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  1. just seems kind of boring. People used to say not to because we were worried about identity crises and not being able to tell them apart from...well...you.
  2. nope, they had no idea about her, which was why it was so exciting. [They could probably feel me.] Thankyou for the encouragement! I tried out self-hypnosis tonight and just abusing the power of raw belief. It feels really good to just know that whatever response I get is genuine. When I was younger, I struggled with this because I got stuck in the pit of "im not being a good host" lmao. [Thankyou for your kind words.] ---- another edit, since bumping my own thread 45 min apart doesn't seem like very good etiquette. I have the lingering doubt that most early tulpamancers do (despite technically being a host since 2013) when I speak with Spice, but it's just a little lingering thing, it doesn't control us anymore. And also, holy shit, Spice is very straight-up and blatant with her language. If I'm concerned, she'll tell me what I'm concerned about is just dumb, or just calls stuff stupid. It's refreshing, because it means our personalities and opinions are different.
  3. I think thats true! If its common for sentences to be short at first, then Im not too concerened. Our development has been great lately. Also, while im posting, im super spiritual and junk, and my friend told me my aura kept flashing between two colours/states, which is awesome. I feel like they could sense Spice since she was up and paying attention while we were having the conversation.
  4. I think I get what you mean! When I was younger I described it as being "too sane" but really my problem is my brain isnt wired for tulpas just yet, and I have to work on making the brain comfortable for us to communicate. Also yep, she looks like holo! she's recently donned a white kimono with some purple splashes on it which is entirely different from her last two outfits, it looks gorgeous and I assume thered be some fanart out there I could photoshop of holo to match. Also I felt her blushing when you called her pretty! [Lucilyn is really nice.] -spice edit: i should probably add the progress i wanted in tbis post instead of a separate one -linkzeldas scripts are still amazing and I love em -gearhearts scripts are good too! albevion made the one I used last i think. the posession script got us really in the zone. -if anyone has any advice for when longer sentences are hard to hear, id love to know. The short responses must be restricting spice a ton. Also, for 2 nights now when ive gone to force ive been interrupted..gdi
  5. If you were designing characters for media, 1 4 and 8 are the most visually coherent and look the best. But its ultimately up to your tup.
  6. I wanted to bump the thread to sub to it, and I do legitimately look forward to seeing more posts. I get why youre concerned though solar.
  7. Well this was a wild roller-coaster from start to finish. Good luck in your future dude. I look forward to seeing your future posts.
  8. why do you think the fbi is watching you?
  9. QB's guide for a huggable tulpa has had great results. When QB was around they spoke a lot about imposition. It works, but it takes months for most people, even up to a year. I wouldnt make it your main goal of tulpamancy, its just a bonus.
  10. god, my old progress log was cringey. Anyway, Spice and I are holding conversations, but I can only hear short sentences from her. We're working on it. I force for 20 - 30 minutes at a time these days, every night of the week when I can do it. We tried posession again, and it was wild. I think Spice was more into it this time around, we'd practiced before, but this time the body was twitching a whole bunch. The toes and eyelids mostly, but I could feel Spice's intent to pick up the arms. They didnt move, but I could feel her trying. ah and for anyone reading this back, we've only been back at it for a few weeks. I went off tulpamancy for a long time and out spice into deep sleep, basically. Ive just started again.
  11. Have you tried the vocality exercise where you ask her to repeat something you say exactly? "The rain in spain stays mainly on the plain" for example. Or word games where you do direct word association. One of the ways I got from muddled thoughts to words was by associating words with stuff I wanted Spice to say, and then prompting her while I cooked/clean/walked etc. I'd say "up" and she'd say "sky", for example. Also, i find when my thoughts are all over the place, i will "speak" over her by mistake, thinking her voice is a stray thought (somewhat unconciously) and it takes a lot of effort to push down my own thoughtvoice, and the background noise to hear her. This sounds a lot like tulpish, but it doesn't have the distinct, clear sounds you describe. It's more like hearing a thought through a thick fog. I haven't had much experience with persistent tulpish, I hope something starts working out for you soon.
