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    I'm a drawer/computer programmer, though more emphasis on drawing.
  1. Certainly more outgoing with people now, so like glitch said, more social intellect. Also just simple things like having discussion on the internet has improved a great deal. There's also mind boosts courtesy of my tulpa helping me, such as her keeping me focused on a specific task, etc.
  2. Definitley this. I had to define what 'delusion' meant for me and Luna, and after fully mapping out the fact that anything the mind percieves can be a delusion and it doesn't matter, I started to 'pop' out the thoughts thinking tulpamancy as a 'crazy person thing' or 'delusional',etc.
  3. Wow, didn't expect to be right on that one.xD Same here. I'm using Awesome as a window manager though. It's much less user-friendly but all the more efficient to use as you can tweak anything. As far as screencaps, I use scrot, which is a very handy CLI tool. I used to be deep into programming, but now I've changed my focus on art. I'll still though of course know my tools in order to be the most efficient with them. Again, arting is underway ;)
  4. noobdreamer: I'm sure I'll be able to jot something down in a couple days. I still busy, but things are finally beginning to be more sane again. Wild guess, noobdreamer, but, are you by chance running a Linux with xfce as a desktop? Judging by the filename of your attachment and all... cozmopolitan: You welcome :)
  5. Thank you all for being very patient. I finally finished my senior project (PASSED), and now I just have to deal with the fluff that comes at the end of the year. Shouldn't be too hard. red-shepherd: Made a wip so far, feedback can be cool ;) cozmopolitan: Finally it is finished :D Again, thank you for your patience.
  6. Right there with you sister. Thankfully the thing that's been keeping me from taking requests is over tomorrow.
  7. I don't believe that tulpas are synonymous to alter-egos because 1.) If you Believe it's a different phenomenon and it is a different phenomenon (the mind) and 2.) It looks very much like an 'alter-ego' can be one-dimentional and have no personality beyond that. Whenever I look at my tulpa, I see her as any other being in all her humanity. She is for the most part an avid optimist, but she understands the real world and knows what to say whenever something goes wrong.
  8. Asked her: [It's a tough decision. I told him anything with chocolate, but then he asked me for actual foods, so I said hot dogs.] She also doens't like coleslaw. [nope.]
  9. When I first started forcing, I still had my mini Christmas tree still up, so all I saw was an ugly dark red. It took a while, but after picking up some techniques such as self-hypnosis and meditation, tulpaforcing became considerably more interesting. I'm currently working on controlling hallucinations as I've pretty much got visualization down, and I already get vivid images in my head with just closing my eyes for a second. I'm still attending school which is keeping me very busy, and I can still tulpaforce with ease. It's simple and becomes much more simple and fun with practice.
  10. cozmopolitan: To show that I haven't died yet (HA!), here's a wip btw, like your art style! I'm working on a big presentation for next week that wraps up all the work I've been doing for the past weeks, so in English I may soon be coming out of the dryspell that's plauged this thread for a while. Didn't forget you red-shepherd ;)
  11. Nonfiction: Sorry for the long wait, here's Kat: G+2: And here's Pruria: Again I'm busy with school, so this request thread is still in slow-motion for now.
  12. Interesting idea, but considering tulpa are always thought of as people in mind, it doesn't come off as too surprising. [I'm not mindful of other tulpa's race and I it doesn't bother me. It's good that were all different and we can embrace that, but in any negative context I wouldn't go for it.]
  13. wolfspy: Here's a WIP: Any suggestions well appreceated :) G+2: Pruria v0.1: Next step is coloring, but I'm just posting another wip to make sure I got it right. Nonfiction: I'm just standing by just in case there's any suggestions, though if not then I'll get straight to coloring.