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  1. New log in the post with some questions answered in it- Its a little long but id highly recommend reading it if youre using this guide as it has many answers and a walk-through of the guide and what one hopes to achieve its here but ill put it in the post as well Skim it if you have the chance i recommend it
  2. Im not saying any method is wrong im just saying from what ive found from the people ive tried this with that its less efficient
  3. Basically yes you bring their thoughts into focus and spamming thoughts makes it easier to do that because it fills your consciousness with them By saying what he did he naturally implied that it works i am saying that sitting there doing nothing isnt very productive to newer people- i know that you know it but im just trying to point them in a right direction i guess And how much are you thinking? Out of the people ive tried this technique on no one reported that- although if theyre vocal you could drop this method either way because its not needed to do anything Im not even sure what the point of you posting in this guide is anymore-
  4. (:>)Imposition is something that is wanted by most tulpamancers but something that few have fully accomplished. This guide is a combined guide with the one Lumi showed me with my own techniques; creating what is written in this. Currently i can see distorted colors and or shapes or black and white detailed shapes, so its still not perfect but thats why i post this, so it can be talked about and improved so that imposition can be easier for tulpamancers. Guide is here found by Lumi and spread to the IRC I take no credit in finding it or the techniques in it and i would highly recommend reading it as well, as it will help, your comprehending what to do in this guide. I have added things that i found fairly useful and things that specifically apply to tulpas. It is formatted similarly to the Advanced vision tutorial as their structure is good and it does it as well as i can figure out to do. Also dont use hallucinogens because theyre bad for you~ This guide is also made to make a more solid imposition doable because the daydreaming method and the hypnosis method are effective but not maintainable because you cant easily do them while walking or doing anything else besides forcing~ Intro: Assuming you know what imposition is, you can skip this, but if you dont it is seeing your tulpa in the real world like they really exist where you see them, and you can impose other senses besides sight but i would recommend Q2s Guide for a Huggable Tulpa for the other 4 senses. The guide to imposition and hallucinating An introduction from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Closed-eye_hallucination While not exactly what this guide does it does provide an idea of the step by step process used in these guides including the one linked above Anchoring may be useful for this and other methods but i will just mention it here, the idea is to store a state of mind or your emotions in an action of sorts, for example if i touch my index finger(s) and thumb or make a certain hand sign or whatever you like whenever im happy, over time you can do the same motion to summon the state of mind or emotion. It wont be dramatically affecting your progress nor sudden or fast to affect your state of mind and emotional feeling, but over time it can help because it serves as a light save and load option for longer term practicing. It can be applied to imposition as whenever you practice imposition, you can anchor the feeling of imposing and the state of mind that you are using to reuse later when you want. Step 1: Optional Meditating and Relaxing. Its not needed but it has been said that it helps. Sit quietly and comfortably. Close your eyes. Start by relaxing the muscles of your feet and work up your body relaxing muscles (a technique like Progressive Muscular Relaxation can be useful for this). Focus your attention on your breathing. Breathe in deeply and then let your breath out. Count your breaths, and say the number of the breath as you let it out (this gives you something to do with your mind, helping you to avoid distraction). http://www.mindtools.com/stress/RelaxationTechniques/Meditation.htm Step 2 Closed Eyed Hallucinations Why closed eyed? Why not just impose into your sight normally? Isnt it more indirect? Its easier to impose into something where you dont see the actual light because you already are depriving yourself of your actual sight. Something to remember is not to focus as much as what you really see which is black and to focus on the pixels mentioned in the Advanced Vision Control Guide. An analogy of how when youre thinking in a quiet room you dont think about your clock ticking so it wont register at all until you realize youre not thinking about it and you think about it because of this there by hearing it. If you can get into that state where you are only focused on your tulpa and not your surroundings do it, however that requires a guide worth of explanation by itself to explain in decent detail so i wont bother. Either way turn off your lights and close your eyes. It is better to impose other things first before you impose your tulpa because their shapes are simply easier. For me i try to impose swords from Fate/Stay Night but you can impose whatever if you want to practice even your tulpa. When you see the particles mentioned in the Advanced Vision Control Guide focus on those, keep them in your field of vision and focus on more and more of them. When you turn off your lights and let your eyes adjust from the light to the dark you should see the particles naturally, or distortions in your view which is basically the same thing except its shape is nicer and more organized. Try to gather a group of particle things in your view and then try to move them with your will, it actually works like that, imagine them move and they will somewhat move, not perfectly at all, but to some extent you should be able to control it, even a little, and over time you might be able to get better at controlling it. For us the particles which are bends now are often white so when i impose mine i will often see a black and white version of what i wanted. Colors can be applied later or if you want try to change the color of the bends into basic colors and then after you can see the form add shading or just skip it and do it with colors first off. Then you can try to do open eyed. Step 3: Open Eyed Distortions This is extremely hard to do successfully which i can say confidently because we havnt gotten this step down well yet. We can see Open eyed hallucinations that are random but controlling them is hard for most or all tulpamancers including me. This should not be confused with floaters which look like theyre distortions. They are not, and should be avoided if possible, as i believe it means your eyes are either strained or below average in clarity, for example using glasses. I am not sure if that is accurate, but they are not part of the imposition of your tulpa (<:) If your lights, in any room is adjustable and can dim and lighten up slowly use it for this by starting with almost no light and increasing your light slowly after you get distortions at the level of light you have used last. The colors will still be unstable and will likely fade after seconds or fractions of one second for a lot of people which is normal. Remember that what you see if you are imposing your tulpa should be controlled by them so practice with servitors or stationary things so you can (parrot)move them without causing any harm to your tulpa. After you get the distortions, let your tulpa control them by himself or herself as they would normally move when you imagine them with you- and eventually it may eventually become more natural to you guys.~