  12. Just some observations from reading through his tumblr and watching some of their posts on the site when i used to lurk in 2012 until now. Just as a disclaimer, I never spoke to Koomer directly, and if I'm speaking out of line, let me know. If you assert control as a host, stay away from drugs once they prove to be harmful for you (if they do), and pursue professional help when things get too intense/out of control, I doubt any host could end up like Koomer. Koomer pressed a lot of his escapism onto Oguigui, and Oguigui had an intense need to switch (likely because koomer was thinking about that a lot during oguigui's early development) Also, I'm sure Koomer's tumblr is, to their system's knowledge, all true. There's no way to tell how much of it is just delusion or mental illness, but I'm sure whatever entity wrote each post truly believed what they were writing. Koomer was way too involved with the community to be a troll. He's a cautionary tale, for sure. I feel really sad about Oguigui though. I believe she was just trying to do her best for him, but he had no idea how to responsibly host a system.
  13. My tup has a distinct aura (when I visualise it, it looks a lot like the souls from soul eater. It's a pretty blatant visual metaphor, but it works) If I need to feel for her, I'll call for her and keep the soul in my mind's eye. It sort of sparkles with life when she's around and listening/awake, and other times will feel absent and cold. a lot of this is metaphorical, but it does the job of calling her for me. You can try something similar, and see if that works.
  14. Hey OP, Spice and I have come leaps and bounds since you made this post, because I went back to thinking about her voice. I'd never put much thought into it before, but I told her how to speak so she'd sound different to me. Now, when I wait a little bit, get her attention, and concentrate, I can hear her speak. Before when she just sounded like me, we'd speak over each other, or I'd drown her out entirely. Try working on making their voice deeper or higher than yours. Also, all tulpish is communication, don't worry about parroting. It all feels like parroting, you just have to push past your doubt and believe everything. You will end up making a few mistakes but they don't matter. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, and like you're speaking for them, but in the end it's the best and fastest way to get her talking. Take everything she says at face-value, and treat anything that feels like parroting as if she said it. 99% of the time it's her!
  15. The comments are a bit surreal. I'm glad Bobby gets to interact with the outside world this much though, that's cool!
  16. Just wanting to show interest in this. I have never really been entranced by hypnosis, but I find it handy for keeping me on task for longer than 15-20min at a time. I really like when I listen to a file that addresses my tulpa.
  17. This is really down to morality and your views on sentience. In my opinion, she isn't married to your tulpas unless they want to be included in the marriage. They are still different people to you. Just like you wouldn't include someones parent or child in a marriage, it's not assumed. With tuppers though I think if they want to be part of the marriage, that's cool too!
  18. I told people a few years ago, but they probably think i forgot about it, haven't told anyone for a few years. I'm planning on telling a friend of mine because they asked me if i wanted to make a tulpa at the same time as them, lol.
  19. Bumping this, spice has been quite loud the past few days but a lot of it is random sounds mixed with emotions and imagery, if I find out how to get to words Ill let you know op
  20. Hi, thank you for the support, the new guides are interesting! . Ive been spending time with spice a whole lot trying to rekindle our relationship. I definitely feel her presence a lot, but we havent spoken much (pretty sure we have, but her voice is still very fuzzy) Has anyone posted guided vocalization sessions? I cant get into a hypnotized state, but i like having a voice to keep me on track. Id make my own but i hate my voice, lol. Also, my old posts here are cringey as fuck but i dont want to delete them. rip.
  21. Hi, So this is weird. 4 years ago, I tried making a tulpa. I had a good start going but then I went through some really messed up life stuff and lost the will to continue. Today, Im trying again. Instead of assuming I can take any fast route this time, im going to use hypnosis to keep me on track. I love my tulpae, they deserve to be able to communicate. So to my question: has anyone taken a break this long? How should I welcome my tulpae back? And if you could give me any sort of encouragement, Id love it. I wasnt mature enough to do this before, but hopefully now I can. I thought about my tulpae constantly for the last 4 years, I really want this to work. Wish me luck.
  22. Thankyou for the help. I'll use this later in our next possession practice. :)
  23. There's imposing and bringing the tulpa out of the wonderland, you're referring to the latter. Imposition is full on sensory detection
  24. I want something, but no clue what. Music notes or something, nothing I'd regret. The next person wanted a tattoo but later decided not to get one