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  1. best creepypasta ive ever seen on nosleep:
  2. Wow, your imagination can really kinda screw up this test at very small pitch differences
  3. Very bad. Can't keep the image in my head for more than a couple seconds and this is probably going to make my tulpa become sentient only when I'm over 200 hours... at least it feels like that.
  4. Shut yo ass, it's obvious for everyone that you have Obsessive Parroting Disorder.
  5. What's really going to affect her is if you keep worrying about it
  6. There is, its a brazilian film called The Invisible Woman.
  7. Do you slightly believe that if this were really just trolling, anyone would tell you so?
  8. Oh god this gonna be good *grabs popcorn*
  9. Hueahueaehu tylur derphun Le tulpa xDDDD~~~~~Xd basinga
  10. Dunno, probably my pic avatar won't happen