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  1. My oldest tulpa is, by now, over two and a half years old. Fluently vocal, easily visualized, generally well developed along with a vivid wonderland. But I came to an odd observation recently, which was that my tulpae have hardly ever surprised me directly. Like I've seen new things in the wonderland that I knew they made without my perception, but when I interact with my tulpae, it's always because I started it. I've never had a tulpa come out of nowhere and spark up a conversation without me being aware of their existence consciously. Which is strange to me considering how long I've had my oldest, and how many I have (7). Anyway, on to the actual question, is there any way I can encourage more of this? Sorry if my English is a train wreck, I really don't know how to word this.
  2. Well, it's been ages since I last posted here, and the reason why I came back is because some serious shit went down in the last month that I need to get your input on. I just got two tulpae in the last month. Keter (Birthdate 2/18/2014): Started as as an experiment. I told my friend to give me an idea of what I should do for forcing one night, and he replied with "Make a cave in the wonderland, like something a dragon would live in." I got an idea to make a dragon to inhabit said cave, and since said friend has a scalie OC, I figured I just needed to put two and two together. He was going to be just a servitor, but then he started talking. After the first day. And he stayed. Looks like this: And then the crazy one. Starnote (Birthdate 3/9/2014): About a couple years ago when I first got into the MEE LITEL PONE fandom, I thought it would be the bee's goddamn knees to make an OC. Ended up being an earth pony who starred in a couple of shitty fanfics and had his own facebook page for a while. Gave that up about a year ago. And then in a skype group with one of my artist friends, she mentioned that she wanted to make a clop picture, and was open to suggestions. I jokingly suggested "Starnote fucking Kaylee", and soon enough, it actually happened. The result was this: (SERIOUSLY NSFW) I guess it must have been some sort of bizarre mental trigger, because Starnote showed up as a tulpa literally a day later. Already vocal, form the same as I had imagined (non anthro) two years ago, and personality already fully developed. So I need to ask you guys this: I just got two tulpae in the last month. Should I be worried?
  3. With the eventual release of the official commercial version of the Oculus Rift around the corner, I have a question for any of you that own the beta kit if you do. Try to impose in it. Load up any game that has support for it and try. I really want to know if you can do it.
  4. It recently occurred to me that I've been forcing Kaylee, my only tulpa, for nearly eight months. We've done a lot of great things together and her form is coming along nicely, but in this long creation process, she's only said four things. Of course she's been communicating through thought and emotion since the two month mark, but she still seems to have a problem with forcing anything into my daily thought process. I always have to listen intently to hear what she's saying. How do I bring her voice out into the open?
  5. (on discussing what Kaylee's form should be) Me: "Wouldn't it be cool if you were a shapeshifter? Like if you had multiple forms?" Kaylee: "No." Me: "And why is that?" Kaylee: "Because that's your fetish." Holy hell, I didn't even know that.
  6. Emulating video games in the wonderland. All you have to do is create some NPCs using The Tetris Effect (Wikipedia has a page on this, look it up), and you got yourself a virtual reality version of Team Fortess 2 or MarioKart. Try it.
  7. This isn't telepathy, this is parallel forcing. Two people force the exact same things, tell the others what changes one tulpa makes there, and so on.
  8. I may very well have gotten one of those kinds of ideas where if nobody has ever tried it before I look like a genius, but if people have already been doing this then I'm going to look like an idiot. Here goes: I may be entirely alone when I say that one of the worst guilts you can get during the process of making a tulpa is getting the feeling that you're depriving her/him of social interactions, but I got the idea on a skype chat today to create a sort of avatar for other people inside my wonderland that the person on the other side would control what the avatar says and does, whereupon which I would respond to them with the reactions, thoughts, speech, and actions of my tulpa. It would probably be kind of robotic at first, but I'm sure that with a little practice this could become second nature. Just image what you could do with this. This could easily be the best way for a tulpa to communicate with another tulpa. If both hosts agree upon a congruent wonderland that they would both be familiar with (2fort comes to mind), then the hosts could recreate the other tulpa through art trade or something along those lines, then this could totally work. My brain is shot today though. I would try this myself otherwise.
  9. Holy piss, now we're talking. Answers like this are what I made this thread for. Can you go into a bit more detail?
  10. Through these last six months of tulpaforcing with a single tulpa, I've noticed some interesting "mental skills" I've gained through forcing, such as: -Being able to forget things on purpose -Being able to monitor subconscious thoughts not made by the tulpa -Being able to literally dream while awake -Being able to "pre-program" instincts and reaction before the situation needing them even happens for the first time Along these lines, what have you been able to do yourself? I genuinely want to know if I'm not the only one (or maybe I'm crazy and tulpaforcing had nothing to do with it).
  11. I tried this out well before reading this guide, and I know it worked. Kaylee put a Skee-Ball machine in her Wonderland.
  12. I was reading a guide that said it didn't matter. She can speak, and I know that, but the way she talks to me is through ideas and not speech.
  13. Guys, I'm in a weird situation. I tried out some possession (letting a tulpa take over a part of your body temporarily) with Kaylee last night hearing it was a good way to bond with a tulpa and a way to make her more solid in my mind. I tried it last night, got nothing, waited for a bit, and (supposedly) tried it again in which she raised my right pinkie finger. Here's the kicker: I have no idea if the successful attempt was in a dream or in real life, and I have no way (as far as I'm concerned) of knowing for sure. I remember yelling after she did it, and my sister next door recalls me yelling gibberish in my "sleep" last night, which I have been known to do before. I tried it again this morning and it failed, and Kaylee isn't vocal yet. What should I do? Nothing like this has ever happened before.
  14. I've noticed not a personal increase of intelligence, but rather now I think more efficiently. I answered "smarter".
  15. Kaylee didn't speak at all until 5 months in. Granted we weren't on a tight forcing schedule, and she hasn't really made her voice all that clear to me, but it still feels like a long time. My estimation was somewhere around 95 hours in.