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  1. Very cool! It's always nice to see new faces around these parts. It's nice to meet you and Agni, I hope to see more of you in the weeks to come. I'm Thewy, and my tulpa's named Erin. There's not much to say about us, just an average joe host/tulpa. (Well, me more than her.) We're always open if you ever want to chat, don't be afraid to hit us up, eh? Anyway, I'd be super stoked if you drew Erin as I have the artistic ability of a toddler. Her description is as follows: A girl around '5 7", dark brown eyes and black hair that goes to her mid/lower back. Wearing a white blouse with a black tie and black skirt that goes around mid thigh. I'll even make it easy and post the picture I based her form off of. Her hair and outfit is exactly like in the pic and general proportions. I'll be thrilled with absolutely anything you draw. Again, it's nice meeting you. And thank you very much ^^ Edit: Since I can't figure out how go attach stuff on mobile, here is the URL to the photo.
  2. I think this is a great idea, for those of us that are more social and organisd. Totally interested in further developments
  3. Welcome to! You're here forever. So I can't wait t'see further updates! ^^ Anyway, regarding your problems/questions. From my experience, your brain might not be used to the extra load of visualization and general creation and such, and it may be adjusting. Or it's entirely coincidental, stuff happens, y'know? I experienced sort of the same thing when I started, so you're not alone. And... Yeah, the whole lewd image thing happpens. A lot. More than I would admit. I think young tulpae are confused and send wrong signals a lot, that and to be honest, we're a tad perverted. No use denying it.What I do in these situations is focus and calm myself. Take a big breath, and ignore the hell out of them. Thats the only true way to assauge intrusive thoughts. And, of course, talking to your tupper always helps. I used to have a hard time forcing because everything would spin and flip out. Not pretty. But it goes away the more you force. So as long as you keep on keeping on, you'll be good. Starting out can be rough so if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM any time. I'd be happy to chat and help in any way.
  4. In my honest opinion, to agree with previous posters it MIGHT be possible, but doubtfully. In terms of creation, a tulpa is both the pot and potter to some extent, not one to be manipulated. But one of the problems wigh, in my opinion, with even making a tulpa from any form of media is that it really shoehorns your tulpa into a role. Into a part you made them play. It'd be like planting a tree but restricting the sapling into a small plastic box. Tulpa creation isn't voodoo magic. You don't think really hard and hope really hard and boom. It's a loving process, an intimate process between you and him/her. Not making what you want in the moment and not copying someone elses desire or idea/concept. From what I read in your post, you/your friend seem to not be taking this seriously, save for your concerned question. It seems like he/you are attempting to satisfy short term desires by making a long term "solution", which will bite you in the butt someday. And bite hard it will. Think, would you even want a shoehorned tulpa you made in your (I'm guessing) teenage years when you're in your mid thirties? I would guess not. I really wouldn't, and I'm not sure the tulpa would be happy either. All I'm saying is, do some more research. Take it seriously. Think long term in terms of decades and not years. I've seen way too many tulpae get abandoned by dumb teenagers who got bored of them, like they're just another toy. On the other hand, I also know from personal experience that if you're mature and serious, you can have a wonderful tulpa. No matter the age. (As long as the age is fifteen and above) Regardless, good luck in whatever you do. TL;DR Take stuff seriously, don't fit tuppers in a mold and look to the future before doing anything. Everyone changes and changes fast.
