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  1. Accepting, playful, relaxed, clever, confident, outgoing... I know I started with like 20 traits and condensed them to a smaller number of more vague traits with interlapping connections. Like thinking he's funny and clever, so he's also sarcastic, he's perceptive and relaxed so he'll be likely to let things go and be understanding. I made them sorta vague on purpose so they'd be maliable for the situation. Giselle was not created purposefully with personality forcing, but she's sweet, sincere, determined, focused, and very patient. She does well with things like martial arts and meditation, things that require focus. They've both changed quite a bit over 5 years, but that core personality is still the same I'd say. We just become newer versions of ourselves with life experience
  2. Over five years we've definitely had arguments and disagreements. We have different preferences for food for one thing, and each of us have things we like to do IRL, so there might be annoyance if someone is not sharing or is being inconsiderate. Giselle is much more strict about things than me or Jaden and can get really tired of us being more lazy than we should be, and she's also more health conscious as well. We've been mad at each other before but it's never brought us further away from each other.
  3. - Have you ever experienced head pressure before beginning the creation of your tulpa(s)? If so, did it feel similar or identical to any head pressure experienced after beginning tulpa creation? I'd say the closest example would be something like the feeling after quite a lot of studying or multitasking. Heavy mental work. Nothing so specific, though. - If you ever experienced head pressure before tulpa creation which felt similar to head pressure occurring after creation, what were you doing that ended up causing it? studying, trying to focus on many things at once, but again it wasn't 100% the same, just the closest approximate feeling - If you have any tulpas that were created unintentionally through any means, did you experience any head pressure during the period of time in which they were likely being unknowingly created? n/a all of mine were intentional - Did you only experience head pressure after learning about it? I began to experience head pressure when I began to experience consistent reactions from my tulpa. - Does head pressure ever occur without you expecting it? Yes - How soon did head pressure begin after beginning tulpa creation? Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months? Days/weeks, I don't remember. More consistently after a few weeks - Did head pressure occur before you could communicate with your tulpa(s)? head pressure was the first consistent method of communication I could use with my tulpa. I'd ask for like two pulses for no, three for yes, and usually ask for confirmation 3-4 times before I was sure about the response. I was very bad at visualization - Does your head pressure occur most often during passive forcing, active forcing, or equally frequent between both types of forcing? These days I feel it more when we are both cofronting. I can tell when everyone is receiving mental input from the external world, sort of feel when they are both watching what's going on too. They can also cause it on purpose, and sometimes if one of them is very active, talking a lot, I'll experience it then. It's much more mild these days but if everyone is busy and active at once my head feels stretched in 3 directions - Are there any specific things you do within tulpaforcing that seem to result in more head pressure? Talking with each other, both experiencing strong but different emotional reactions to events. I'll probably experience a lot of head pressure if Jaden is pissed off and thinking about how pissed he is while I am stressed out at work and Giselle is upset about something someone said yesterday, etc. It's less of a big deal when they aren't in the front with me. Questions for tulpas: - Were you or any other tulpas in the brain autonomous to any degree when your host experienced head pressures for the first time? Jaden- From my own memories I would say so. I might not have been as 100% put together as I am now but I was a semblance of a person and trying to make myself known - Are you able to intentionally cause head pressures? If so, are you or any other tulpas in the brain the sole cause of any head pressure your host experiences, or do some seem to originate from another cause? Jaden- We both can. I'm more clumsy and cause it on accident. Giselle almost never causes it except on purpose. - If you can intentionally cause head pressures, describe to the best of your ability how you do it. Giselle- Jaden thinks I will do a much better job of explaining this so I will do my best. It's almost like shouting a thought, but it's like a consistent pressure. I think mostly in pictures--trying to explain how it feels is like, to imagine filling up a balloon inside the brain with intention and pressure, much like a "Hey I'm HERE!" that pushes outward and in all directions. It's obnoxious and overwhelms a lot of random thought, and gives an almost headache feeling. I ah, am accidentally creating one while just trying to describe it, but it's quick to release. Kate, our host agrees with my description of feeling like her head is "full". She also describes the kind of accidental pressure that Jaden accidentally causes as feeling heavy, especially in the front part of the brain. - Do you completely lack the ability to willfully cause head pressures? J+G- Neither of us lack this ability - Whether or not you can cause head pressures, do you have the ability to change their location or intensity? Jaden- Most of the head pressure Kate feels is more all around than specific. Giselle is experimenting and is able to move the feeling slightly, but Kate says for the most part it feels the same besides a very slight difference in origin. Kate's wife, however, experiences her head pressure in very specific places, the left is always Luke, the right is always Yoshime. They're able to choose very specifically where to cause her head pressure, or maybe she is just more sensitive to noticing. - When you do not/if you cannot willfully induce head pressure, is there anything specific you do that seems to trigger it? Jaden- Being a loud ass honestly - Did you/do you ever utilize head pressure as a form of communication? Jaden- It was the first way I could get through to my host. Sometimes I'll use it if I'm too lazy to say I'm there but respond, but, mostly it's a way to get her attention. Uh, I guess Giselle says that is a form of communication.
