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  1. i feel like i would just fall asleep if i tried forcing with no sleep
  2. Shes a little bit shorter than my waist. id say shes about 3' or so.
  3. I cant speak from experience, but its a long process that takes a lot of concentration. they sort of fade into existance. Im a good example
  4. 1. Fairly bad when i first started, but they decreased after a couple days 2. About an hour a day when i first started 3. About 2-3 days(ish)? Id say about a week 4. basic active forcing before bed and narrating throughout the day
  5. Reading this has sparked my interest on having my tulpa wake me up at night, thanks. going to give it a try tonight. good luck with your development :)
  6. ive been working at it for about a month now and just last night i managed to see a hazy outline for the first time.
  7. gonna give this a try. ive been getting really bad intrusive thoughts lately so hopefully this will help me concentrate
  8. do you think that by practicing this could eventually lead to your tulpa not ever wanting to leave the wonderland? if they prefer being able to interact with things, they may never want to be in the real world and you wouldnt be able to fully impose them.
  9. You should start doing frequent reality checks so you can easily distinguish between reality and dreams. you could lucid dream that way too
  10. yeah.. the next person can do a backflip on flat ground
  11. Thanks for the post. ive started to try meditation before forcing and it makes it a whole lot easier to concentrate. ive tried it before other activities too like skiing and i do much better. defiantly going to make a habit of this :)
  12. tfw i messed up and didnt click on positive impact on mood ;_; im somewhat surprised by the lack of votes in "Visual hallucinations (unrelated to tulpa)". both me and my friend have experienced these weird flashes shortly after forcing. my friend even said he has heard a really loud bang somewhat like a gunshot.
  13. I dont necessarily think this is tupla related because you could just be tired. However, making a tulpa is fairly mentally exhausting so that could be a reason why you would feel tired/out of touch. If that is the reason why, as you keep forcing it will become easier and less tiring. i wouldnt worry about it too much
  14. If you think that there is a chance the thought in your head could be your tulpa, then it is defiantly your tulpa. If youre having trouble hearing her, try saying a sentence to her, and having her repeat it back to you (parrot if needed, it helps when youre first starting out). it helped a ton for me, not sure if it will help you also but its worth a try i guess