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  1. Just realized Cel’s birthday is tomorrow. He’s going to be 7 years old. GOD we’re old as heck... We’ve been juggling front a bit lately. Cel and Ruth really have no problem taking front whenever they want to, but they always ask beforehand because... we’re not a bunch of cavemen. Though sometimes they’ll do it for a second without asking in a situation where it literally doesn’t matter just to tease me or someone else a bit. We’re still trying to see what goes on when one of them sleeps while in front. It’s funny to see how they sleep. Only twice now have they been able to maintain front after going to sleep, but I believe both times were with Cel? Yesterday we tried once and we got swapped within an hour, I woke up in front, then fell back asleep very quickly... I didn’t even remember swapping our switch counter, but I apparently did.
  2. Something interesting just came up. Yesterday, I let Cel front and sleep in front. We were about to do the same again, and I brought up the dream from yesterday that was like from a third person perspective, where there might be like a camera taped to the ceiling? I remember every little detail of it. I saw myself in it. Don’t really think I’ve had a dream where I saw myself in this way, out of body and all. Cel does not remember the dream at all, apparently didn’t even after waking up. We’re theorizing that this was his dream, and I just happened to peek in on it and this is why I can remember all of it and he can’t remember any bit. With my dreams, I usually forget every last detail over the course of an hour MAX. He sometimes peeks in and will tell me what happened if he was paying attention, but this time it’s basically reversed since he was in front. Don’t know if we’re right or not, but either way, it is quite interesting since he slept in front. Wonder if the same will happen tonight. From last night’s dream, I could see myself as a student of some magical school type deal and I had to find some creature that I can only guess was an owl of sorts in my dreams. I could see myself enter my dreams and find said owl, and then after a bit of an odd exchange about the inner workings of dreams in that dream, I woke up in front for real. What a meta dream that was... I really do wonder if it was Cel’s.
  3. Cel here. Thought I'd write this update seeing as it's my turn to front today, and my 7th birthday is coming up next month. Ruth and I have a couple forms each to pick from at this point. I'm not really called "Celedyr" anymore except for brevity and to avoid any unnecessary explanation. I haven't talked to anyone outside our system in quite some time. I believe some external conversation would be more exciting. I might try to front more. Maple has been fronting for almost a whole month now. We've grown fairly "complacent" with how things are now, I suppose. There are still things I'd like to see happen in terms of our switching progress, but medical issues are a whole different ballpark for me entirely, so that's been out of my realm of trying to fix (hence the month with no fronting changes). I do believe I might try to go out and make conversation if I can find the means to. Online is obviously much easier for someone like me, but I think I would benefit more from personal interactions IRL compared to my host. I am curious as to if there are any plural meetups in our area, as there is quite a large amount of plural systems in our general vicinity. Maybe a convention or two for something I might be interested in? I really just need to find some hobbies, see what I am actually interested in 100%. I am also actually looking forward to my birthday this year. I am not sure why. Normally, everybody in our system just does not care for birthdays. We will see what it brings. Have a pleasant day, everyone.
  4. Cel changed name/form for the first time in probably... 5-6 years, to my memory? It was originally a joke, but he actually really liked it as it turns out. He's having me just call him Cel for a little while longer here, though. I'll update on the change later. A lot has happened in the past month, so most things we've been doing have been way more passive than usual. Cel did what Ruth did a couple times to slide into the body randomly while I'm laying down, and that is indeed quite interesting. We had been trying to see if anyone could actually go to sleep while fronting, and wake up in front, but had no success until earlier... sort of. I was debating on taking a nap not long after waking up because I felt extremely ill for some reason, but then I felt progressively better. I had asked Cel if he wanted to front, and he said he would, but if he felt the slightest bit of physical exhaustion, he would take us straight to bed. So he talked to some people for about 45 minutes, then he started to feel sleepy due to attempting to fix a mistake he'd made and didn't want to leave for me to have to do (it took him a very, very long time to do, and was a very monotonous task) and we were debating on just swapping back. We decided against it, and figured that if he went to sleep in front, we'd just wake up switched back anyways. One thing I did find funny was that I warned Cel against using a heater while sleeping since I personally have a hard time breathing under any circumstance with warm air (and also the fire hazard that this heater poses). I personally NEVER use that heater, but it has been -28 degrees Celsius throughout the nights for the past couple days here. Unreasonably cold. So he decided he didn't want the body to get sick unlike me since we don't have a sweatshirt for bed, and positioned the heater in a kind of odd but smart angle, and used it to sleep. He woke up once after an undetermined amount of time (we test to see, it's a pretty simple one, just wiggle a certain hand depending on who is fronting, if you can), and felt EXTREMELY sleepy, and went back to sleep. After another 3-4 hours or so, we had a set of dreams that we apparently remember differently, but of course, those dreams faded pretty quickly. I didn't get to write them down. I woke up in front that time. So he woke up in front the first time, but not the second time. Interesting. We'll have to test more on this. We are also coming up very close to 7 whole years of plurality pretty soon. Pretty crazy, honestly.