  5. make your thoughts clearer and audible that should start it then just keep pushing them to flow but you can also just imagine it being pushed to the front of your mind to make them clearer its up for interpretation actually but they work in several different ways some of them use symbolism others dont- long story in a sentence just think of things. Simplified it gets your thoughts going and that lets people hear their tulpa better Most people i would imagine or assume dont hear their own thoughts if theyre not actively talking (thinking literally) to themselves The idea is to do that except different if you hear your own thoughts normally you probably will hear your tulpa easier because youre used to letting your ideas flow here and there so theyre more used to it Its hard to tell if you are or not because its hard to compare One could have a hard time by their low sleep or poor diet as well because it makes it harder to think so keep that in mind be healthy for your tulp :) sitting there in silence is unproductive to getting your tulpa vocal usually, its good to listen sure but just sitting there likely isnt going to help them get vocal quicker because most tulpamancers probably do something just like this just sitting there and not doing much. :)
  6. Never thought of combining this with hypnosis, but do tell if it works with it, it would be reasonable. Making a list might help since it takes a step out of thinking of topics, but generally thinking about your tulpa is preferred, and the idea is not to consciously make out what youre thinking, but to just know that youre thinking of something, and to feel the rush when you do, but yes keeping a list would probably smooth planning along so i guess i would recommend it if you would like to try listing them.
  7. What now? Point them out and ill correct it or clarify it for you
  8. Ill fix it but i didnt look the guide over in detail i just wrote it so people had the methods meaning grammatical things arent of great concern tbh But i appreciate your finding mistakes i suppose
  9. Vocality is something many tulpamancers that are starting to create their tulpa claim to have a struggle or five on. They get agitated with waiting possibly months or longer for their tulpa to speak to them, so i came up with this. To begin please Read Puria's guide (G+2s acc) on talking to deafs who are the hosts because the idea is very necessary for the guide. Vocalization is easier to obtain as I personally believe as you enter a certain state of mind (to hear your tulpa). I say this from my own experience, including both Hans becoming vocal within a very very short period of time. I have also tested this technique on others, one got his tulpa starting in 4 days, one heard whispers in one, one I misread and wanted to take more time with developing them before they made their tulpa vocal, so the technique works with results already. Also there is a pastebin for those who find it more convenient for any reason here. Some hosts can hear their tulpa faster because they are in the right state of mind and some will take months because they are in the wrong state of mind. If your tulpa got vocal early and you think its silly that people are having problems with vocality, please be considerate and remember not everyone's tulpa is vocal as early as yours was. *One visual that is similar to the techniques concepts and ideals is a tulpa radio that you must tune into the correct frequency. You must be on the correct wavelength to hear your tulpa or at least that will be assumed to be true for this guide. The tulpa guide for a speedier vocality Sentience is required Step 1: The state of mind A common misconception is to clear your mind to make your focus on your tulpa more clear. This guide does the opposite, fill your mind with thoughts. Get your thoughts going, think about your tulpa, think about how they move and how they would talk and how their voice is and how it sounds. Think about random things jump around. Confuse yourself scatter your thoughts and logic. Just think of things to think of yourself thinking about yourself thinking or however you want. Think of your tulpa and their face their form and the mouth. Focus on something preferably your tulpa. Just scatter thoughts in your mind is your goal. Get into a state where you know you're thinking but if possible you don't know what you're thinking about for most of the thoughts since they are random wandering or scattered. Most of us have experienced this already but haven't given any thought to it probably or hopefully at least. In the state where your mind is wandering with random thoughts, which is relatively easy to achieve if you try to get into it, you can try to hear your tulpa. After you get thoughts going push them towards the front of your mind. You should feel a pressure like a headache with no pain or nausea feelings almost like a super weak constriction. It likely wont do any harm to the body since its not even on the magnitude of a full really legit headache. If you want try to recreate the pressure directly by pushing the thoughts by themselves without thinking because that is good practice of entering the state. The state involves the thoughts floating around wandering and the pressure is the indicator that you have entered the correct state of mind. It can be reached without pressure meaning if you think you are fine to go to step 2 do it. For most new people however they will likely feel the pressure if they do it correctly. People who have done other things similar to tulpa like imaginary friends or different forms of focusing meditation type activities may not feel the pressure because they are more accustomed to the feeling. Headaches are also reported to happen in this stage so if you find yourself with a headache take a break and try again later when its past and its no problem. Step 2:Listen Your tulpa hearing level should have already increased. You should first remember their mindvoice should sound like your thoughts and how they feel