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  1. Hypothetical situations: "I had a picnic on the beach w/ TULIPNAMEHERE, because it was her first speech!" Tulpa related "I had a picnic with my tulpa on the beach!" Depends on context. "I was trying to force and my mom walked in." Not really tulpa related "I was in line for Orange Juice so I can tulpaforce better and someone walked through Applejack!" Not really on topic.
  2. (If this is targeted at me) A: IMO the mods, not just you two, are not taking the "If it's OT as you, it's OT as tulpa" "rule" in the wrong light. B: Not just one instance, I've seen it and been told of it numerous times.
  3. So that we can get all sides of this. My point: I don't like the current mods (mostly). The ones who enforce the rules bend *IMO* beyond their intended purpose. I don't have logs *>inb4 no proof stfu* so I can't point it out, but other might have them and be able to tell of their experiences. I don't want to point fingers, but I do point at swashy and Shockwave. Tesseract if fine, *IMO* she uses her status for the intended purpose and interprets the rules fairly. (Goopi doesn't do anything, but I needed to mention her to be funny.) Now you tell your part. Everyone is free to, mods and newfolks, just don't rage. I tend to start a lot of the ragewars, and I prefer to not do it anymore.
  4. Am I late? Be great to let Kai speak outside of proxying, considering we need to work on SENTENCES! (not just single words :P)
  5. Lunanite Humour

    >inb4 wolfspy is Fede is sorryman54 is Pleeb is Satan is Purlox Also Tesseract is actually a bunny.
  6. Lunanite


    *brushes the dust away* The Legend of Neo... Wonder what happened...
  7. Indeed, I like it so far. I can't wait to see when Clint turns into Fede who turns into Pleeb who turns into Pronas who vores on Somekindofpony.
  8. Lunanite Humour

    Can't wait to see one friend be randomly searching my groups and ask "What is a tulpa?" I'm mostly joining for when I have a computer with parts newer than 2002.
  9. Bah, I hardly use this anymore, and this was during beginning parroting.
  10. I've volunteered numerous times. They think I'm not serious enough. (Who'd a thunk it?) I'm rarely on , because I take it all to #tulpa or PMs. But I think thr problem isn't, moderation, it's us. Seriously, take it to an off-topic room, I prefer new users not seeing poni vore and other fuzz. As far as ponies, maybe clear up #ponytulpa ? I don't dislike ponies but, image is a thing now.
  11. ... Well.... That was far better than I thought it was going to be. I like it as a whole, think it covers everything, etc. etc. I don't have much to add, although I think you should slim down the portion on hour counts, it doesn't need as much addressing, and it's just a good idea to mention somewhere in there that time doesn't matter. "All comes in due time, and patience is a virtue." I just think that 3 paragraphs on it is over-explaining it, and we shouldn't elaborate on it more than needed. (People have a way of worrying over something small, as we all know, especially when we think about it more than we need to, i.e. reading about it.) I also think there should be further talk on trusting your tulpa and "letting them go". I myself am having problems with that, and I think it deserves much more. If you hold back your tulip and force them still, mainly during the "middle" period of forcing, it doesn't help them be more free and move about. (Hence why I love "King of V's Beard") Other than those, this is far better and well fleshed out then what I had in mind, I hope others agree.
  12. Ok, this is my first time reading this since you first published it. Two notes: A, Why so anti-wonderland? B, I actually agree with this guide, other then a few points, like^. Except your "use my guide, use my tones, everyone is retarded but me" attitude. If I'd read it not knowing who wrote it, I might not think it was you, based on you personality.
  13. Muchos gracias, señor artista. This will greatly help me during forcing, because I can never seem to visualize the same form every time, which is annoying. I would love if (time permitting, your knee deep in requests), I could get her in colour, she's a light red, and to have her half melted, smiling widely. Gracias, yo te debo uno.
  14. Since Amadeus asked me to remind him, Kai will be standing, and one hand is behind her back, and it wraps around the front again, as a slimey tendril, waving at the viewer.
  15. UPDATE: Added beginnings of a "unified" creation guide. C&C very much appreciated.