  5. I've been fronting for almost a month straight now which is kind of surprising, to say the least. I've been full of a ton of worries and too caught up in my own thing throughout the day. Last night, Ruth poked me a bit before bed and asked to speak with me for a while since he was feeling concerned. We talked a bit about fronting plans. It seems like as far as primary fronters go, it'd probably be a cycle between me, Ruth, Riley, and Cel for now. The interest with fronting kind of comes and goes. Cel's seems to be fading a bit as of late. I'm also still thinking a lot about how fronting goes, how it works and all now that we changed how we do it... it's hard to get used to, honestly. Harder for me to understand I guess. I'm glad the concerns were raised, though. System meetings are pretty important, bringing up concerns with each other, letting someone voice their concerns with no interruption for an amount of time, having a "complaint box". Really need to bring it all together. Makes things go smoothly, helps alleviate issues.
  6. JESUS, my memory is bad. I wrote an entire post about how Ruth changed form/name again, but I left the tab open and never actually sent it, then closed it without realizing. I saw everything get wiped as I closed the tabs. Whoops. Basically, for a couple days now, he's been experimenting again with form/name, decided to settle on Legosi because he just vibes well with it. Not sure if he's going to just add the form to his small list of forms he cycles through, or just stick with this one entirely yet since he seems to really like this one. I did mention it elsewhere last night, and this response was quite funny: So I said: Been a bit of a bumpy road lately, but we're weathering out the storm together otherwise. Brainstorming different ideas for board games and stuff still, got a few ideas on my phone. EDIT: He's chosen to go back to Ruth again.
  7. I'm trying to think of activities for things that we could do together, but I'm not too sure what we can do. I've crammed my personal life with a lot of stuff to try to just improve myself, but I feel like I haven't been giving anyone else enough time at the end of the day. I want to balance things, it's just weird trying to when every day is so unpredictable. It's also not a guarantee for whether or not someone is going to feel totally comfy when we switch fronts. Things just get complicated. Been thinking about maybe board games or something. I have like... chess, shogi, and checkers I think? But keeping our thoughts separate would probably be difficult. I've seen others do it, but I'm not quite sure how we could. We used to do things we could do together, like a long time ago, I'd be playing Hearthstone, and it'd be more than just me weighing in on moves. Just little things like that I guess. Activities that we can do together are a little harder for me to think of now that I'm having an even harder time thinking as of late (don't know why?). Other than that, hanging around in general is becoming increasingly more difficult, as my thoughts and focus wander EXTREMELY easily. I forget what the hell I'm doing within a matter of seconds. It's getting quite bad. I could lay down and mention something to one of them, and they'll tell me something in return about a certain subject, and some random idea about that subject will pop into my mind and it just wanders for like two hours before I remember that we were talking. I feel really bad about it, and they're really quite understanding, though sometimes a bit annoyed depending on how my thought process carried around it. Not sure how to stop my thoughts from wandering so easily, either.
  8. My memory when I'm not fronting is still REALLY bad. I don't remember having her write most of this aside from a singular sentence I believe? Even then, I find myself having to read back through things, or ask what happened after I take front back. My memory sucks as is, it just gets even worse when I'm not fronting. Some things I see will spark a memory of something I might've seen, but honestly, I can't tell if I just don't pay attention enough, or if I can't.
