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  1. Can you verify that isochronics cannot be put into a GB machine? They require far less than binaurals, and I found them in the sound wave of LT here.
  2. Muscimol from the amanita muscaria mushroom has been described as a dissociative. It's GABAergic, if that's helpful. The fly agaric mushroom (muscaria) is safe to eat, and it is really easy to find in the right area. IT's legal; you can even order it online. If you go hunting for it, it is virtually impossible to misidentify. It's the classic fairy-tale red mushroom that has the white spots on the cap. You know what I'm talking about? Yeah. The chemicals from the plant calea ternifolia (also legal) have yet to be identified as anything, so I'll just explain the effects to you. It is usually taken before bed for about a month to potentate dreams, but when taken while awake, calea produces some pretty awesome effects. I think it will help significantly with visualization and navigating the wonderland, but I am not sure if it will actually help dissociate the tulpa. Calea makes you feel heightened physical sensations, lethargy, and significant increase in vividness of daydreams. I've heard them described as hallucinations. Last I would say LSA. As long as you don't extract it, it is legal. It can be found in morning glory seeds, and it is a great alternative to LSD that's way milder. This seems the least likely to benefit the tulpaforcing process though.
  3. Nope. I prefer human conversation, because my tulpa always tries to reach into my innermost thoughts before I have a chance to actually say them.
  4. I don't think we'd be able to reproduce a pre-established tulpa consciousness to a robot, since their neurochemistry is probably so intertwined with ours. Also, a robot only uses electricity but lacks chemical neurotransmitters, so their function of consciousness would be drastically different. But I do think that robots can become sentient; just not with an already existing consciousness (i.e. transference). Perhaps they already are sentient? I personally think my computer crashed that game on purpose.
  5. I took some Cymbalta which is an SSRI because I wanted to test how it worked with tulpas. I was going to try switching, but the symptoms became immediately intoxicating. I couldn't sit still, but I couldn't move around. I was anxious, but also severely sedated. When I walked, I was dizzy, and I already had been having headaches. Then, I got tinnitus for a while. This lasted the entire day. It freaking sucks, guys. The meds aren't for me, but I can tell you that they made me depressed. I felt completely bound to my bed for the entire day. I still wish I had tried out switching though.
  6. I've always wanted to try this, but I don't have access to anti-psychotics. Please do post results. Also tell us what type you used (atypical, typical, serotonin, all that stuff).
  7. Dreamviews. It has a niche for tulpas.
  8. This is extremely well said. And wow, you have a lot of tulpas.
  9. Yeah, they're the same thing. Daemons, alter egos, DID, MPD, .... yeah. They're the same.
  10. You don't have to limit your tulpa to one pair of clothes. He can have a wardrobe or something...
  11. Jabre


    I'll would email you, but I have already started my tulpa and don't want to eschew the results. Sorry. Anyway, one suggestion: to prevent making duplicate tulpas when you bring him into waking life, just wake up after the LD and bring him into the wonderland before you even open your eyes.
  12. No, actually, I do this all the time. And they can write back through hand possession.
  13. Sorry for not responding sooner Tania, but I am helping my friend by telling him to make the NPCs into tulpas and then suppress them again. It's a long shot, but I think it will help in isolating the negative thoughts surrounding his wonderland.
  14. Yes, but according to Jung, when an unstable male relays his emotions ("letting out his repressed anima"), it challenges his masculinity and causes him to periodically outbreak a lot like bipolar, but less severe. The animus would act differently as he said. I originally thought that OP's "evil presence" might be just a fragmentation of the repressed anima, but since she is a girl, her anima isn't repressed, an she has an animus as you said. But still, it is unlikely OP's problem has anything to do with Jungian psychology, because I just brought it up since I thought OP was a guy for some reason. And, since she was abused, it most likely points to simply an unwanted extra tulpa.
  15. Interesting. Usually it takes time for tulpas to impose clearly, meaning that this is a hallucination. This mental entity was from the unconscious because of this, also meaning that it is growing in sentience and attempting to 'get out' so to speak. I went through something extremely similar to this. Again, something very alike has occurred to me and my tulpa. I believe that a persona that was previously unconscious has been brought up. If so, then it would be another tulpa. That is very strange: usually, those that dissociate various egos (which is what a tulpa and DID is) black out during their undertaking, and the ego cannot be superimposed like tulpas. Tulpas are intentional dissociation, which allows more effects (for reasons I do not understand). I believe that presence near your tulpa was involuntarily made, which means that your case an anomaly. Both of you have malevolent extra tulpas. I have dream characters that know that they are a dream character. Some are friendly, some try to kill me, but I have received threats from some of them to my tulpa and I am in the process of imposing one of them (a good one). Don't worry, the Oedipus bullshit and psychoanalysis have little to do with Jung, but yes I get your point. I can rule anima out. I think both of you have an extra tulpa. My IRL friend also has a tulpa, but his first one went psycho and tried to possess him and kill somebody (obviously, it wasn't even close to working). He has a new tulpa, but these strange people appeared in the wonderland and harass him and his tulpa. I am currently helping him get rid of them. It is very similar to what you guys have. When my tulpa tried to kill herself, she said she went into 'the dark.' I was asking this female character who appeared where my dream guide that I wanted to impose went and she said 'the dark.' I was so confused. Me and my friend both seem to have extra-tulpa problems, and every time I try talking about it on the forums, people say that I am making it up, or that I'm a RPer and stuff.