more than a real persons voice until they are imposed. Think of "trees" to yourself, listen to how you said it and remember that is the same means your tulpa your tulpa can use to communicate, its not the only way to communicate naturally, but its a good way to view it, more so for beginning mancers here. They can use your thoughts to talk to you if they wish and it is a rather decent way to communicate. Have them focus the random thoughts and sounds you hear into their words. This is indirect vocality which can turned into true vocality with practice. If you wish for direct vocality have them repeat a phrase or say aaaaaaaa. Listen for their faint voice and focus on it to clear it. Make that stronger and focus on it until you can hear their voice clearly. This make take several days as the people that i tried this on took at least a while to get a whisper. You can also converse with your tulpa while doing this or narrate reading a book and wait for a response if you can hold step 1 actively because thats needed for this method to speed it up. Step 3: After he/she is talking After you hear his/her first few talks and phrases keep practicing until you can hear her every time you think about her and hear the voice well and clearly in your head. The time it takes to get voice down well probably takes about the same time as normally but it will probably be sped up. After you do this for a while it should become natural to talk to your tulpa as you should expect. Just as natural as talking to a person after you wane yourself off the method. After shes vocal with the method stop using the method and let her speak by herself as you would expect with the normal method of vocality. You wont have to go through the process every time i assume. Once you learn the feeling of your tulpa talking to you it should be much easier to hear her talk. You can enter the state of mind directly and sooner or later you will find the method of thinking about her is not needed to hear her once you grow used to her talking. That is it after she is talking. Best of luck getting vocal and tuff tulpas Guide is still in its first few stages and feedback on what you discover to be useful or not useful would naturally be appreciated for the guide Edit: Fixed formatting/wall of text issue ~Chupi
  10. It actually might feel alien for you but your tulpa should move the body naturally (now that i think about it). Just something to look for if the methods are what i think they are.
  11. Its not really a personality swap, shes taking your place and youre becoming a tulpa. Remain yourselves throughout the entire process, keeping the positions switched is the idea Now THAT is a misread, i thought you said you said you did do that, not once you do that you will do something, but yeah see if you can get some answers from Sands, see if you can get a good method to switch for your situation.
  12. Mmmm, thats a good start, very good indeed. If youre looking for my advice on it, try to keep trying to do it until you can enter your temp body very easily without desensitizing, just by entering consciousnesses. I found a good way to phase it as well, push your tulpas voice to the front, and your voice in front into the temp body, that will probably assist in entering the body, along with desensitization. You do sound like youre almost there though, i believe once your form is separate from your body and stable enough to relax as you said, your switch will be completed for that session. Remember though to unswitch and keep it in 10 minute bursts until you can handle a longer session/round/forcing/practicing of switch l
  13. Again, its the hardest part of the guide to explain, besides jumping consciousnesses into the body, you can try hiding your senses and trying to sense what the temp body feels. Remember that the irl body should only think what the tulpa feels, and shouldnt feel what the temp body feels. Try to get to that result, use different methods to try to get to there. Also i answer it with straight forward answers because even if it isnt the answer youre looking for its better to have a straight forward answer than not to have one. Its the finishing step to the switching process so it is vital however keep experimenting with different methods. If any readers have a method that they feel works dont hesitate to share with the readers here See above for answers to this, your irl body should not see what your temp body sees. Your irl body should only see your temp body as a tulpa and the irl body should not know what youre thinking very clearly. You are slightly repressing yourself, but not as much trying to repress yourself so that the tulpa can take over, although it can work. Not really. Keep doing that, and remember to trust your tulpa completely and let go of your control. Dont think with your irl body just rest and let your tulpa take over as the dominant mindvoice. I will also add to just go along with it like you would when you use a hypno, have confidence that it will work while you do it and see if you get results. The moving the position of the voice is symbolism now that i think about it but its not bad at all. The result is not symbolism, if you have access to the thoughts then you have access to the body. Think about any computer that you replace the Operating System on, the computer will operate differently depending on which one you are using at any time. Try that. Indeed, although the definitions for switching vary as Sands says. I think the step is enough for the dominance and personality switching. Its main use so far is switching, for us at least, even though it might have other uses- not worth making a separate guide for. Frankly im not sure besides with questioning like this how i would explain it more, because so far whats in the guide is all ive found as working methods, so explaining it further is hard thats why
  14. I will again view the mindvoice switch as not a form of symbolism, but i will go with it because the fact that it works for quite a lot of tulpa hasnt changed with your words. As for Makogeddon, weve had a brief talk in the irc, however not much was solved there as the issue lies in how to separate the body if i understood him correctly. Im still trying to think of a better method that works for more people. Ive tried to answer the questions that he posted though, at least as clearly as i could, but i heard he was trying sensory deprivation as well, so ill go with that for now, perhaps until theres been results with that. Back to what you said however, the people that overlook symbolism are the ones that have less resources, youre not included because you can already switch, but theres not much reason to call symbolism as ineffective without trying it, also because it works for a lot of the people that have tried it so it might work for you, again not you Sands but the people who dont give symbolism a chance (if you call it symbolism Sands)