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  1. 39 is three times unlucky.
  2. Try to remember how that feeling was. Maybe it will return just from imagining it. Just my guess.
  3. It's not like I had social contacts anyway... (just kiddin', this is only 1/2 true)
  4. I voted for curious, because I find the concept very fascinating.
  5. Glad there was the same thing for cats. :3 EDIT: I tried it with the original one so it's bigger...
  6. The wings are a recent adition (they should be out of glowing light). What you see in the background is the belvedere in Vienna - my Wonderland...
  7. Hello on! I'm interested; how did she throw you a cliff down, just on her own? (My Tulpa Melank until now has not shown a sign of autonomy in the wonderland, during visualisation) And how long did you force until now? On the bananas thing, maybe it's just Ashley's sense of humor. :)
  8. I now feel well-informed enough, that I can do this: From now on I won't use my pc (unless smth really important) until Melank is vocal. I'll gain amazingly much time! So, goodbye for now. Let's see how long until I'm back. Wish me good luck. :) Last thing: The letters I write to Melank really help me a lot, I even invented a new alphabet for them, so I felt more connected to Melank. I also drew a picture to visualize the Belvedere wonderland better and realised it looked nothing like it. Also forcing right now averages at 1 hour/day, need to improve on that.
  9. I now have a list of 24 traits for Melank, but it's in german and most of them don't have a proper translation in english, so I don't bother putting them here. Just a few important one's: Self-confident, tolerant, curious, cool and active.
  10. Granted, but when you try to unpause it it doesn't work, you end up living the same day every day, and kill yourself every day, like, forever. I wish I had perfect imposition of everything I could think of.
  11. Today not much forcing, but I started writing Melank letters, I do this mostly for me, so I can work on my attitude, so I don't warry too much etc. But i find it also a good method of forcing.
  12. Only forced 15 mins today, even though it was sunday, I just couldn't do mmore. i Had no concenttration at all, tried multiple times. I think Melank didn't like that and my mood (probably because he did) change to very bad in the evening. But I got a lot of other things done, I even composed an awesome music piece for the Horn.... (maybe I'll upload it someday to YouTube) Tomorrow will be better! (I promise) oh I also added an english landscape garden around the belvedere. :)
  13. I'm considering giving Melank a second, human form, so we'd someday be able to make music together, with normal instruments... but for now I don't want to use my time on that. I'll ask him when he's vocal probably. Talking about vocality I think I should just think less about that and just focus on it when it's happening. I'm still very early in the progress of his creation, I should just let it happen when it does. I noticed for me forcing works best when I am awake, it isn't dark and the windows are open for fresh air. Also meditating doesn't help me, as I get more relaxed and more sleepy, so my concentration is worse. Music also seems to help me force. Just some quick thoughts.
  14. True, so true. The next person has a tulpa (OMG).