  5. Glad to see you're pushin' through Jimmy m'boy. Lord knows I've done some cringey friggin' stuff that I regret in the past, so I can sympathize with your situation. Anyway, keep on keeping on. And as always DON'T LOSE YOOUURR WAAAAYYY
  6. Isn't it rather ignorant to look at something from the outside, as an atheist or someone with conflicting views, and minimal information, and start throwing wild theories around at how it must work or happen, without care for people who hold those views and the impact it might have on those people? I personally think that the idea of religion just being a bunch of people with tulpas is downright ridiculous. Never minding how it's impossible for us to make the same exact tulpa and copy them, as tulpa's are living things. But the isea that millions and millions of Christians somehow made the exact tulpa for years and years is ludicrous and absurd. Besides. General consensus among the Christian community as a whole, bar a few churches or denominations, is that people who "Hear" God are either a deluding themselves a bit, off their rocker, or being "Led astray by the devil". That's not to say that MAYBE some Christians may fool themselves into a tulpa, such as OP's quotes from the book, but to say all of Christianity and religion is due to tulpas is downright ignorant and crazy. And this is one book, people. About a single church. One church doesn't represent the entirety of a religion
  7. I whole-heartedly agree, one of the things that pushed me away from tulpas for a time was reading posts made by thirteen year olds wanting to make their fursona. And then making it pregnant. And then being forced by their third cousin tulpa or some crap to have sex with their daughter to produce a farm of baby tulpas that're black dragons with nine penises and seven vaginas (Want an example of something similar that'll shake your faith in tulpas/hosts and simultaneously teach you a lesson? Look up Jimmy's PR). The thing that got me back on track was, well, realizing it was horny thirteen year olds wanting to make their fursona's and give it the D. AND of course realizing that not all tulpae are like that. Of course doing this sort of stuff will test your limits and boundaries. The wonderland and tulpas are such a cool concept that, if you're not prepared, can totally wreck you. If you let things just slide on the way they are and automatically attribute everything to your young tulpa, you WILL run the risk of attributing mere stray thoughts and actions to your tulpa (Inversely, denying everything will severely damage your tulpa as well. A healthy dose of skepticism I always say). And attributing stuff like sexual thoughts (Something young teenagers have in spades) and other little thoughts and emotions you'd have such as anger and sadness to your tulpa, you WILL have a problem on your hands. So kids, respect your tulpa as a person and not a (sex) toy, don't get too wrapped up, and take it slow. Also let up on the soda, that caffeine jacks you up.
  8. I just wrote a long, well composed post about neuroplasticity and the brain stem and grey matter as well as research (wikipedia). Then went back and read your post. I'm an idiot From a pure psychological point of view, you wouldn't be able to "impose" or imprint any sort of tulpa in anyone else. That's basically mind reading/altering, people. Lord knows I have a hard enough time making a tulpa in my own head let alone someone elses From a metaphysical point of view? Hell, anything can happen. It's friggin' magic. But seriously, if it was a person with an existing tulpa going into a coma, provided it was only light damage to gray matter (Part of the brain that's responsible for complex thinking and perceptions), your tulpa MIGHT be able to shift some stuff around with neuroplasticity enough to get your mind into working condition. But it'd kind be like when my dad jury-rigged the washing machine with clamps.
  9. Here's Erin, she doesn't have a wing though: Just dropping it off on the off chance you have some time to do her, You're a super cool dude for drawing all our mindpeeps. Don't feel obliged to do anything and take your time. And thanks for doin' this.
  10. I'm sure she's vocal. Like Procron said, if you didn't parrot then you didn't. If you think you did? You most likely didn't. And yeah, tulpae can definitely speak before moving. Everyone progresses differently. Congraturaisins on the vocality! I look forward to hearing more about her ^_^
  11. Hey guys! A few of my friends and I began the tulpa creation process recently, and while most of us are progressing at a normal pace, one of us stands out. This friend, Rhianna, did something I didn't think was even remotely possible. She got her tulpa, Jake, to basic sentience (i.e. waves of emotion and a minimal amount of communication) in about four days. Four. Days. Here is the chronology of events: Day 1 She created a very simple wonderland for Jake, drafted his personality, and forced it. When she forced his personality, his basic form– which was originally a ball of energy– deviated into a ragdoll. She describes this as a traumatizing event, finding this form very unsettling. Day 2 She worked on personality more and altered his form more to her liking. At this point Jake was clad in his underwear and refused to keep clothes on. Since Jake was moving around on his own, Rhianna decided that she was ready to let him through to her subconscious. When she did so, his form changed again– this time mostly facial features. Day 3 This day was mostly the same as the previous, except Jake was responding to questions and commands by nodding his head or raising a hand. At this point my main fear was that he was turning into a servitor, as everything seemed very rushed. I instructed Rhianna to perform a few tests on him; simple math questions such as 1+2=?. I also had her ask him to get something for her from a nearby store. He solved the problem correctly, but when he was asked to do a more difficult question, he refused. He also went and got an item from the store, but he denied any drastic requests. Day 4 Jake is vocal at this point, occasionally speaking a few words and responding more and more to Rhianna's questions. He has proven his ability to form opinions on people, nodding or shaking his head in response when asked what he thinks of a person. In addition to all of this, when Rhianna hasn't forced in the past few hours, he'll send her a wave of emotion (sadness). He also uses this form of communication in order to respond to questions. This is an unreal experience for me; it even seems borderline impossible. My questions for you all is this: How is it possible to create a tulpa as quickly as Rhianna did? Is this some sort of record tulpa making time? Is Jake really just an advanced servitor or hologram? Feel free to ask any questions you may have for either me or Rhianna.