used to get me to pay attention to the show when i stopped loooking at it.
  2. I don't think you wasted anyone's time. also, this is unconventional but if you try hypnosis 3 or 4 times and find yourself unopen to suggestion, tryba fee drinks or a smoke before doing it again. I find my mind gets more pliable when im intoxicated, but your concentration will be affected.
  3. spice is called spice because she looks like holo from spice and wolf, and because shes the spice i need in my life ;) i think she wanted to change her name the other day but my adhd ass has forgotten what she suggested tomoe is named after his lookalike from kamisama kiss.
  4. isnt the idea of making yourself hear voices a little silly? also i think tulpamancy is a cute name. viva la 'mancy
  5. your own subconscious could have done it by accident? also try picking a voice for her, it makes vocality much easier!
  6. Spice

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    you can switch whenever you want, but a bodiless thoughtform blasts the macarena loudly in your headspace to your host whenever you do. it loops and is always louder than anything else. I wish for like, a big fucken sandwich
  7. in our experience, tups can "put on the blinders" and not pay attention to what the host is doing, including sex, so just treat it like you would with a close friend. ask em if theyre ok just ignoring it, work out what scares them, if theyre concerned for your health or whatever, and then respect their wishes while maintaining your own bodily autonomy
  8. im getting kinda depressed lately and its made me unable to force. tomoe's potential is just there waitingfor me to grasp it, but i dont have the energy to. this forums the only place i feel comfortable letting people know that I feel like im spiraling. when i bring it up with my friends i just try to joke about it but im losing my sense of purpose. also, i keep compulsively cleaning the walls. im in a bad place lmao also i spoke with spice earlier and im not sure why im feeling apprehensive about bringing tomoe into the headspace. It could be because i feel shitty about never really starting his development back in 2013, or any number of things. spice wants me to spend some time in the wonderland again though, and i think thats a good idea. thats all i can think of, thnx for reading my emo post which ill probably delete in 6 months of 4 years time
  9. [Not much time. we like holding hands and] and then proceeded to shout at me for accidentally thinking over her (like talking over her, lmao) [we should go on an adventure soon] [Does your host like minecraft?]
  10. hypothetically? it could get confusing. any hosts with schizophrenia that mainfests voices or hallucinations needs to be very careful with making tulpas, it can go badly. apart from it just crowding up the limited headspace, it should be easy enough to achieve, but whether its safe is a whole other matter
  11. i think spice and i are just really close friends. we love each other, just not romantically.
  12. does changing outfits and colour of fur count? Spice designs new outfits every now and then and when I enter the wonderland or just a void where I can see her and she'll have a new outfit. Im unsure how to answer the poll bc of this.
  13. Dreaming edit: i didnt see maria's posts when i made mine, sorry ;;
  14. Spice


    500% uhh, we have no idea why this is in our clipboard?
  15. I think a couple of users reccomended it back in 2013, the idea was that since they could talk to each other more easily than me, two voices would get thru better than one. I dont exactly remember, shrug. He wasn't super developed, we got as far as personality (which I've forgotten, and Spice wants to help with this time around) and did some voice work, we're basically restarting from scratch. His form is that of tomoe from kamisama hajimemashita/kamisama kiss, I have a thing for fox people *shrug* (also, I know holo is a wolf, it's whatever) another edit because i remembered stuff i wanted to write lmao I got high for the first time the other day, and since then spice has been way less formal and more chilled out. It's cute. [Piss off] for legal reasons the above post is fictional -- another update spice is super chill about lots of things, it's refreshing. I find her personality to be very different to other tups. she sees a lot of the wonderland and inner mind stuff as metaphorical and is very frank about it, and finds her form is just like an outfit she puts on rather than being her. (its cute because she changes it around often) She also has interest in developing Tomoe, which is great. I havent had the energy to sit down and fully revise tomoe yet, so we haven't done much work on him. Possession is going smoothly. She's communicated through tulpish (its kind of hard to hear her when we're working on possession) that my arms are very heavy, but if I put effort into focusing my energy elsewhere, she can get my hand to move. Its strangely mechanical in feeling, probably because Spice's form has never been super literal for her, so she hasn't had to think about how to move it that much.
  16. I hear the anime paranoia agent has a tulpa in it
  17. good luck! Dont worry too much about personality, I only gave spice a few guidelines and she managed to merge with a voice that was kind of like my conscience, if you just give a few base traits her personality will develop on its own! :) Also, im sure you can make some friends here.
  18. Guided hypnosis can keep you in the mindset, when i force i set up a timer that chimes every 5 minutes to remind me to stay on track.
  19. if anyones seen me on reddit posting as bodybodysystem, youll likely be curious about tomoe, the other tulpa mentioned in my bio over there. when i was younger, I started making tomoe as an attempt to get vocality out of spice (it was a silly idea but Id heard it work with other systems and tried to give it a go) However, hes been inactive for years and years now. Spice and I were talking about it, and we've decided to try and wake him up. Before we jump into assuming sentience and vocality, we're going to revise his personality and get more familiar with his form. forms arent very important in our system, but its still nice to agree on one. Also, spice doesnt show much interest in posession or the irc, but indulges me, which is sweet of her.
  20. ! Thank you jean-luc. Ive been thinking a lot about how much happier I am now that spice and the voice have merged, this just made my day ❤
  21. sounds really creepy of that girl. tell your sis that her friends need to behave around you. its not ok for them to do stuff like that
  22. quick upd8 i went on a trip the other night, and did some self hypnosis while i was susceptible to suggestion, it was a great idea. however the whole time and during my hangover I couldnt focus on spice, and she said it was kind of lonely, so thats the biggest downside to the experience. otherwise it was great and spice and i are chatting again so it all worked out. the self hypnosis was based around getting longer sentences and quicker responses by being able to listen to her better, and it worked! Also, i had the realisation that Spice's personality probably absorbed a part of my brain that was kind of like a thought form/conscience, but was overly critical of me constantly. I havent heard that voice since spice started talking to me again, but she reminds me a lot of the voice sometimes. Shes a lot nicer than it was, though.
  23. Lots of people find proxying makes vocality stronger. I keep trying to get Spice to let me proxy for her online, but she isn't as interested as me. She likes making astounded-sounding comments at people on the IRC though. If you ever talk to us on there, please excuse her for being blunt!
  24. I think people take their wonderlands too literally. The wonderland is just an abstract representation of some spare space in the body's brain, for us. If Spice were to frolick in wonderland in their free time, it'd be more akin to a dream.