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  1. Ok, I'm back here. All week my friends and other stuff kept me busy, but I had time for tulpaforcing, but after all that things, was very hard to concentrate. I still suck at visualization, but I worked at personality, and I try to talk with Zoey about everything I do, or I want to do, to keep her on my mind. When I do tulpaforcing I stay on my bed with legs crossed and keep my back straight. I was a little hunched, I held my shoulders in front, but after few days of meditating and ignoring the pain come from my spine and neck, I can keep it now straight all day without pain. Tomorrow I will have some free hours, I will tell my friens that I am busy and I have no time for them. I will try to focus more on visualization. so far I can see unclear image of her and wonderland. I saw her moving and dancing without asking her to do that. She look like she had to much energy and I like that. After I worked a bit at our wonderland, she seemed to enjoy staying with her foots in the little lake from middle.
  2. Hi guys, girls and tulpae! I read guides and other topics on this forum. i made an account on this forum to talk more with advanced and novices tulpamencers about their progress and to ask for advices when I need some. I decide that my tulpa will be a girl, not an imaginary girlfriend, but a companion girl, who will be with me all life to motivate me when I need, or just to discus. I am not a lonely guy, but I find interesting the idea to create your own tulpa, a kind of hallucination with her own opinions who live on your head, but not a malicious one, like that created by a mental illness. I decide that I prefer a girl as tulpa more than a man or creature, but sometimes when I try to clear my mind, this happening to me from childhood, I see a white armored wolf and I think that he will be my second tulpa. I named my tulpa Zoey and I imagined her as a beautiful ginger girl with purple eyes. I like ginger girls and I chose purple as color for eyes because it is a nice color for them. I based her on a personal character from a MMORPG. I draw some artwork, but at this moment they are NSFW, to be more easy to visualize her as I like. I started first visualization session, but there come my first issue. I saw in my mind to many random images and I can't concentrate on her, so I start with personality. Because she is base on my character from PWI, i got an idea. I started to concentrate on my character for a long time, from different angles without moving her, it was more than two hours. Now was easier to concentrate on her. I tried to change CGI skin with a realistic skin, but it was very hard. I tell Zoey to help me, but she did not responded. When I decided to take a break she appeared dancing in my mind with a realistic skin and I continued visualization from that point. I work at personality same time with visualization, because if I concentrate only on her image, my mind will show me again random images and make my work harder. I have a second issue with visualization. I see her very transparent, except the time she appeared with her human skin when she was less transparent, but I saw a thread about this kind of problem. I am glad to meet you! I will be back with more reports.