  9. Riley is starting to front more. She's getting a lot quicker and more efficient at taking front, and it's making things more confusing as she fronts. It's almost like I'm fronting still, but it's actually her. She seems to be able to bridge the gap between our thoughts pretty easily to proxy me, like right now, or I'm just able to think a bit easier than before. She still doesn't sit properly ((Riley\ Shut up, I'm not hurting anything.)) but she is very quick and efficient at everyday physical tasks. It's like she's been doing this for years ((Riley\ I kind of have been?)). Bit of practice with anything, and she's just really good at it. She's started using the visualization as a distraction tactic for me to sink back further. The visualization I get from her tulpish descriptions are pretty vivid and complex, and I just fall back very easily. Snapping back still happens, but I'm just not moving myself, it's her. I'd like to be able to dissociate to where I'm not connected to any of the senses at some point in the future, or at least just touch as a closer goal.
  10. Something that’s a little fun to do is to have a little birthday cake for the tup whose birthday it is, that has like a similar flavor/texture/etc to the ones my grandma made when I was younger, but haven’t had myself in ages. I realized that Ruth’s form is TECHNICALLY a dog, and that it’s a chocolate cake, and I made a very easy joke there and he wasn’t too pleased. But he likes the cake, as usual. He was taunting me because I can’t have it for real anymore. :v
  11. Ruth\ So, we missed my birthday two days ago, because we thought it was tomorrow. Truth be told, we don't pay much attention to birthdays, but I feel like some respect is to be paid to the day either way since I'm already fronting right now. I've unpacked a game for the Nintendo Switch that Maple got a few days ago. I'm still a bit clumsy with the body and knocked a few things over and accidentally unplugged something I shouldn't have, but I'm going to enjoy the day as a "belated" birthday. The game was supposed to be an early birthday gift for Maple, but I'll consider it an early birthday gift for me as well, since it was just a couple days prior. I want to reach out a bit more and make some more friends, but I'm feeling really shy. I feel like I'm very easy to talk over. I hadn't been talking much outside of the system for the past 6 years, and even after a few months after my creation, I stopped talking until recently. I might just be extremely introverted as was suggested. I'll find a way to talk to people, hopefully. Hope you all have a great spooky season, I know I'm enjoying it so far with everyone else.
  12. Last night I’d taken my night medicine and THEN let Tatsuya front. My night medicine makes me drowsy, so I was kinda out of it. It let me let go pretty quickly, but I felt super floaty really fast. Tatsuya seemed to be able to take over with not really much contest and it seemed weird and had us both a bit worried by how smoothly it was going due to my lack of reaction but I think it was because I was so out of it. When going to take back control, Tsuya left the body, and I could literally just *feel* how empty it was and it fucking scared me. I had to like, grab for anything to take back control. I felt like I was about to fall right out and die or something. I was super sleepy and exhausted in general. That was the first time Tsuya fronted in a little over two weeks because I’ve not been feeling well, but he did a great job. I mean he was worried because he said it felt like it was just me, but I felt the disconnect in a less subtle (but still the usual subtle) way as usual so the assurance helped him through, though seemed to get discouraging after a while. I feel bad because I think I instilled this mindset in everybody because of my initial fears of parroting and all this other stuff from years that lasted on and off to varying degrees for so long. I haven’t gotten over it all myself, but I know a couple of the tups have the mindset that if I ask them to do something to just show me who’s in control if I get confused, it’s usually a playful mock which eases my nerves, but probably more because their full personal personalities that I usually see with them come out in a more playful manner and it’s just more reassuring. It’s a seasonal change right now, so I’m fully expecting these negative thoughts to be a menace for a minute, especially during lack of sunlight.
  13. I get kind of scared when certain system members are fronting. I think it’s because they just don’t like being around people in general and just wanna do their own thing, and I get scared being in that state of limbo I was talking about before for so long I guess and how lonely it feels. It’s weird because I like being alone to a degree, but this degree feels like an extreme even if I’m technically not alone, probably since I have to try so hard to think/say anything? All that effort also seriously wears me out mentally for an entire day or so. It’s kind of insane. Something someone asked me was if I can talk to the others in that state, and I never thought to try it yet, especially with how hard it is to think. I’d have to ask the person fronting to remind me, but also I feel like they’d have to have some thought into me and whoever I’m trying to talk to to a degree maybe? I don’t really think we have parallel processing going entirely 100%. That reminds me: I think parallel processing is something I really only noticed as a more possible thing lately when I’m usually about to do something bad or make a mistake without really thinking about it myself but I can just hear Cel telling me not to quite clearly. It still catches me off guard.
