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  1. I'm INFP, and my tulpa is ISFJ. I love Myers Briggs this thread is really great.
  2. there are dozens of threads about why bronies make tulpas. just a simple search will give you some answers you're looking for. your visualizations won't affect your tulpa as long as your aren't forcing her to fight or anything. in the beginning, my tulpa would join in on my daydreams so she could spend time with me and we had something to enjoy together. let it be a fun time.
  3. you shouldn't ever tell your parents about your tulpa. but since you already have, just pretend like you don't have him anymore and it was just a phase or something and you're over it. things can get really tedious when you decide to tell people about your tulpa. make sure they'll accept the idea way before you tell them you're a tulpamancer yourself, meaning introduce the idea to them and watch carefully at their reaction. Obviously if it's them thinking it's demons or a mental illness, or even if they're apathetic, then don't tell them. If they seem intrigued, go for it. if you want to explain why it's not a mental illness, it's quite easy if they're willing to listen. I mean, no one can force themselves to have a mental illness. That would require you to rearrange the chemical make up of your brain. Anyone can make a tulpa, but no one can give themselves schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder etc. Tulpas are made through hard work and focus, while mental illnesses come from traumatizing life events or a disability.
  4. Tulpas can make some of the greatest, most understanding companions. If you need a friend, I say make a tulpa. However, please don't expect them to fill up a hole in your life left by someone else. That would put a lot of mental pressure on them. They probably wont be able to make all your problems go away, but they'll listen to you and help with your anxiety. I'm very sorry to hear about your struggles, but i'm glad you're considering making a tulpa to help! best of luck
  5. many people with various types of autism have successfully created a fully functional and sentient tulpa with no notable obstacles. as for therapy, i dont have an answer for you. sorry :/
  6. It's certainly not unusual for tulpas to communicate via dreams, but if you aren't sure if she's sentient it'll be hard to tell if it's really her or if it's you just dreaming. Since you asked her if it was her, and she replied that it was, I'd say there's a good chance she had something to do with it.
  7. Granted. He becomes a feminist. I wish the weather would stay consistent where we live
  8. I assumed that my characters would answer everything in full sentences, from the beginning. When I didn't hear an answer, I would just make one up. Do you think that's wrong?- Making up answers for a tulpa is called paroting, and by the older tulpa creation guide's standards, this is the wrong way to go about doing things. However, these guides are outdated and many tulpamancers parot their tulpas occasionally to help them to speak. It was a very helpful method for Yuki and I, but I do NOT recommend paroting everyday. Narration is the key. do you think I should concentrate on fewer characters, in order to be more consistent?- it is extremely difficult to make ONE tulpa, nevermind 7+ at once. However, many people have been able to pull off making two at once. I say you should focus on one or two at a time, and once you feel they are sentient, start working on one or two more. This is going to take a LOT of dedication but it seems obvious that you love these characters of yours so go for it! Do you know of practicable methods to do forcing (narration) with many tuppers at once?- I don't think there are specific methods for forcing more than one at once. Two is probably the maximum if you want to see results, and it wouldn't be any different from narrating to just one. It'll be like talking to two friends who are listening. As long as you believe they both can hear/ understand you. Is there some sort of guide to compare the different ways people come to tulpaforcing?- no, but I saw this discussion thread a while back: I hope I could shed some light on your concerns!
  9. We love eating together, reading, laughing, playful wrestling, dress up, and roller skating! Basically what normal friends do together
  10. There have been so many happy moments... but my favorite are the quiet nights, staying up for hours reading and talking with each other. or when she looked at me and said, "lets go on an adventure!" when we were faced with a challenge in my life.
  11. this is before imposition: when you first start talking to them, its mostly in your head (unless you choose to talk out load). they have a different mind voice than you so it'll be like someone else is thinking inside your brain with you in conversation. at first, before they learn HOW to speak, their voice might sound muffled, distant, and/or you can't understand them at all. some have reported that they communicate with "clicks", though i did not personally experience this. i remember that there was a feeling of crowdedness at first, not a bad thing, just different with someone else talking to me. again, this is seeing them before imposition, but when you see them (which usually comes before speaking) it's as if you're imagining something is next to you without trying to imagine it. It's your brain projecting the tulpa without you doing it on purpose. For example, lets say your sitting at a table and imagine the tulpa is sitting next to you. It's like that, only you aren't trying. They're just THERE. hope i was good at describing it, though my experience is sure to be different from yours or anyone else's
  12. this has happened to us many times and as you said it just takes time. have you tried asking her if she just needs some space?or if it's that you aren't paying enough attention to her? it's important to ask her questions so you know how to fix the problem. If shes so far that you can't hear her, than forcing is def. your best option. my tulpa once got "sick" from lack of attention when there was a period where I was super busy. Maybe she just needs some energy and effort from you
  13. i noticed that too. one of my good friends, who also has a tulpa, has the INTJ personality type. i told him about this survey. I wonder why this is?
  14. I'm seeing a pattern of tulpas being afraid of losing their hosts. I failed to mention before that Yuki is indeed afraid of losing me. That i'll get bored and leave her, which of course would never happen. interesting, i was not expecting other tulpas to feel the same way