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  1. I still think that's unnecessary nitpicking. The process of the experiment is laid out, it shouldn't be a problem that neither of us decided "hey let's make a research thread at that tulpa.info site for attention before we go ahead and try this". In any event I wouldn't make something a big deal without an issue being created in the first place. I understand where you're coming from, you do have a point. It's nothing personal, I'm not looking to make enemies, I'm just annoyed because this seems to be the modus operandi of this community whenever fresh content is shared here. Someone will qu
  2. I'm glad to see that someone else here already has an understanding of the illusion of self, hopefully this thread can help others who have run into some difficulty making a tulpa. That being said, this, right here, is why I've been dormant. Looks like it's going to remain that way. There is no call for nitpicking over where this belongs. This is documentation of a successful experiment very recently conducted in hopes of breaking the deadlock Ostara and I had both run into, shared with you all for review, discussion, and as a means for others to attempt this for themselves. It wasn't
  3. Here is my take on the subject: Back when I started with my tulpa, I was 19 and a half. Looking back, I was extremely dumb and immature about tulpas, even though on surface I had done my research and "knew" right from wrong in regards to making a tulpa. Evidently I didn't, because after I made my first one, a few weeks passed before I went out of control, making a total of four "tulpas" within several months, of which only the first one actually survived and grew to maturity. Fortunately I recovered from my monumental stupidity sometime after my 20th birthday, and she's more or less thrived ev
  4. There really is no telling until it happens, though I admit I did get to thinking about this quite recently, after reading some stuff by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. My own personal belief generally just involves the continuity of the soul, but even if that were the case, I'm not sure how that would apply to a tulpa. Even if my soul carries on after death, I'm left to wonder if a tulpa also has its own soul, or if it's just technically a component of its host's soul. Getting a little more far-fetched, maybe a tulpa mind structure is a vessel into which a lost soul can be (re)incarnated, without any
  5. Oh yes, I'm very happy with her. Still not really imposed yet, no, but certainly vocal and thoroughly developed visually. The weak link at this point is me; I'm currently working on inducing hallucinations, as well as conditioning myself to listen out for her all the time, rather than just when I think to do so. But yeah, I guess deep down I never found much of a purpose for having my other tulpas who came along after her. In the end they never really managed to become as deeply entrenched as she has.
  6. Ah-yup, tried that twice, each attempt about a year apart, and failed both times. Guess I don't have any real purpose for more than just the one.
  7. Let's see, traits... She's extremely dedicated, and very loving and kind (sometimes to a fault). She's perhaps a little more trusting than she should be, with others. Very forgiving, and open-minded. Used to be rather quiet and shy, but as her personality has matured that's more or less gone away. Still quite reserved and self-conscious, but that's a problem we both have so I'm thinking we'll try tackling that together someday.
  8. I found out about tulpas by stumbling across Encyclopedia Dramatica's tulpa page. A friend and I were giggling about the page and thinking "how silly, what weirdos". Later that same night my friend brought it back up after quietly reading for a while and said that having a tulpa could actually be really cool, and so we agreed that I'd be the test subject and would try making one first. I did, then a few months later he followed along after seeing that I was having a good time with my tulpa and didn't feel like I was just wasting my time. The lesson? There really is no such thing as bad pub
  9. Soryu has been mostly quiet and reclusive for the past month or two. Scylla, having done all the work of creating her, claims that she maintains contact with the fledgling tulpa, but I myself haven't really had much communication with her in a while. We both still love her and wish to keep her around, so here's hoping she emerges from this state soon enough. Not sure if this is a mechanism for getting me to continue focusing on Scylla, but only regularly communicating with one tulpa does seem to be helping her to become more involved in my everyday affairs. We've both noticed that her form
  10. I've been proxying both tulpas in IRC every day for the last week or so (Scylla much more than Soryu, though). It has really helped both of them to a great extent. Scylla has made a number of new friends, and I'm confident that Soryu will as well once she starts chatting more frequently. At the behest of one of my new tulpa friends, I have begun to actively work on our "wonderland" once again, after months of not really bothering with it. Both of the girls are having fun adding their own special touches to a town we started on the edge of our existing mindscape, such as a harbor and train s
  11. Of all the things we tried, I think just wearing down my BS-senses was what helped us the most. After a long time actively trying to convince myself that she was real, I guess I reached the point where I was no longer unconsciously doubting the whole tulpa phenomenon and became much more dismissive of all of those doubts whenever she spoke up. Biggest hindrance, by and large: Over-thinking things. For example, spending hours at a time trying to seek out and identify my tulpa's separate "thought stream" left me extremely frustrated and unable to hear her for a long, long time. It also left m
  12. Heh, we dug out our old copy of Full Throttle for this reason. Also Pajama Sam, because Pajama Sam is timeless.
  13. Soryu is coming along very well. If Scylla is parroting her, then I cannot tell. The new tulpa's taken to thinking of Scylla as her mentor, with me as yet providing nothing except for conversation in my attempt to get to know her. Scylla decided not to give Soryu access to my memories, something which I am very grateful for. Once she reaches a proper point, I want to personally give her that access. As yet, she just isn't ready for that. Because of the fact that she doesn't have access to everything, I've been teaching her about various things, and she's been asking amusing questions about
  14. Basically anything but BRIGHT WHITE backgrounds. Good god, my eyes. Preferably not too dark either, something like the forum's color scheme is really easy on the eyes (except this text box I'm currently typing in).
  15. I don't know, maybe you're right. But something about those tildes doesn't sit right with me. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.
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