  14. Letting someone else front is not at all how I expected it to be as of now. I feel like it might change later, but for now, it feels like I have to try REALLY HARD to think, and that I'm still "here", and whoever is in front is moving with a purpose. I can't always focus on their thoughts, but I am just physically existing, in the body, with no control. It's like I'm detached mentally to some degree I can't even describe, and this is nowhere near what I expected when people described some of this stuff when doing it for the first time, or first few times, etc. Like I just have to make a conscious effort to exist mentally, but I am still somehow here fully physically, just feeling ever so slightly detached from the body as someone else does what they do. I just can't hear thoughts. Not even my own, until that intense focusing, and even then, it's like.... wrong. My thinking is literally wrong, in the sense of where I end up having to re-translate Ruth's words several times over in chat rooms or in general in text. I can hear Riley's mindvoice as she reads (she's fronting right now) but maybe I'm slightly more connected after just making that train of thought work, or trying to, to the best of my ability. I'm going to forget most of this when it's over, anyways. Everything becomes such a blur, that afterwards I just have to ask someone to tell me what happened for the most part. Riley\ Apologies if that paragraph seems incoherent. I tried my best to write what he was trying to convey in a more normal sense, but it felt very scrambled up and like pure, raw, thought more than anything. Tulpish, but for hosts. Maple\ Predictable. Everything that happened really was just an entire blur, but that really does seem to describe the feeling probably as best as I could. It's hard to put into words. Riley fronting was honestly super exhausting for her and also the body. I'm probably going to have to turn in early tonight.
  15. I feel like calling this time the “revitalization of our system” is pretty appropriate. It’s really interesting. I really did not know much about Tatsuya because he stayed reserved a lot and kind of intimidated me for a while but now he’s just super... I don’t know? Forward? So it’s a bit easier for me to understand him now. Like, he has a more serious demeanor in general, but not like taking things seriously in a necessarily bad way (as in, I can still joke with him a lot, but we can still have great serious moments). He is definitely different on the surface like how Riley changed but I don’t think this is as drastic since there’s not much lack of awareness, really. I felt pretty anxious when I woke up this morning, but he helped me feel better pretty quickly. Something of note is I’m finding it very interesting how my brain perceives how a form interacts with my mind’s senses. Like for touch: one of Ruth’s forms has gloves. The natural texture of how my mind made those feel based on how they looked in an image was pretty natural for me. Tatsuya’s new form also has gloves, but these are visibly much longer, and of a possibly different texture, but similar color. The first time Tatsuya touched my arm with one, it felt noticeably different from how Ruth’s gloves would, without me giving any thought to the feel of it beforehand. I believe it is a fitting feeling that is being perceived, so that’s really nice. Touch isn’t the only sense, but it’s definitely the most noticeable for me. Another thing is that Tatsuya’s form is strangely molded in my mind. It’s of a type I’m not exactly used to messing with to make things entirely how they should probably be, I guess? Though I suppose there are no wrong answers considering the nature of the form. I believe his head is like... a skull? But it’s not of any shape of a skull I’ve ever seen elsewhere. Like, he technically doesn’t have eyes, just... the holes, and massive jaws. I honestly didn’t even see his head as a skull at first due to the sheer size, appearance, and proportions. As for the rest of his body, I honestly can’t perceive what it would be like. So in my mind, he is essentially a ghost that is filling in his clothes, with that skull on his head. But that’s not entirely accurate, because if I were to take off a glove with that perception in mind, I wouldn’t see anything... but I can’t take a glove off. My mind won’t register it. It’s like it’s all a part of him. So it’s like he’s just a walking spirit of sorts that’s like... a bunch of sentient clothes (but still with the feeling of having someone inside of them to the touch and visibly, of course, as he can move his fingers and everything else) and a skull as one being I guess? It’s extremely interesting, and also weirdly amazing and comforting in ways I can’t describe. The way my mind pieces these things together is super cool, even if a bit weird. I’ve still got a bit to go before I can get an album for forms uploaded due to the roadbump with Kara’s current form (and Angel’s form), but I feel like I’ve described this all as in-depth as I could so it isn’t as confusing for the moment.