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  1. Thanks everyone. I've been trying some of this out and it's really working out for me. You think Narration is a bad idea when I'm about 5 hours into personality?
  2. Hey there, Just starting out, more or less. I have been insanely interested in tulpa for a while, I have (admittingly) been stocking the forums for a while now, and have had the thought of my tulpa floating around in my head for a long time now. I finally have just really started out and I have just some pretty typical questions from a newbie. 1.) What is an effective way to narrate? 2.) Having trouble with exactly what I should do with Personality, any tips? 3.) Is Tulpaforcing with your eyes open a possibility? 4.) Is Tulpaforcing possible while doing something else? ( I'm horrificially ADD) Thanks in advance for any advice, and for helping another starting off newbie.