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  1. Oh my God my head hurts. I suspect that Allison is to blame... In other news, Allison helped me on a test! I was stuck on this one fill in the blank, and then the word 'similar' popped into my head after I had asked Allison to help me out. After I finished the test, I checked my study guide and IT WAS RIGHT. After thanking Allison, I just smiled to myself as though sharing a joke with a friend, which was psychologically true. BUT DAMN IT ALLISON STOP HURTING MY HEAD!
  2. I don't think I have that sour of a personality. The next person likes ponies.
  3. Thanks maelstrom! Well, I'm currently reading House of Hades so I have a great book to read to Allison. YAY THE TOGETHERNESS OF TULPALULPAS!
  4. I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings, but. Still a better love story than twilight.
  5. I have a question. If I were to watch an anime that requires me to read subtitles, how would I passive force at the same time? Still haven't heard her first words yet, sadly.
  6. Excited to see how this goes. I think this is the first thread in this subforum that doesn't have to do with actual tulpas.
  7. so, I had MAP testing today. I forced with Allison while I waited to be dissmissed after I had finished the testing. I did personality. I'll edit this later with the personality traits I gave her (I didn't use some of them from my original post)
  8. 1: Thanks! Now I can actually try to lead a one sided conversation with Allison 2: Ya learn something new everyday! :D
  9. NO I WILL NOT TEEHEE the next person has a song obsession.
  10. You and me both. I've been narrating. A lot. And I'm having a bit of trouble on what to narrate about. I tell Allison what I'm doing, and then I'm at a loss for words. Any suggestions?
  11. I WOULD KICK ALL YOUR BUTT CHEEKS AT THIS HAHAHA (will do it tomorrow because y not)
  12. Lol. Luckily im in middle school. My parents know it's no big deal, yet they FREAK when I have a bad grade. I need to learn AP and soon...
  13. I have a C in two classes. I probably won't be on for a while.
  14. I have NO idea what a benis is. The next person IS HIGH OFF OF SUGAH