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  1. What do you disagree with your tulpa on? It could be a political belief, philosophical belief or something trivial like what your favorite character is in a show you like is. For each one, is that something you "programmed" or something that naturally just happened for whatever reason?
  2. I've been planning on doing this. Is there anyone here who has actually done this and ended up regretting it? Or are you just speculating that it's bad?
  3. I've sort of had an imaginary girlfriend for a while. Then I was lurking /mlp/ a few days ago, read the thread on tulpas and figured this would be a great way to make the girl in my imagination real. I don't plan to have sex with her, I just want love, affection, companionship, etc. Every woman i've tried to get with has turned me down so I figure this is the next best thing, hell, maybe it will be much much better since she wouldn't be able to cheat on me. The only big down side is I wouldn't be able to really cuddle with her since I'd obviously go right through her. I also really like
  4. While I strongly suspect OP is a troll (especially considering "likes" reddit but "dislikes" 4chan, probably knowing full well that most people came here from 4chan and most people from 4chan hate reddit), I'll respond just in case he is legit. You should replace the specific ones with more general traits. Instead of "Justin Bieber", have it dislike annoying no-talent pop singers, which would obviously include Bieber, but also whoever replaces him in a few years, and who replaces that guy, etc. Instead of having it dislike 4chan, have it dislike the behaviors you associate with a typi
  5. You know, I was wondering "what could be worse than being rejected by a tulpa". Now I know the answer. "getting rejected by your tulpa, making another tulpa for them because they don't want you, and then seeing how happy she is with the other tulpa instead of you". Then you'd end up being extremely jealous of one figment of your imagination being with another figment of your imagination who you created to be your companion but ended up not wanting you. Wow, that's just....I have no words that could describe how fucked up that would be to me.
  6. Nope, I'm actually a pretty cool guy, very social, have lots of friends, and have a decent job lined up. I'm just very ugly. On the other hand I know plenty of guys who are losers that get girls pretty easily because of their looks.
  7. I can't speak for the guest in this thread, but for me personally, I would gladly date a landwhale. In fact, I've asked out when who were landwhales, it's just they all rejected me. Women generally have higher standards than men, they're hardwired to, even the landwhales. I know 4 women well who are landwhales: Landwhale 1: 250lbs, 5 foot 4. Only dates men over 6 feet tall and admits to this. Is engaged to a tall, good looking, upper middle class guy. Landwhale 2: 300lbs, 5 foot 6. Exclusively dates the thin, feminine looking type guys, which is what her current boyfriend of 2
  8. I could deal with my tulpa being mean to me sometimes. Even couples who love each other a lot say mean things to each other out of anger. In fact, I wouldn't want my tulpa to be nice to me ALL the time. There's gotta be some drama to make the experience seem real and keep things interesting. I'd also want it to dislike certain negative aspects about me, such as my tendency to procrastinate. But general dislike or indifference from a tulpa...that would make me lose it completely.
  9. What exactly do you plan to create that's 7 feet tall if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Wow, that's actully happened? I don't even know what to say... I think I'm just going to make loving me a major aspect of my tulpa's personality. Some people on here may argue that this would seem fake, but here's how I look at it. I have suffered nothing but rejection from women my entire life. Even repulsive looking women with shitty social skills want nothing to do with me. If I spent 150+ hours trying to create a fictional woman primarily to alleviate my loneliness only to have her dislike me... I think that would drive me over the edge. Scratch that, I KNOW it would drive me over
  11. Has anyone heard of that happening? Someone making a tulpa only to have it generally dislike them? That would seriously have to the biggest figurative kick to the nuts fathomable.
  12. Heh, yeah, but then again I did say "ultra liberal" and being a butthurt atheist is kinda part of the package there. It's funny because I'm an atheist myself, but I REALLY can't stand those types of atheists, they make us all look bad. Hmmm....on one hand I'm pretty sure most of the stereotypical redditfags would be scared off since, unlike on reddit, they can't quickly downvote off threads that don't agree with their ultra liberal politically correct eyes. On the other hand, if we aggressively try to expand from Reddit and other websites like that, we'll inevitably get some
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