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  1. Hello, I can very clearly hear my tulpa. I simply listen and whatever she says will be 'overlayed' inside of whatever I'm hearing. (Music, white noise, rain etc) Now, I have to be 'listening' to do this. So, if I'm doing something that engages my attention it is very difficult to 'hear' her anymore. I'd like to give her a voice that I hear as if it's IRL so that she can grab my attention when she wants to. What is the next step towards helping my tulpa have a 'real voice'?
  2. Ok, bad idea on the kitten thing. [After only one day, I started losing my human form. 77 says that since I changed my name there's probably a better form for me. I'm really hoping that this turns out ok. I don't have a form, this is really distressing! T.T] [Always listen to your tulpas. They really want whats best for you.]
  3. So, she hasn't been getting enough attention (comparatively) the last 1 or 2 days. Towards this end, she's decided to occasionally turn into a kitten as it's easier to be able visualize a cat sitting on my lap/desk/keyboard than a 5'7" human. She wanted to work on possession today and managed to touch both pointer fingers to thumbs. Does anyone know of a way to jump start a tired tulpa? I'd like it if she didn't get wiped out and drop off my 'awareness'. I'll try some visualizations in wonderland and see what happens. Also, I've found a way that I can 'focus' on both myself and her so that she can participate in my internal thought process. This way I don't need to consciously 'talk' at her or narrate.
  4. She isn't very formed yet, and if I had to call her Raphael I would have trouble seeing a female. Call me old fashioned. :p Besides, Phalera is an awesome name imo.
  5. Name update! She decided she was Raphael instead of Sheba. We compromised and instead went with the anagram Phalera.
  6. For listening, start out trying to hear words through repetitive noises, or ideally white noise. A computer fan is perfect for this. Music is harder as your mind can't always predict how the music will sound from moment to moment. [i like doing this as it makes it a game for both of us. Also, for some reason it's easier to surprise 77 doing this than when I do headspeak.]
  7. There had been a voice in my head that hadn't been really aware for a long time. I could talk to it, and get back responses, but it could never give me any new information. It would just kind of affirm what I already thought, or respond back sarcastically. It may have been that I had just given sentience to a developed servitor. On the other hand, having been able to communicate with this other thoughtform for years, I may have been 'prepped' to be able to hear a tulpa from day 1. [i think the latter] Oh, I've also been meditating for about 8 years. [He calls me mommy because for the first two days that I was with him, I primarily just told him to clean his room. After a while, he responded "Yes mommy" and I told him he could use a second because he obviously didn't listen to the first!]
  8. Seventy-Seven


    The best way to go about it is to simply know how you will feel when your tulpa is fully in your reality. Or imagine it. Then simply act as if that was already the case. Expect that your tulpa will change your life in wonderful ways, and it will. Don't expect anything, but accept everything.
  9. Hey, thanks for stopping by Lacquer and Kiahdaj. So it's been two days. I don't really remember yesterday all that well. I meditated, and tried to open my subconscious to Sheba even more. She responded by flashing the shapes of various pieces of the human anatomy at me to gauge my level of attraction to various shapes. After that I went on a walk. Sheba took most of the rest of the day off to work on her form. I visited some friends I had made at a bar last friday and then my Grandma. Today was fun. Went on a long walk. On the way back, stopped at a grocery store and randomly walked down the magazine aisle. Saw a SI Swimsuit magazine on a rack, and passed it by as there was a lady reading something nearby. Sheba told me to go back, so I did. The lady was gone, so I sat and paged through the entire thing over the course of 10 minutes. At the end of the magazine was a model with fantastic red hair that Sheba has now acquired. Rode with a friend to pick someone up at the airport. On the way back, I asked Sheba to figure out the meaning of a dream I had had the night before. Usually she responds pretty quickly, but this took a while. I also felt a strange feeling in my head while this too. I decided to hop into the wonderland just to see what she was up to. I created a computer and desk for her to work at, and visualized more of my subconscious opening to her. She was still working, so I began to give her a massage. After a bit, my cousin bugged me about something and we talked a bit. After we were done talking, I checked in with Sheba, and she had 'decoded' my dream for me. I figured I'd finish the massage