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    You see this through to the end. Tulpae feel too, trust me.
  1. Me: One female, I'm male. Cat: Math! tfw good intentions tfw your Tupper starts it tfw unexpected awesomeness
  2. DMT will not help with forcing, that I can assure you. You're just too far gone to even think about forcing. Now doing some speed based ecstasy. . .
  3. Just take some molly, it'll make forcing much more enjoyable, at least it did for me.
  4. I'll elaborate when I come back in hopefully about a week. We have Tulpa related issues that must be fixed.
  5. So after tweaking out on the floor for a few hours you tend to forget you're surrounded by many of your peers. When you sit up and start talking aloud to your Tulpa in an effort to calm her down shit tends to get a little weird.
  6. Well it's hard to explain everything. Nothing bad or anything, it's just a LOT more intense than I expected, I think it even drains my stamina throughout the day. I mean my mind forcing my body to see, smell, and so on what my mind creates all day all the time. Even sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night to piss or something Velf is usually laying with me in bed. I'll elaborate when I get back from work tonight.
  7. Our Survey in the first post links to Jadens lol If someone could fix please.
  8. I guess after thinking about it I'm about 3 months into my existence now. Been imposed for about 2 months. - Velf
  9. That feel when your Trollpa keeps finding new ways to shock the shit out of you. That feel when your Tulpa rolls around on your bed with you trying to wake you up. That feel when your Tulpa puts her paws in front of your face while your driving. That feel when your Tulpa wears a maid outfit and . . . well . . . stuff. SO MANY FEELS GUYS.
  10. Me: *Stares* Velf: *Stares for about 3 seconds then falls on bed and rolls around giggling*
  11. When I was chilling in a hammock in my wonderland with Velf. She turned to me and said "Hey! :D." That feel when first word man.