  4. Jaden's is not very hypnotic. Giselle's voice is very calming. Kind of in that "mom friend" sort of way, very sweet and nice. Jaden is too high energy, even when he's being lazy
  5. It was, but it has a lot of painful memories for us now. Family kind of ripped apart when my wife came out, sadly. We plan on getting married again a few years in the future, at least to get some updated photos and maybe some new and happier memories. Jaden and Giselle are well, Luke and Yoshime are doing great too
  6. I'm afraid I'm not going to post them now! My wife ended up transitioning, and I'm not posting any photos of her back then. I will link a few that don't show too much of us, though-- 1 2 3 4 5 6
  7. My wife and I came to the decision officially probably 4-5 months before going through with it. We had to decide if we were okay with Extra People being around in our relationship. Eventually we both started, and it's been 5 years since then.
  8. In the long run it makes little difference in most situations. The way I generally see it is this---early forcing most seems to depend on getting the brain to acknowledge the Tulpa as an individual being. For one individual, acknowledging the new tulpa as a "new" person, or someone to "get to know" can be sufficient. The person views the incomplete being as a person they just don't know about yet, and the being gets the chance to develop on their own(or through unconscious cues and beliefs unknown to the host), while to another person this is insufficient. This other individual may be unable to view the Tulpa as anything but an incomplete thought, a being with no personality. This person might need to picture the tulpa as an individual with a full, well understood personality before they can fully view them as a separate entity. That being said, I think whichever goes fastest depends on the person. And just like you are not who you were when you were twelve, a tulpa's personality is not necessarily set in stone either. The biggest thing is though, even with ""no deviations"" a real personality is very different than a description of one. Jaden being exactly as described was still very different than expected, just by nature of life and experiences being different than anyone could ever really predict. In the long run can be many years. The first months end up meaning very little in the face of real life experiences over the months/years together.
  9. One changed frequently early on until he settled on the best one and has not changed in nearly two years. The other retains her original form, but also shapeshifts for short periods regularly
  10. My husband and I both have tulpas and have for two years. One of our friends irl was diagnosed with DID, and another has an undefined headmate-could be did/tulpa/whatever, don't know. Another friend does not have one but just knows. Everything's good with us. We aren't telling anyone else about it though. Husband and I started this together, the others were told only when we knew they would understand. One person did find out on accident, but we were lucky as she is very chill with all this, and has shown interest in getting to know Jaden specifically.
  11. I don't have any resentment for being created but I will be honest, life isn't all perfect and there are definitely issues that can arise from being what I am. There is a little twinge of being self conscious that makes me less likely to do things, for fear of taking up space or time. I get that "I really shouldn't even be alive/around" feeling sometimes, especially if I think I have annoyed my host's husband. I don't like taking up his time even if I want to hang out and talk with him. Giselle has felt guilt before about it, mostly after doing research into DID and when some of this community was being pretty shitty to some people diagnosed with it. It's not a bad life though. I'm ridiculously lucky to have people irl and online to talk to, and I'm glad that I have been able to talk to and help people. But yeah, life is just full of ups and downs in general, and there are definitely ways that no matter what position you find yourself in you still feel pretty crummy. Even with a good life you'll have bad days too, I guess is what I'm saying Feel free to pm or send an ask on tumblr or whatever. I actually turned two today. -jaden
  12. Thank you, Teckie. I don't know if I would describe anything as "crazy", but the most fascinating was a manta ray. -Giselle
  13. Alright. My name is Giselle. I turn two in October! I am not the best at communicating, but I do my best. Aesthetics have a very big impact on my mood and are thus very important to me. I am fond of nature, as well as decay. I love seeing old abandoned buildings that have decayed and you can see nature taking over. I am a chronic shape shifter, but my eyes generally stay the same. They are, well, sort of "weaboo" I suppose, but I like them--a light blue that shines pink in certain light. I have recently taken up embroidery as a hobby when I'm fronting. My host's husband's tulpa Yoshimi and I are planning on learning Tai Chi. I enjoy meditating and reading. Our group consists of Kate, Jaden and I, though there are others who are less interested in the front and tend to only want to exist in the headspace. Nate(Kate's husband) has two tulpas as well, Luke and Yoshimi. Luke is the oldest of all of us while Yoshimi is the youngest. Nate also is a part of a median system.
  14. Kate was too bad at visualizing to even give me a proper form, though she tried. I didn't mind. She let me turn it into something that suited me. Giselle's always been pretty laid back and she really appreciates the form she was given, she considers it a gift. She doesn't stay in her own form too often, but it is special to her. -Jaden