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  1. This fairly well. The multiple community is still active but its gone onto other different ways of interacting then say five years ago. Also one difference is that most multiples tend to report to be or be naturally born or developed into multiples at a young age without taking measures to become one. Actually in the daemon community not all (or more and more it seems not slowly to going down to not even most) have read His Dark Materials . (Or didn't read them until after getting a daemon. Plus as the community has grown into its own the idea of having daemon has moved away from its original inspiration. Certain terms have remained the same but the ideas connected to them have shifted more and more over time. Personally, I would consider the daemon community fairly similar to the tulpa community. Especially in the areas such as focus in imposition. (In fact due to the run with the tulpa community the daemon community has taken the term tulpaforcing into its own community to describe any practice with perfecting their 'projection' and personality of their daemon sense previously they never had a label for it and most simply called it 'perfecting projection' or something similar.)
  2. This. Most people with daemons tend to see them along the lines of either just an imagery friend or a mental construct basically like a tulpa as they are defined on this forum. For the latter experience/opinion of a person's daemon, one could say in the view of this forum, I guess, they have a tupla that specifically been created to act like a daemon.
  3. Not sure show ‘unique’ or what not this is but I created my tulpas before I ever even found any of the stuff online about them or anything. Plus not sure how wholly ’unique’ this is but my tulpas can and do control my body a fair lot and they consider my body as their own when they control it.
  4. You could say the nature of humans having a daemon in His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman is somewhat similar to tulpas in some ways though they are physical. A series called So Weird once had an episode (called Tulpa actually), about a boy creating one. I remember watching it growing up.
  5. First was in several books (or had sections on) ‘thoughtforms’ ranging from ideas on what to do with them from creating with them specific purposes in mind to creating one as more of a companion. If i remember correctly, the term tulpa was talked about and used as well. To top it off, a few the authors also talked about it more in a psychological sense rather than just more metaphysical sense. The reading of those books was around the years 2008 to 2009. However, I finally came across FAQ man’s techniques and essays back in April 2012, and finally found this website in September of 2012. All of which made a lot of sense given pass experiences and such with ‘creating voices/people’ to some extents in your head.
  6. With supplementary phantom limbs they usually tend to go through clothing and move about like the clothing isn't there at all to give any kind of resistance, at least for people who just ‘end up with them’ randomly. So I would say imposing the feeling of the limb onto one's body without worrying about clothing being there at all might work best.
  7. I would say you don't have to be able to impose a tulpa to be able to impose the feeling of a limb, but that may just be where I am coming from. Sense its only a limb and its basically based all around touch, whereas imposing a tulpa requires a lot more senses and is generally more complex I would say its harder. However, maybe some people might find it harder or easier then others.
  8. I actually know someone who feels canine legs along with her actual ones so I would certainly say yes. Plus, I second, Chupi about some people having fully imposed bodies in the shadow of the real body.
  9. At current, any practicing with perfecting anything occurs in the morning sense personally it makes for a good mental wake-up while listening to some music before breakfast and the morning news. That part of the daily routine is almost never messed with sense its been ingrained in the daily routine for years now (just re-purposed from general daydreaming/brainstorming for a set amount of time to what it is today). For other things like spending time or specifically going somewhere, it really depends. Sometimes its just a re-imagining of the plans rather than a complete loss of the original plan. Like instead of us going for a walk around the park for a few hours its us and friends going for a walk, or things along those lines. Only on a few occasions have it just been really doable but usually just say “I have other plans” or whatnot along those lines.
  10. I've heard and met people with with phantom limbs they never had, yes. Most of the handful that I have met didn't will them into existence consciously though and rather they've just ended up with them. However, not too sure how well consciously creating a supernumerary phantom limb might turn out nor how vivid or lasting they might be but I can't see why it would not be possible.
  11. Different life experiences can change how people act around other people or how they view themselves. The act of creating a tulpa and interacting certainly could change a person’s views on themselves or how they see things outside of themselves. Plus, there are some traits and quirks about oneself that they might not show to others but upon new experiences might open up and show those traits more.
  12. Being polytheistic but enjoying seeing beliefs as possibly/likely a construct of the mind through archetypes and themes anthropomorphized, basically, I don’t really care. The more I learn about psychology and personally learn more about the weirdness of this brain the more the phase “why not?” comes to mind.
  13. Seems like an interesting idea. No real reason why this can’t be possibly done though I think the only real limit would be an individual’s mind to do it.
  14. Nothing. Animals (realistic and non-anthropomorphic, mind-you) wearing clothing of any sort is kind of weird and unneeded. Granted, its kind of funny in some situations, but not something we would find funny to look at day in or day out. So, no clothing at all.
  15. This brain is strange. Growing up imagination ran wild and so being able to just think of something (or more often sometimes just randomly appeared) and ‘see it’ or ’hear it’ wasn’t often that hard. So those aspects and building blocks for creating a tulpa seemed natural. So upon hearing and learning more about the concept … I looked and there was a big black dog in the room with me. Its grown from there of course. A reason that came later was that having a tulpa actually helped with the random imagination issues and mental sidetracks allowing for more focus on projects. Creating a tulpa (and then a few later on) seemed like an interesting channel to funnel into all that want to imagine and create things throughout the day when sitting down and drawing or writing wasn’t available. Also the companionship was nice as well as an interesting way to introspect into the workings and limits of this very weird thing they call a brain.