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  1. My tulpa's last name is Dessy. I kept calling her Dessy for a couple weeks because I liked the name and she wasn't too bothered but I managed to get out of the habit several months ago and I just kept it as a last name (that I rarely ever think about) It's my username because I just needed a name to go by.
  2. A website called dreamviews has a section on tulpas and when I had read not even a sentence about them, I realized I had already created a tulpa.. and then I found a link here. :-)
  3. I'm Dessy and my tulpa is called Zealia, but you should probably call her Zee as she prefers it. I made her around July time before I knew what tulpas were, and have only recently(three weeks ago-ish) started to help her fluency and impose her. She maybe was a little like a servitor before, I made her for a specific purpose back then, but now she's just a companion. So, hi! :)
  4. In the dark, you can only see the white/reflective rim in my tulpa's pupils. When she moves to keep up with me, she turns in to a thick black smoke as opposed to teleporting or running.
  5. Zee wears a pair of greyish jeans that I own.. and a sweater that I saw on the internet once and I am considering buying. It's also grey and has a picture of a pig with wings on the front. Her shoes vary, I've seen her wear a pair of shoes, black with studs on that I own and trainers that I've not seen before. When it's cold, sometimes she wears a big, black/dark blue fabric coat. I don't think she cares much for clothes, so she rarely changes what she wears.