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  1. Te increased adrenaline will make it more submersive, music is a powerful tool that helps the brain imagine. Using classical will help you attain focus, while rock, swing or other faced pace will help condition emotion. I suggest anything from video games, composers lije Yoko himamura or Koh Ohtoni.
  2. They're not really Tulpas, but it was my destiny to create a new universe of lie...this was a small step.
  3. Why Thank you ^ ^ It pasted really bad, I didn't actually write it that way, fortunately :P Also, I have adblock XD The word document is written in a better form~
  4. Already been making worlds of beings ripped from my soul, saw a post on 4chan directing me to this site, held some interest in another take on the forming of life with one's mind/soul.
  5. Increased meditation and mentally and spiritually smudging the line between dream and waking will help substantially, however learning to split your soul or mind up into an individual will also help your physical body react to stimuli.