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    Hello, I'm Ashikael! I like to sit on cliffs and think about things. I also like music. If you like thinking and music then I probably like you, too.
  1. This makes me very happy! My tulpa were created when I was younger. I had them around for a few years when my life was in a bad place, and once things started getting better, I stopped paying attention to them. We had something similar to your memory house called a privacy house, where memories get stored and they could share in those memories in privacy without the need for me to be around. They each had their own room that was almost like a wonderland in itself. When I found out about tulpas and decided to try to bring them back, I read all these bad things about them dissipating and fadi
  2. We were hanging out in the wonderland, and I decided to bring up the topic of politics. I had assumptions to what their political leanings were, but I wound up surprised instead. Afiel, the guy who tells me God is a fanatical tyrant and is happy when I go out to support the LGBT community, told me that he was a conservative Republican. Jenny, who is incredibly devoted to traditional Christianity and cried when the pope died, said she was a liberal Democrat. I guess that isn't TOO weird, but it really weirded me out since I assumed their political leanings were the exact opposites. (On
  3. I don't usually talk to my guys out loud. Mental speak is so much quicker and more accurate. Though more than once I'll be talking to my fiance, and when I'm not looking (and therefore can't see his mouth moving) one of my guys will mimic his voice to ask me a question. Then when I reply, he gets confused, and I get confused, and the tulpas laugh. I still can't figure out which tulpa is doing it though, because nobody confesses or points out the culprit. I'm sure it's their way of "trolling" me.
  4. - You'd recognize it as "That one song from that one commercial!" but we always listen to it in the car and it never fails to cheer someone up ;)
  5. I've always considered the two communities very similar. The multiple community is actually where I started out at, but that was around ten years ago and their community was much more active then. Now it's dwindled down quite a bit; the most active forum I can find gets about one new topic every other week. I would say the biggest differences between multiples and tulpamancers, besides intent, would be multiples place no focus on imposition and a lot of focus on possession/switching and inner worlds, and also it is more rare to see a multiple with only one or two "headmates" and more common
  6. I'd love to meet another tulpamancer someday. I don't mind meeting up with one or two people, unfortunately I'm in the middle of nowhere Alabama, and I doubt there are any near here.
  7. They've been around since I was a lil' preteen, so I'd imagine they wouldn't go anywhere in the far future. I'm sure they'll just sit in my mind and be my peanut gallery, mst3king my life like they usually do. I'm surprised at how many people wouldn't tell their husbands/wives about their tulpa if they ever got married. I think once you're actually in that position, you'll feel different, and be happy to tell them these things :) My fiance and I are getting married within the next year, and he's fine with it. Jenny is pretty attached to him and thinks of him as a parental figure. When th
  8. Well, Jenny doesn't tend to talk too much about past stuff. She doesn't seem to care much about anything that happened pre-Jenny. She's a very "living in the present" kind of girl. Afiel is very tolerant and nonjudgmental about pretty much everything. He shocks me with how open he is sometimes. You could tell him that you eat live roaches every day at noon while fantasizing about the Down's-afflicted neighbour engaging in bestiality, and he'll just say something like "Good. It is not healthy to suppress your fantasies; you may break and physically act upon them. But please kill those roache
  9. I can tell their voices apart; one is a small girl's voice and one is an adult male's voice. The mental communications (where they seem to just be throwing thoughts at me with no audible vocality) can be a bit hard to discern between the two if I'm not actively concentrating on them. For instance, when I'm grocery shopping and I'm focusing my mind on reading the label when suddenly I get the thought "I really like that food." from the peanut gallery, I won't know who it came from so I do have to ask. However, if I'm concentrating on them when they send me mental thoughts, I can sort of feel
  10. I have two now, but when I was younger I had really bad social anxiety and spent most of my time isolated, and I had eight. I had a hard time keeping up with them all and some of them started acting depressed and/or very angry. I would like a few more, but I'd never go for eight again. I just don't have the mental concentration for that, I guess.
  11. Haha I love this thread; everyone's stories are hilarious! My tulpa don't troll very often, at least not Afiel. He's all srs bsns. Jenny likes to mess with me sometimes. Mostly it involves moving things around in the wonderland to confuse me. Once she imposed herself as a grey alien not realizing it would scare me as badly as it did. She was all sad and guilty about it for weeks afterwards.
  12. What, no brother/sister? D'aaw. I consider Jenny to be like a little sister to me. Afiel is like a close friend and mentor.
  13. I have the memory anomalies, tinnitus, head pressure, and paraesthesia. Not all at the same time though, it varies depending on length and overall mood.
  14. This would be a great way to hone your visualization techniques. My tulpae are so peaceful and anti-violence though, I don't think trying to engage either in a fight would end well. Me: Hey Jenjen, wanna fight? Like, not really fighting, just a funfight. Jenny: Okay! :D I summon Harpy Lady in attack mode! And set one trap card face down! Me: ...yeah, that sort of thing's not gonna happen. Me: Hey Afiel, wanna fight? Like, not really fighting, just a funfight. Afiel: Sit with me. I'll tell you about the great battle between Satan's forces and the Heavenly Host. Me: ....naaaah, that's
  15. I don't really care either way. I just know lots of tulpa here seem to be of various unnatural colours and such, so I assumed saying "black tulpa" would bring up an image of an actual black tulpa, like a shadow being or something. Same with white tulpa. It was more for descriptive purposes to show her outward appearance. My tulpae are a part of me, so I don't really see them as having any ethnicity too separate from my own.
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