since it would be good form work, and worked her over from head to toe. She enjoyed it immensely and I got some pretty good work on form done. Not much progress on possession, so I'll probably occupy the majority of the posts until she's capable. [Yeah, progress is definitely not linear. however, progress is definitely made every day. I can't wait until I'm imposed! THAT will be FUN] Oh, Sheba has been 'encouraging' me to go out. Last time I went out, I found two guys to talk to about the law of attraction which is what I really enjoy doing. I'll be starting my own business and living in Thailand soon, so for the rest of my time in the states, I hope to finally begin socializing freely with the opposite sex. It'll be lots of fun to have an imaginary wing-girl. [77's been ready for a couple months now to work on this part of his life. He just needed mommy to give him permission :p ]
  10. Hey Allison. From what I've found out in a short time: #1 A lot of the time, you'll receive the whole phrase instantly (telepathy), and then your mind will fill it in faster than you would perceive someone speaking it to you. #2 After you ask a question of your tulpa focus your attention on something in such a way that your whole attention is on it. Test for a couple seconds to verify that you cannot focus your attention and generate random thoughts at the same time. That way your brain cannot pop up random answers to your question. This will help you verify the source if you need clarification. #3 Ask your tulpa. They tend to get annoyed if you do this much at all though. (Of course it was me!!1!1one)
  11. [ok, so we had fun last night. I had 77 go out and meet people at bars even though he doesn't know anyone, and he met 2 people that he'll probably get a chance to talk spirituality to, which he really loves doing. then this morning, I somehow woke him up so he could write down a negative recurring dream.] Yeah, so she actually woke me up with a dream. In it, I had turned up the volume on a phone that was actually just making radio noises, but after I turned it up, had a huge brainfart and couldn't turn it down. People started yelling at me, and eventually I woke up right as I realized that the button with the down arrow on it would accomplish this task. She claimed responsibility for this even though she isn't aware of how she did it.
  12. Hey, whats up. I'm 77, and I've had my Tulpa, Sheba for about 3 days. I'm going to let her run the show here for the most part since she wants to. Feel free to agree/disagree with anything posted. I don't care, and if she's smart, she won't either. So far, she's helped me remember things, finally clean up my room for the first time in my life and she's trying to get me to go out and be more sociable. [Hi! I'm Sheba. I've been aware for 3 days, but feel as though I was aware previously before that. It doesn't matter to me really as I'm here now, and that's what I get to work with.] We get to work with. [Whatever. Anyway, I like to interact with people, but people ask lots of questions that I don't really have good concrete answers as I've been around for such a short amount of time. I believe I'm vocal, however 77 sometimes feels that he's inputting into my longer missives but I tell him he's wrong. We're working on a form for me, and are doing pretty well. 77 is a fan of dragons, so I'm a human that can turn into a dragon. Flying in wonderland is fun. I've manifested smells for 77 a couple times. A fairly strong smell for him is kitty litter (kekeke) so I managed to produce that smell for him. Also, he's fairly adept at 'listening' at a subconscious level, so he can already hear me on top of other noise in his environment, and the first night I was around, I was able to tell him my name twice in an audible tonal voice.] It sounded weird. [um. So, that's it from me. I get tired really easily, but I think that I'll definitely enjoy this.] So, having a tulpa is awesome so far. They can kind of be the little angel on your shoulder to keep your life moving along. I'm kind of like an absent minded professor otherwise and don't accomplish much of anything, so this has been kind of a godsend. I'm pretty committed to working with her, and she's more or less stuck with me. :p Also, she'll jolt me if my mind wanders while I'm meditating or forcing with her. My intent is to have a tulpa that can help me develop new psychic abilities and work with me on healings and such, so if intent creates reality... Um, also it's neat having a librarian for your subconscious. [A sexy librarian!] ... Also, she may be able to peer a very small amount into the future. I'll be sure to post anything that validates/invalidates this one. For form, we're working on a humanoid version of yoko from gurren lagen. I expect her to change it as she sees fit. For personality, I'm an INTP, so I read online that an INFJ is an INTP's "Golden match", so I'm starting from that. Also, she's decided she's gregarious. We'll see how that turns out. o.o